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Two New Books out…




First book out today is At First Touch, book 3 of our International Men of Sports series. This one takes place in Germany and is about football (soccer for us Americans…lol) Β Click here to check it out.



Then for those of you who downloaded Part One of my serial, Every Shattered Dream, then you’ll be happy to know that Part Two is available now. This one is $1 at both Total e-Bound and Amazon. πŸ™‚ Click here to check this part out. πŸ™‚

And today is a big day because I’m off for my first session with my tattoo artist. I’m sure those of you who follow me on Twitter remember me mentioning this a time or two…lol. It’s going to be a long and painful day, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Of course, I’ll have a couple more sessions with him. Today is just outlining and shading for the dragon. Next session is all the color…and the third session will be any little touches he wants to add. I told him what I wanted, and trust him to come up with a totally awesome design. He’s a true artist.

So I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a marvelous weekend.

Home of His Own available now….



Home of His Own is available now at Total e-Bound, if you didn’t pick it up the first time it was out. Click here to check it out. πŸ™‚ This will be available in print at some point in the near future as well.



Dreaming of Dragons was re-released by MLR Press on Friday. Just re-edited as well, but it will be available in print at some point. πŸ™‚ Yay! Click here to check it out.

Home Sweet Home was turned in on Thursday night. Yay! It’ll be out in May..and up for pre-order in the next couple of months. The Home series was the first series I ever started writing. Of course, it’s taken seven long years to get it done. I appreciate all of you sticking with me and bugging me every chance you got about Yancey and Juan. I hope you feel I did their story justice when you get to read it.

I’m working on my GRL anthology story, The Occasional Prostitute, and I’m hoping to get that done in the next couple of days. Then I’ll be working on the second book in the International Men of Sports series that I’m co-authoring with Devon Rhodes, which is titled Chasing the King of the Mountains. It’s about a French cyclist and a French reporter, and takes place during the Tour de France. As you can tell, we’re trying to feature sports that might not always get spotlighted in stories, and we wanted sports that are popular in a particular country. Cricket in India, Cycling in France, Soccer/Football in Germany, Rugby in Australia, Curling and Hockey in Canada, and Beach Volleyball in Brazil.

Also, I’ll be working on Thieves, the last book in The Beasor Chronicles, and at some point next week, I’ll be starting Pray for the Thunder, a short story for MLR Press. πŸ™‚ So while it looks like I have a bunch of stuff to do (and I do), I think I have it under control.

Of course, I’ll have edits mixed in there…lol. I actually have edits on Stealing Life, which will be re-released by Total e-Bound on July 1st, and within the next day or two, I’ll have edits for Home Sweet Home. But edits are okay. They don’t take nearly as long as writing the books themselves. (usually)

Okay, so I hope you all have a good Monday. Those who were hardest hit by the snowstorm, I hope you’re all safe and sound. Digging out is crappy.

A Sticky Wicket is done…




Good news…A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood is finished and turned in. Just waiting on the contract, so we can sign it and get editing on it. πŸ™‚ I also turned in Stealing Life…it’ll be re-released July 1st.

Devon and I have already started plotting out the second book in the International Men of Sports series. The second one is about a French Cyclist and a French reporter. It takes place during the Tour de France. Yay! It’s tentatively titled Chasing the King of the Mountains (since King of the Mountains is a title you can win during the Tour…and you get to wear a polka dot jersey if you do win it.)

Our goal with this series is to take the reader to exotic (or at least interesting) locales, and introduce you to sports that the people in those countries play. We aren’t focusing on American sports either, though one story will have a hockey player in it. (which isn’t truly an American sport…lol)

So our second book takes place in France and focuses on cycling. The third is Germany/soccer(football). 4th: Australia/rugby…5th: Canada/curling/hockey….6th: Brazil/beach volleyball. At least one main character will play the sport featured, though in Germany and Canada, they’ll both be athletes.

