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Week of Christmas…..




First off, Fighting Dragons was re-released on Dec. 6th at MLR Press. Click here to check it out.





Second, His Last Client came out as a single release on Friday. It was out in the Unconventional in Atlanta anthology. 🙂 But you can check it out here.




Third….Blindsided is up for early download. It’s book 4 in our International Men of Sports series. Check it out here.




And lastly, Remove the Empty Spaces is up for early download as well at Totally Bound. It’s book One in my Rags to Riches series. 🙂 Check it out here.

Now that I’ve got through all the promo stuff. lol I’ll announce the winner for the next blog story. It’s Why I Love Bodyguards. I guess Burke and McKinley will be getting their story sooner rather than later.  I’ll see what I can do about getting the first installment written for you all tomorrow. I have to go back and read Why I Love Geeks to make sure I get them right…lol

I hope you all are safe and warm. If you live in an area hit by the storm, I hope you have power and are okay. Have a great Monday and thank you for voting.

Finally Friday is going to be a busy day…lol. I have to ship out all my boxes for GRL, plus mail out five contracts…all to MLR Press for my Dragon books and Ghost of a Chance. So they will be re-released soon. The great news is that all will be going into print as well, though Ghost of a Chance and Fighting Dragons will be put together. Which is fine since one of the characters in Ghost is also in the Dragon books. I’m excited about that.

I have edits to do on Two for One, so it can go up for pre-order soon. Edits arrived for a free story I’m doing for Total e-Bound’s December Newsletter. And I’ve been told I’ll probably get my first set of edits on Here Be Dragons some time soon as well. Yikes! This weekend is going to be crazy…lol.

Jambrea asked if I was going to post next week while I was gone. I’m going to try very hard to get the next two installments for Threadbare Gypsy Souls done and scheduled, so at least you’ll have those two days to stop by. I’m leaving for GRL very early on Tuesday morning and I won’t be home until very late on Sunday night.

Well, that’s about all I have to tell you. Oh wait a minute…I got another new cover today. I should be able to show it to you on Monday. 🙂 It’s really cool.

I hope you all have a great day and a marvelous weekend.

Another busy week ahead


I have a ton of writing to do. Working on Demon Woods and Thieves, plus the next two installments of Threadbare Gypsy Souls, and reviewing and sending out the rest of the Dragon books to my editor at MLR Press. MLR Press is going to re-release them, so new covers and they’ll finally be available in print as well, but I don’t have any release dates or anything like that yet. Still going through the process of getting them to them. 🙂 Once I know more, I’ll definitely keep you updated on that.

Well, this is going to be a short post. Just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s happening with me. I hope you all have a great Monday.

Happy Hunk Day

There’s just something about this guy’s eyes and smile that I love. I had to post it. You can find the rest of the series at Beautiful Magazine. They have some awesome eye candy photos, but most of them aren’t safe for work. Just keep that in mind if you visit…lol.

I just got the news yesterday that Tramps, the second in The Beasor Chronicles, has been moved up to be released August 20th. Which means I need to get cracking and finish it up. The reason it’s being moved up is because Total e-Bound is re-releasing The Vanguard in September. Woo-hoo! I’m really excited about the whole thing because starting in July, I’ll have at least one book a month coming out from TeB, and in July, August, and Dec. I’ll have two books each of those months coming out. We’ve done our best to try and alternate new books with re-releases. So you’ll be getting something new from me every other month, plus all your old favorites with new covers.

I also just saw the cover for From Slavery to Freedom, and as soon as I get the okay, I’ll share it with you. I’m pretty sure we’ll be putting Slavery and Out of Light into Darkness together in a print book, which would be great. 🙂

I still have some other older books whose rights I’ve gotten back, and have to work out who they’re going to. As you might have noticed, you can no longer get Fighting Dragons, Ghost of a Chance, and Dreaming of Dragons from Loose-Id. I’m pretty sure I have a new publisher for them, so as soon as I can, I’ll let you know when those will be available again. Also, I still have to see about finding a home for Death or Life and Not Seeing is Believing. The reason those two don’t have a place yet is simply because I haven’t had the time to re-format them to the right template. As soon as I get a moment to do that, I’ll send them in, and let you know about them as well. 😉

I have final edits to do on Pursing Hope and Angel’s Evoultion. Those will be done today, I’m hoping…along with other things I’ve been neglecting. Most of which are forms I have to fill out…lol. I did let you all know Angel is being re-released by MLR Press, right?

