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Tramps is available


Tramps, the second book in The Beaor Chronicles is available now at Total e-Bound. Click here to take a look. On Wednesday and Friday, I’ll be sharing the two new covers I received from Total e-Bound for my November and December releases. 🙂

I’ll be working on the blog story today, along with a steampunk story I need to get done for Amber Allure. I’m going to try and start Leaving Home and Thieves, two books I owe Total e-Bound. Hopefully all of them move along quickly.

I have to finish getting my promo stuff ready for GRL. I have to figure out how many copies of books I’m going to take with me for the book signing.

Well, I hope you all have a great day. 🙂

New Cover…


Here’s the cover for the second book in The Beasor Chronicles, Tramps. I really like these covers and can’t wait to see the last one. 🙂 Tramps comes out in September. But it’ll be up for pre-order soon…and I’ll let everyone know.


Also, my newest young adult short story, Pursuing Hope, is available now at Featherweight Press. It’s a f/f story about a girl looking for a date to her prom. There’s no angst or anything like that. Since it’s my first f/f story, I thought I’d keep it simple…lol.

Here’s the link to it…check it out if you’d like.

I hope everyone is having a great day…and have a marvelous weekend.

Time Difference… I totally forgot about the time difference…lol. Sorry about that. As you can see, I didn’t get the next installment of Threadbare Gypsy Souls done, but I’m actually working on them right now. You’ll get two in a row…one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. I promise…lol

Oh…there’s big news at Total e-Bound. I thought I’d let all of you know about it. Here’s the link to the Clandestine Classics…all our favorite classics re-imagined and the lights left on for the love scene. There are two m/m stories…featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson…and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 🙂 I’m pretty sure they’ll be a big hit. I think they come out later on this month. Woot!

Have edits to do on Tramps, and working on some other stories. So it’s kind of a working vacation I’m taking. That’s the nice thing about writing for a living…it’s very

Also, for those of you who might be writers and stop by….Amber Quill Press is opening its doors to submissions for a limited time only. This way you don’t have to hope you get invited…you can submit something to them. Go check out their submissions page to see if anything strikes you fancy. 🙂

Hope you all have a great Tuesday…and try to stay cool. it’s hot out everywhere.

Busy Week


Well, I’m heading to Phoenix this afternoon to spend the week with my best friend. She’s having a birthday party on Saturday, and I’m going to help her get ready for it…and celebrate her b-day as well. Yay!

I will have internet access, so hopefully I’ll be able to get the next two installments of the blog story posted. Though tomorrow’s might not be up until Wednesday..depends on if I get a chance to write today.

I have edits to do on Tramps, so it’ll be able to go up for pre-order soon. I do believe the actual release date for Tramps has been moved back to September, but I’ll have to double check on it. Don’t worry though, I’ll still have a release in August. My book, Ninja Cupcakes, comes out at the beginning of August as part of an anthology with some other awesome m/m authors. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll enjoy my cute story…and theirs as well.

I’m going to sign off for the moment, so I can finish packing and get ready to head out to the airport. 😀


From Yesterday is rolling along nicely. As soon as I come up with a blurb, I’ll share it with you. 🙂 News on the Coming Soon front. Looks like we’re going to release Where the Devil Dances in February next year. What that means is Leaving Home, Home Sweet Home, and Stealing Life will be pushed back a month. Don’t worry…they’re still coming out next year, but this gives me a little breathing space for the two haven’t been written yet. Just in case they cause me as much trouble as Tramps did. lol

Well, I’ll be writing soon. Need to get the next installment of my blog story done, and hopefully another 3k on FY. Yay! Have a great Monday.

Finally Done


Good news. Tramps is done and turned into my editor. It’ll be released on August 20th from Total e-Bound. It was a long road to hoe, but I managed to finish it. Yay!

Now I’m starting a short story that I’m hoping to have finished within the next two weeks. This one is the 3rd book in the Rupert’s Legacy series from MLR Press. It’s called From Yesterday, and features someone from Joey’s past who comes to Legacy House to try and heal from losing Joey. I think it’ll be a good one. (I hope…lol) After FY is done, I’m going to work on Demon Woods, which is my twist on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. I’d like that one finished before the first of July. 🙂

After that, I’ll be working on Thieves, the 3rd and last book in The Beasor Chronicles. We’ll see how well my plans go…lol

I hope you all have a great Monday.

Happy for the Weekend


though I still have lots of work to do…lol. I’m very close to finishing up Tramps, so I’ll be writing through the entire weekend. 🙂 Which is fine. I tend to do that anyway.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Go out and do something fun for

68th Anniversary of D-Day


for all of you who had someone who fought during World War Two and on this day, sixty-eight years ago, on the beaches of Normandy, tell them thank you for risking their lives to keep all of us free.

I don’t really have much news today. I’ll be writing as much as I can today. Only 8-9k away from hitting my word count for Tramps, and I’d really like to hit it in the next day or two. Then I can get some short stories finished before I jump into Thieves, the last book in The Beasor Chronicles. 🙂

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Happy Hunk Day

There’s just something about this guy’s eyes and smile that I love. I had to post it. You can find the rest of the series at Beautiful Magazine. They have some awesome eye candy photos, but most of them aren’t safe for work. Just keep that in mind if you visit…lol.

I just got the news yesterday that Tramps, the second in The Beasor Chronicles, has been moved up to be released August 20th. Which means I need to get cracking and finish it up. The reason it’s being moved up is because Total e-Bound is re-releasing The Vanguard in September. Woo-hoo! I’m really excited about the whole thing because starting in July, I’ll have at least one book a month coming out from TeB, and in July, August, and Dec. I’ll have two books each of those months coming out. We’ve done our best to try and alternate new books with re-releases. So you’ll be getting something new from me every other month, plus all your old favorites with new covers.

I also just saw the cover for From Slavery to Freedom, and as soon as I get the okay, I’ll share it with you. I’m pretty sure we’ll be putting Slavery and Out of Light into Darkness together in a print book, which would be great. 🙂

I still have some other older books whose rights I’ve gotten back, and have to work out who they’re going to. As you might have noticed, you can no longer get Fighting Dragons, Ghost of a Chance, and Dreaming of Dragons from Loose-Id. I’m pretty sure I have a new publisher for them, so as soon as I can, I’ll let you know when those will be available again. Also, I still have to see about finding a home for Death or Life and Not Seeing is Believing. The reason those two don’t have a place yet is simply because I haven’t had the time to re-format them to the right template. As soon as I get a moment to do that, I’ll send them in, and let you know about them as well. 😉

I have final edits to do on Pursing Hope and Angel’s Evoultion. Those will be done today, I’m hoping…along with other things I’ve been neglecting. Most of which are forms I have to fill out…lol. I did let you all know Angel is being re-released by MLR Press, right?

Someone asked about Rover’s story, and I’m hoping I can get to it later this year. I have a few other stories I’ve promised first to different publishers, but as soon as those are done, I’ll be getting to his story. 🙂

Well, I think that’s all I have to say at the moment. I hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Another Monday…Another Hunk


Well, the wedding went off without a hitch, though we had a downpour earlier in the day, and I was worried it’d keep raining. But luck was with my friend, and she got to have her ceremony outside. Yay!

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mother or not.

I’m going to be bringing They Walk Among Us to a close on the blog this week. I will be adding more to the story afterward before I publish it. 🙂 I’ll be working on Tramps as well this week.

Have a great day, everyone.