We hadn’t planned on the books being long enough to go into print on their own. At first, we planned on grouping them together, two at a time. But Sticky Wicket took on a life of its own, and suddenly we were over the 50k mark, so now each book will also be coming out in print individually.

Now that I’ve given you the scoop on the International series, I’ll let you know that Home Sweet Home is moving along. I’m hoping to be able to sub it next week some time. Yay! Then it’s on to a bunch of stories and the last book in The Beasor Chronicles, Thieves.

I hope you all have a great weekend…and if you’re going to watch the Super Bowl, hope it’s a good game for you. πŸ™‚

Monday again…



Check out what I saw from my kitchen in my backyard….not really. And not that any of you really thought there’d be penguins in my backyard. Though that would have been totally awesome…lol. It did snow last night though, and I’m not very happy about it. I’m hoping the roads are good, so I can go up and visit my mom today. Didn’t get up there yesterday because I had a headache.

Okay…to update you on my writing. Home Sweet Home is going well. Not as far along as I’d like, but still I’m sure I can get it done by the end of the month. πŸ™‚ The Occasional Prostitute (my contribution to the 2013 GRL antho) is coming along as well.

Also, Devon Rhodes and I have started our book. We’re writing a series of six stories about men and international sports. So the sports aren’t going to be your usual basketball, baseball, or anything like that. A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood is the first in the series, and it’s about cricket and is set in India. Hopefully when it comes out, you’ll all love it. πŸ™‚

Plus Ninja Cupcakes is out for general release at Total e-Bound, and Home of his Own is up for VIP download. If anyone is interested in them, or for some reason, doesn’t have them yet. Wishing for a Home has hit the coming soon page at TeB and No Going Home is available in print starting today.

Oh…and my marvelous editor at MLR Press, Kris Jacen, has an interview at Top2Bottom Review. Please take a minute to stop by and read it. She talks about how busy an editor’s life really is. In my opinion, editors have the tough job out there. At times, I think writing is hard, but really I’m just putting Β down on ‘paper’ the daydreams in my head. Kris has to make sure those daydreams make sense. πŸ™‚

Almost forgot the link. Click here.

Well, I have a lot of work to do…and not enough hours in the day to do it. I hope you all have an awesome Monday.


I’m watching Wimbledon at the moment. I like both Federer and Nadal, but I have to admit my heart is hoping Federer will win. It’ll be his fifth Wimbledon in a row. I want history to be made.

Oh and stop by SEx today. It’s Flash Fiction Sunday and people will be posting their very short scenes. (100 words total). Shayla is hosting today, but I’ve posted something already.

hope you all have a great Sunday.

No Triple Crown

Curlin destroyed any hope of a Triple Crown for Street Sense. So for thirty-one years, we keep waiting to find a horse who can do it all. It was a thrilling race though. I hoped Street Sense could do it again, but I would have bet on either Curlin or Hard Spun. Just didn’t have enough faith that the racing gods would smile down on him again.

In other news, it was a bittersweet moment for Michael Matz as his horse Chelokee won the inaugural running of The Barbaro Stakes. It does seem rather fitting though. In one of the other undercard races at Pimilco yesterday, the Dixie Stakes (raced on the turf), one of the horses, Mending Fences broke down going around the far turn. He fractured his ankle and dislocated it which caused him to do down. It was a compound fracture, so he was humanely euthanized after they got him back to the barn. Sad news to mar the day again.

But we’ll see what Curlin can do in the Belmont. His breeding suggests he should like the longer distance.

Since you probably didn’t stop by to read me talking about horses and racing, I’ll let you all know that I’m only 5k or so away from finishing my basketball story. I have a party to go, but I’m hoping I can get the story finished today. πŸ™‚

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

Pimping Books…

Today’s book is Thirty Days by Shayla Kersten from LSB. If you like BDSM, this is a good one with lots of angst as well. πŸ™‚ Though it’s not as immersed into the lifestyle as some I have read, but you still get the feel of it.