Someone asked about Rover’s story, and I’m hoping I can get to it later this year. I have a few other stories I’ve promised first to different publishers, but as soon as those are done, I’ll be getting to his story. 🙂

Well, I think that’s all I have to say at the moment. I hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Real Life sucks


Sorry about not having the next installment up. Real life got in the way yesterday, and I couldn’t get the time to write it up. So I’m going to try again today…lol. We’ll see if it works.

Also, some of you might have noticed that two of my Loose-Id titles have disappeared from my site. I asked for Ghost of a Chance and Fighting Dragons back from Loose-Id, and they compiled. I’m working on getting re-release dates for them with a different publisher, so if you haven’t read them, don’t worry. They’ll be back out at some point.

It’s all part of my plan to consolidate publishers, and not make you have to look all over for my books. 🙂 Hopefully my gamble pays off.

Well, have a good day…and I’ll try to get the next installment posted for you tomorrow.

Fighting Dragons excerpt (NSFW)

I told you I’d post an excerpt for you today, so I decided I’d pick a hot one. 🙂 Definitely not safe for work. Check Fighting Dragons out here if you haven’t already….lol Oh for those of you who have read the book and asked, yes, I do eventually plan on giving Maksur his own story. Enjoy!


Sergeant Bailey Stevenson and Captain David Wellmine keep dancing around their attraction to each other. Bailey is more than willing to take their friendship in a more intimate direction, but David can’t climb out from under his father’s thumb long enough to take the next step.

On St. Patrick’s Day, when Irish magic is strongest, a meddling elf gives Bailey and David a chance to step beyond their doubts and fears to embrace the love simmering below the surface between them.

But when the spell is over, will David break the chains of his father’s plans for him and give Bailey his heart, or will he break Bailey’s?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.


He started to roll onto his back, but David stopped him, resuming the spooning position they had awakened in. Pushing a pillow under his head, he shivered as David squirted cool lube down his crack.

“Sorry. I probably should have warned you.” David kissed his shoulder.

“It’s okay. Just been a while.” He hated admitting that.

“I’ll be gentle.”

Bailey reached back and smacked David on the hip. “Asshole.”

David chuckled but didn’t reply. Bailey arched his back, pressing back into David’s touch as the man rubbed the lube over Bailey’s hole and eased the tip of his finger inside, slowly stretching the muscles.

“Oh.” He tensed slightly at the intrusion before relaxing and accepting David farther inside.

First one, then another, and Bailey lost track of time as he rocked back and forth, fucking himself on David’s fingers. He’d missed this feeling. The sensation of someone else’s hands on his body, not for medical reasons but purely to build desire and need. David’s fingers left him.

“No.” He couldn’t help the protest.

“It’s all right, baby. Do you think you’re ready enough?”

The flared head of David’s cock bumped his opening, and Bailey nodded. Air burst out of him as David pushed in, not stopping until he buried himself as deep as he could go in Bailey’s channel.

Bailey bit his lip and breathed. As much as he loved the feeling of being filled, he couldn’t ignore the hint of pain from the act. David murmured in his ear. He couldn’t make out the words over the rushing in his head, but the brush of David’s lips against his skin soothed and settled him. Soon his breathing evened out and his cock took a renewed interest in David’s hand wrapped around it.

He shoved back with his hips, letting David know he was ready. David squeezed Bailey’s cock and inched back to get enough room to move. Bailey whimpered at the slow withdrawal of David’s shaft. With just David’s crown inside him, Bailey held his breath, anticipating the slam of their bodies together. Surprise rocked through him as David slid back in a gentle motion.

“We aren’t in any rush,” David whispered, his rhythm strong but not hurried.


Resting his cheek on the pillow, Bailey closed his eyes, absorbing the warmth and fullness surrounding him and inside him. He pulled his top leg up, closer to his chest, and David adjusted his reach, slipping his hand under Bailey’s thigh to encircle Bailey’s cock.

Time ground to a halt as they engaged in their own private dance. Their movements meshed, ensuring no clashes or awkward moments. Bailey kept his eyes closed, preferring to experience their lovemaking with his other senses.

The hair on David’s chest rasped over Bailey’s back, scratching sensitive skin marred by scars. Bailey didn’t move away from that irritation. It meant he was alive in a very fundamental way, and it allowed him to remember he’d survived.

Sweat beaded on his forehead, and as the pace started to build, David’s sweat dropped and mingled with his. Bailey licked his lips and moaned softly.

“So tight.” David groaned and shoved deeper into Bailey.

“Mmm…” Bailey’s brain-to-tongue connection seemed broken, because he couldn’t speak any coherent words.

