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Every Shattered Dream Part Four available…




Every Shattered Dream Part Four is available now at Total e-Bound. 🙂 Click here to check it out. We’re getting closer to fulfilling the promise Logan made to Kenny. I hope you’re all enjoying the serial. It was fun to write. Almost like my blog stories, only slightly different since there were only five parts and they were each longer than my installments. But the idea is the same, end each part/installment with a cliffhanger. Maybe not a huge one, but still enough of one that it keeps people interested in reading more.

Also, I just signed up to go to Chicago’s Spring Fling the last weekend in April of next year. It’s being put on by a RWA chapter there. So that’ll be three appearances next year…though of course, I haven’t signed up for GRL 2014 yet, but I am planning on being there. I’ll be in Chicago in April, RT/New Orleans in May, and wherever GRL happens to be in October next year. Yay! Maybe I’ll be able to see you at one of these events.

I have a ton of writing to get done this weekend, so I better get started. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Two New Books out…




First book out today is At First Touch, book 3 of our International Men of Sports series. This one takes place in Germany and is about football (soccer for us Americans…lol)  Click here to check it out.



Then for those of you who downloaded Part One of my serial, Every Shattered Dream, then you’ll be happy to know that Part Two is available now. This one is $1 at both Total e-Bound and Amazon. 🙂 Click here to check this part out. 🙂

And today is a big day because I’m off for my first session with my tattoo artist. I’m sure those of you who follow me on Twitter remember me mentioning this a time or two…lol. It’s going to be a long and painful day, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Of course, I’ll have a couple more sessions with him. Today is just outlining and shading for the dragon. Next session is all the color…and the third session will be any little touches he wants to add. I told him what I wanted, and trust him to come up with a totally awesome design. He’s a true artist.

So I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a marvelous weekend.

Every Shattered Dream is available now…



Part one of my serial, Every Shattered Dream, is available for download at Total e-Bound. It’s free. 🙂 Check it out here. I must admit that I’m in love with the covers for this serial. Each one just gets better and better. The artist tried to get my vision for them, and I think she succeeded. This is one story that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, and when I was asked if I’d consider writing a serial, I knew exactly what story I was going to write.

I hope you all enjoy it. Part Two will be released on Sept. 6th. So you won’t have to wait too long for the next part. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone. Oh, and if you’re interested, or know anyone who might be interested, Fallen: Detroit is out in general release today as well. It’s M/F, and features fallen angels. 🙂 Thanks.

Start of July….




Here’s the cover for Part Two of Every Shattered Dream. There is a difference between this one and the first cover. When you see them all together in a row, you’ll understand what the difference is. 🙂

I can’t believe today is the first of July. Where did the first six months of the year go?  lol I’m not sure if I want the next six months to fly by as fast. Crazy. 🙂

So today, I have three sets of edits and four interviews to do, plus start my next Fallen book, New York (Tiffany Aaron), finish up Always Ready, and do the next installment of Hearts for tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get them done today, but we’ll have to see…lol. I want the interviews done, Fallen started, and Hearts done by the time I go to bed tonight.

I hope you all have a great Monday. 🙂

Stealing Life is available again….




For those of you who haven’t read Stealing Life yet, it’s available again at Total e-Bound. Click here to check it out. 🙂 If you have already read it, don’t feel obligated to pick this version up. I didn’t really change much in it and I didn’t add anything, so you could read the old version and still be fine. 🙂 Though this version will be coming out in print at some point in the fall, I believe. Yay!  lol






Next to come out will be Chasing the King of the Mountains co-written with Devon Rhodes. It’ll be out next week on the 5th. It’s available now for immediate download and a discount if you’re a member of TEB’s VIP program, which I’m pretty sure just means you have to sign up for their newsletter…lol.





And this is the cover for Part One of Every Shattered Dream, my serial coming out at TEB. Part One comes out on August 23rd, and it’ll be free, though I actually think it’ll be .99 cents at Amazon for some reason only Amazon knows…lol. Click here to check it out. But if you download it from TEB, it’s free. The other four parts will be coming out every two weeks or so.  I used the songs Riding With Private Malone by David Ball, and Dress Blues by Jason Isbell as inspiration for this story.  I’m really hoping you like it. To be honest, it’s been on my to be written list for a long time, and when the opportunity came up to write the serial, I thought Dream would work out perfectly for it.






Also, for those of you who might still read M/F stories, my paranormal story, Fallen:Detroit, under my other pen name, Tiffany Aaron, is coming out August 23rd as well. Click here to check it out. It’s just on the coming soon page, not up for pre-order or anything like that yet. 🙂 I hope if you do read M/F, you give my Tiffany stories a try…lol. If you don’t read M/F stories anymore, that’s all right. I won’t force you to buy my M/F books…lmao.