I haven’t read Shayla’s other m/m book from Ellora’s Cave, but I’m sure it’s just as good as this one. She also has some m/f stories coming out. If you visit her website, you’ll find out about every thing she has coming out.

Also, even though Paige has gotten her website back, I’m not sure if she’s had time to fix it or post her meme. Being the wonderful friend I am, I’m letting her post it on my blog. So here you go…8 things to know about Paige.

1. I don’t match my panties and bra. Or if I do, it’s by accident.
2. I HATE making cold calls. If I have to call a store to find out their location or what time they close I totally freeze.
3. If my husband asked, I would participate in a threesome.
4. Despite all apperances, I am NOT an orgainzed person. πŸ™‚
5. My dream is to write Young Adult books.
6. I play video games, and I like it. Yes, I even have my own XBOX gamertag.
7. I love rollercoasters.
8. Muscles do it for me. Bad.

Click here for Paige’s website.

Hmm….what else to talk about? Oh the Wings lost last night, so it’s back to Detroit for another game. I’m getting the feeling it’s going to come down to a game seven. Oh well, more hockey to watch then. I finished the second set of edits on Two for One. That means we’re that much closer to a release date for Three. πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a good Friday.

Wet Wednesday

So last night, I was happily adding more background story to The Vanguard…earlier in the story than where we are now. πŸ™‚ I actually ended up adding a whole new first chapter. As I was re-reading it, I realized I dropped us right into the story without any real build-up…which is fine for the blog story, but need more for the full story. Anyway, I was typing away..adding little things here and there when Lila (wonderful friend..taskmaster she is) reminds me that I need to get my Valentine’s story finished if I want her to look it over for me before I have to submit it.

Darn it, she’s right. It has to be submitted by June 1 and I don’t want to end up doing it the day before….lol. Not a good impression to make about hitting deadlines. If it gets accepted, it’ll be for a new-to-me publisher, Samhain. If not, I’ll re-work it (which means add more to it) and send it to LSB.

So, I closed Vanguard down and was about to open Out of Bounds when storms blew in. I ended up writing more of the story out in long hand. I’ll be typing it in today to see where I’m at in the story. I’ve got to add a couple of sex scenes (always fun). It needs to be around 25k and I’m at 17k at the moment. There isn’t any doubt I’ll reach the word count needed…though I might go over a little.

Umm…other than that, I didn’t do anything except watch the latest episode of Sopranos (the coolest theme song ever) and the hockey game. Detroit Red Wings won 5-0, but not before Anahiem tried to take Tomas Holmstrom out. The man is the toughest s.o.b. in hockey, imo. His forehead was split open and he probably had a concussion, but he came back after they stitched him up. Just no quit in that man.

Well, I hope you all have a great Wednesday..just keep telling yourself there’s only two more days left before the weekend.

The Curse is Broken….

Congrats to Street Sense, his jockey and all his connections. He won the Derby yesterday in a thrilling come-from-behind victory. Plus he broke the curse. Which one you might ask? (okay, so you’re probably not really wondering, but still I’m going to tell you…lol)

No Two-year old Champion has won the Derby since Spectacular Bid in 1980. Also, no horse who has ever won the Breeder’s Cup Juvenile has ever won. And Street Sense went off as the Derby favorite which tends to be a curse all of its own.

But he did it. Now will he be able to go on and win the Preakness and the Belmont to give us our first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978, I’m not sure. I’m not ready to crown him the second coming of Secretariat, but maybe he has what it takes to do it. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the Preakness. πŸ™‚

I plan on finishing up edits on Two for One today. (My short story in the Three anthology) and then I’ll be working on Vanguard and Out of Bounds (the Valentine’s story I want to submit to Samhain.)

Hope you all have a great day.

P.S. Check out Stealing Life at SiN. I added a new little excerpt for everyone.