They rocked harder and faster, David pumping Bailey’s cock in time with his own thrusts. Tingling spread over Bailey’s nerves, supplanting any other thought or care in his mind. He fisted his hands in the sheets and ducked his head, chest heaving with each grunt.
His balls drew tighter to his body, and his cock swelled even more in David’s hands.


“It’s all right. I’ve got you, Bailey.” David sped up, rammed into Bailey’s ass and froze. “Come on my cock.”

Lights exploded under Bailey’s eyelids, and he grunted, spilling his cum over David’s hand and the sheets in front of him. “Ah!”

David slammed into him once and a second time. Liquid heat flooded Bailey’s ass, making his muscles clench and massage David’s shaft, wanting everything the man had to give him.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but he found he didn’t care. He liked being drawn tight to David’s chest and wrapped in an almost crushing embrace. David nuzzled the sweat-drenched curls at the nape of his neck. Bailey ran his hands over David’s where they rested on Bailey’s stomach.

Fighting Dragons available

Hey everyone, my newest book, Fighting Dragons is available at Loose-Id. Please stop by and check it out. I’ll post an excerpt tomorrow. I don’t want to interrupt your enjoyment of Wolf’s Survival. Which if you scroll down to the next post, the installment is up. 🙂

Thanks to all of you who have purchased FD already. I hope you enjoy it.

Fighting Dragons cover…

Very nice cover, isn’t it? Another great one from Anne Cain. 🙂

Fighting Dragons will be available on March 30th from Loose-Id.

I finished the edits on Duncan’s World (available April 4th at Amber Allure) and Wishing for a Home (available at some point in April from Liquid Silver Books) Woot!

I’m working on Revealing the Past, a story for Amber Allure. I’m close to being finished with it, so I’m focusing my attention on that one story until I’m done. 🙂 Then I’ll dig through and figure out which one I want to put on the calendar along with Not Seeing is Believing. Also, remember that Wolf’s Survival starts tomorrow.

Have a great Monday.

New Book, New Cover, New Contract

Freaks in Love
is out. Woo-hoo! I hope you all stop by Amber Allure and check it out. Here’s the blurb for it.

James lives in Triad City, working for the West Side Crime Association and hiding a secret that could get him killed. When his boss and the other associations’ leaders are assassinated, James has no choice but to return to the one place he never wanted to see again—Freak Town. Yet saving the life of the one friend he has in Triad City might be worth risking it all.

Magpie can’t believe he’s been shot and his boss assassinated. Waking up shortly afterward, he discovers he’s in Freak Town where all the mutants live. Nuclear radiation from the war has changed some people into creatures. Wigging out because his friend, James, is one of the Freaks seems sensible to Magpie. Falling in love doesn’t.

Together, the two men must find a way to survive the revolution being planned by the Freaks. Getting out of Triad City is the only way, but will Magpie stand beside James to save himself? Or will he lose his heart to a Freak, proving that the heart loves where it wants instead of where it’s wise?

Also, Bastet will be released at Amber Allure on June 6th. It’s an expanded version. So those of you who enjoyed reading about Baz and Kellan will be able to have the book for yourself soon. 🙂

I got my cover for Fighting Dragons and as soon as I can, I’ll post it for everyone to check out. Anne Cain, the cover goddess extraordinaire, outdid herself with this cover. It fits in great with the other two, while having its own style. 🙂

The voting for the blog story will stay open until midnight tonight, then I’ll count the votes and we’ll see which one will be the next one. Tomorrow, I’ll announce the winner and re-post the blurb. On Thursday of this week, I’ll introduce you to our heroes. The story will start up next Tuesday.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

March Already….

Already starting the third month of the year…wow. I blinked and February was gone…lol. 🙂

Well, March is a good month for me. I’ll have two releases coming out. Freaks in Love on March 7th and Fighting Dragons on March 30th. Woot! Edits are done on both books, so we’re good there.

Now there is a rumor going around that Wishing for a Home will be out in March. Well, I’m not sure about that. I haven’t done any edits on it, though I’m hoping there won’t be any major ones needing to be done. And to be honest, I’m hoping we can push the release date back to April.

I know. I know. You are all dying to get your hands on Derek and Max, but see, with two releases already scheduled for March, I don’t want to overwhelm you all with books. I mean, I know you’d probably buy them regardless of how many came out in a month, but I don’t want to stretch your book budget to the breaking point.

If LSB is willing to release it in April, I’ll let you know as soon as I can about a date. Also, I have another book coming out in April which happens to be another cowboy book. So you could get two cowboy books that month.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting two blurbs. You will get to choose which story gets written for the blog. They’re very different from each other, I have to say…lol. I hope you think both of them are interesting.

I hope you have a great Monday. 🙂