So that seems to be all the news I have today. I’m working on Final Line Edits for the other four parts of Every Shattered Dream, and I’m working on Always Ready, my coast guard/crab fisherman story. Plus I’m also working on Blindsided, which is the 4th book in our International Sports series. This one takes place in Australia…yay!…lol. That’s what my busy weekend looks like.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…




Okay…so I finished Dream Part five yesterday. Yay! Now I can get working on my coast guard story, Always Ready. I know I shared a snippet of it with you a while ago, but I’m really hoping to get it finished by the end of the week. We’ll have to see how that goes. Also, I have to work on Blindsided, the 4th book in our Sports series. 🙂

Instead I thought I’d share a snippet from a story titled Lyva’s Chance. It’s the first in a four book series that I’m trying to find the time to write…lol. Goodness knows when that will be. 🙂 It takes place in a world where vampyres and lycans are known to exist, plus there are other things in the world worse than those two species. 🙂 Now I wrote this a while ago, so when I get around to finishing it, I’ll have to go back through and clean it up.

Lyva’s Chance copyright c. 2013 T.A. Chase


The half-breed growled and maybe that small act of defiance in the face of certain death made me do what I did. Maybe it was because I saw a little of myself in the outcast. More than likely it was because I was fucking tired of listening to them piss and moan about what was happening. They were going to take their anger out on a weakened creature.

Pushing away from the wall, I placed myself between Oliver and the injured wolf.  The Alpha bared his teeth at me and snarled.  I didn’t posture or try to act tough.  I stood calm and solid on my feet.  I didn’t invite an attack, but I wasn’t going to back down if one came my way.

“This is why they’ve herded us into camps. This is why they think they’re better than us. We prove our animal nature each time we turn on our own. If you wish to kill, you must wait until he heals.”

“Who are you to stand between an Alpha and his prey,” Oliver growled.

“I’m no one.”

I wasn’t going to tell them the truth. Whirling, I scooped the breed over my shoulder and stalked from the building.  The speed of my departure must have shocked them because no one came after us.  I carried the younger lycan through the camp, keeping to the shadows. The guards never bothered me.  I used my power to conceal our presence from them.

I made it to my den without incident. My den was a cave in the side of the mountain that created a natural barrier for the camp.  I guess the mortals figured none of us would try to climb the sheer rock face. They were right about that but there were caves with tunnels winding through the mountains leading out of the camp to freedom.  I’d investigated them all.  Escape routes were planned for when I needed to leave.

I laid the breed down on my bed.  As I stripped what was left of his clothes off, I called to my sister.

“Larissa, I can feel you. Come and help me.”

The kid groaned as I eased a piece of fabric from a deep wound.

“What lost cause have you decided to champion now, dear brother?” Larissa’s pale hand dropped on my shoulder.

“Draw some water and purify it. There is a spring in the cave behind this one. Go through that tunnel.” I gestured with my head towards the back of my den.  While I gave her orders, I catalogued his wounds.

Most lycan healed quickly, but it was possible the young man’s half-mortal blood slowed the healing process. Larissa knelt beside me with a bowl of water and some towels.

“Can you start washing the blood off? I need to see if there is any internal damage.”

Larissa nodded. Surprise jolted through me. My sister wasn’t shallow or unfeeling, but she was fastidious. She didn’t like getting her hands dirty.

I caught the gaze of the injured man. His green eyes were hazy with pain. Yet I could see he understood what was going on.

“I must enter your body to see if there is any damage internally. Unless you can tell me,” I explained.

A slight negative move of his head told me he couldn’t. Placing my hands on his chest, I closed my eyes. I hated healing. Leaving my body and entering another scared me on a deep level. A level I’d never told anyone about. I feared I would never return to my own body.

I sank into the bone and flesh of the lycan beneath my hands. Racing through his body, I found bruises and tears, but no life threatening damage. A darkness hung over the part I called the soul. I didn’t see that part of people very often when I healed them. None of the injuries were ones I felt the need to heal.  Time would take care of them all. I pulled away slowly, leaving just a little energy behind to help his body.

Opening my eyes, I saw his widen.  Mine must have been glowing.  Larissa finished cleaning his body as I started to bandage his wounds. His gaze slid from me to my sister.  A gasp burst from his lips and he cringed away.

“She won’t hurt you.” I put a hand on his shoulder. “Sleep and heal.”

Sending a little more energy into him, I pushed him to rest.

There wasn’t much fight left in him. With a soft whimper, he fell asleep. I motioned for Larissa to follow me as I moved closer to the front of the den.

“What happened to him, brother?” Larissa sank with effortless grace to sit beside me. I hunkered down and stared out into the darkened camp.

“The mortal guards caught him and roughened him up. They dropped him at the building where the Alphas were meeting.  Oliver was going to finish the job and kill him.  He’s a half-breed. Mortal father and lycan mother.  It seems neither side wants him.” Nothing moved in the waning hours of the night.

The mortal guards feared the dark. Stranger creatures than lycan haunted the shadows.  Turning to look at Larissa, I acknowledged that I was one of those creatures.

Larissa was my half-sister if anyone wanted to get technical.  I was a half-breed.  Only my mother was vampyre and my father was lycan.  Larissa’s mother fell in love with my father and somehow God allowed their union to bear fruit.

