Black Panther

Some of you might remember this little scene I wrote for the Liquid Silver blog.
I thought I’d repost it here for others to read who didn’t get a chance to read it. I hope everyone had a great weekend. 🙂

Black Panther copyright (c)2006 TA Chase

The snap of a twig woke me up from my trance and I found that I had wandered away from the clearing. I could still hear my brothers and sisters chanting around the large bonfire. If we survived the night of the dark moon, we would become warriors in our village.

Jasmine scented air swirled around me. I remembered the legends of shadows that walked on all fours but spoke like men. Of creatures cursed or blessed by the gods. The creatures carried out the judgment of the gods and they would decide if we were worthy for our warrior bows.

Another twig snapped and a gentle fear rose in me. I understood I wasn’t worthy to be a warrior. I didn’t have any interest in fighting or killing. My gaze lifted to the heavens and longed to know the secrets of our world. My father longed for me to take my place beside him in the ruling circle, but my heart wanted to be a priest, blessed with the knowledge of the gods. Yet our priests were brave and intelligent. I wasn’t any of those things, so I had come out with the others to be judged.

My eyes opened and I watched him emerge from the shadows as if they had given birth to him. His green eyes glowed eerily in the darkness. He stalked towards me on silent paws. There was intelligence and awareness in those eyes. I knew this wasn’t one of the ordinary forest cats. He was one of the gods’ creatures.

I dropped to my knees, put my hands behind my back and bared my neck. I prayed my death would be swift for I knew the gods would never smile on me. I closed my eyes as he glided over the ground. His hot breath bathed the nape of my neck as he scented me. I jumped when a warm moist tongue scoured my throat.

Instead of sharp claws, rough fingers ran over my chest. His teeth touched my skin, but not to tear or rip. He tasted with soft nips. I shivered, filled with emotions I’d never felt before. All I knew was I wouldn’t risk touching this gods-sent being.

His bites and strokes drove me higher. The pressure built until I thought I’d break apart. In the back of my mind, I wondered where the pain was. When would this avatar kill me?

A searing pain ripped through my chest and the dam broke inside me. I screamed as I spilled my soul. Blood dripped from my body, watering the ground beneath me. I collapsed, my eyesight dimming as I watched the cat melt back into the darkness he’d come from. His green eyes met mine and I swore I heard him in my mind. We’ll meet again. Like the night around me, my vision went black.

My father found me the next day, lying in a small clearing a hundred yards from the main bonfire. When voices calling my name woke me up, I felt the bone deep pain of the cat. I groaned and rolled over. I saw fear and pride in his eyes when he looked down at me. Glancing down, I saw the slices across my chest, deep and bloody.

My wishes were answered that day, but in a way I never dreamed happening. I had been chosen to be one of the gods’ avatars. Soon I’d be roaming the forest, searching for those who were worthy of the gods. I stared into the shadows around my clearing and thought I glimpsed a black shade slip by. I would be searching for the one who had made me as well for I longed to feel his touch again.

14 Responses “Black Panther”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Oh, this just begs for more !!!

  2. Paige Burns says:

    I love the way you have with words.

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