Larissa’s pale eyes studied me. “Are you sympathizing with him?”

I didn’t want to answer her. “How did you get in here?”

“You’re dodging the question. There are no walls capable of keeping me out just as these walls can’t keep you in. I’ve never understood why you choose to stay here with these animals.”  Larissa waved an elegant hand towards a slinking shadow.

My eyesight was far keener than a normal lycan.  The shadow sharpened into a mortal guard making his way from where some of the females lived.  I shook my head. Danger can drive a man to do things he might not otherwise do.  Time would show the guard what messing with the lycan females could do to a human.

“Who is the animal?”

“Stop. Both are animals. They kill their weak and destroy any who are different.” Anger burned in her eyes.

“Vampyres do the same, Larissa.  Every species on this planet feed off pain and weakness.” I sighed.

It was an old argument we had.  Larissa grew up in our mother’s Enclave where those who were different were welcomed.  Freaks were given the chance to flourish. I applauded their openness and ability to love. I grew up in my father’s world. The lycan scorned differences. The strongest always ruled and the weak swallowed their pride or died.

Weakness never found a place in me and I could never swallow my pride.  Outcast and lone wolf, I lived as I chose. When I got lonely, I’d head for my mother’s home. There was always someone willing to spend time with a surly wolf.

“I stay here because I know something important is going to happen. All my visions tell me I need to be here.” I flexed my hand. The bones had knitted back together after the guards broke it, but it still ached on nights like this. The pain served as a barometer for the tension in the camp.

“Do you stay because of him?”  She gestured to the sleeping form behind me.

Shrugging, I admitted, “I don’t know, sister dear.  I have never seen his face in my visions.  I’ll know soon enough. When the geas holding me here releases, I’ll leave.”

“Good. Mother and your father are worried about you. Have you fed tonight?” Larissa stood.

I gained my feet as well.  “Tell Mother and Father I’m fine.  My reason for being here will be over soon and I’ll join you at the Enclave.” I hugged her. “I ate earlier.”

“Not that rotten crap the mortals give the others?” Worry crept into her voice.

“No, I left the camp. I brought down a deer.  Good thing I did. The boy won’t be able to stomach the shit they give us.” I pointed to the back where the tunnel to the larger cave was. “I keep it back there in case the guards come while I’m gone.”

Dawn painted the sky the faintest pink.  “You should go.”

Larissa smiled.  “Watch your back, brother. I think it’s a dangerous game you play. If you need anything, you know how to find me.” She brushed a kiss over my cheek and disappeared.

As the sun peeked over the horizons, I set my safe guards.  I’d be warned if someone approached the den.  I checked my guest. He seemed to be sleeping deeply so I covered him with my blankets.

Stepping back, I let the change take me over.  Settling into my wolf form was like coming home. I was most myself as an animal. I curled up between the cot and den opening. If someone managed to get past my traps, they wouldn’t be able to get past me.

Sleep was a long time coming for me.

Invasion of the tiny frogs…




Some of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook might have seen this picture last night. This is one of a herd of teeny tiny frogs that I found on my patio. When I opened the blinds this morning, they were there again. Maybe they were having a meeting or something. Not sure what they were talking about, but most of them are gone now. I had to put the flower petal next to one…just so you’d understand how little they are. 🙂

This past weekend, I did edits on Part 1-4 of Every Shattered Dream and worked on finishing up Part 5. I still have a little under 5k to with it, but it will be done by Wednesday. Yay! Then I can work on a short story or two, plus the 4th International Sports book. This one takes place in Australia, and features a rugby player and a lifeguard. 🙂 It’s titled Blindsided. Yes, our titles do seem to be getting shorter…lol. But the stories are still great. 🙂

Well, I’m going to start writing for the day. I hope you all have a great Monday.

Happy Monday Morning….




I hope you all had a good weekend. My writing didn’t go quite as planned, so I’ll be spending the first part of the week finishing up Dream, then I’ll get to working on some of the other stories I’d like to finish up this month. 🙂 I also have edits on At First Touch to get done, and Final Line Edits on Reno to finish up. Yay! lol Even though I didn’t get as much done as I’d like, I still had a good weekend, which in the long run is better for me. I relaxed and read some books. Also, re-read a few Amy Lane books and again realized just how much I love her writing. 🙂

Well, I don’t have much to tell you, so I’m going to say have a great Monday….and I have to get back to writing.

New Cover reveal…and a little promo for Chasing the King…



first of all, this is the cover for the 3rd book in the International Men of Sports series. Obviously it’s about football (soccer here in America) and it takes place in Germany. To be honest, we were a little vague on what city in Germany. lol…But I love it and I think it’ll look awesome with the rest of the books as well. I can’t wait to see them all in print. 🙂

Second of all….here’s little promo thing that Total e-Bound is putting out to ramp up interest in Chasing the King of the Mountains. Now they’ve been doing it for several other books as well, and I think it’s pretty cool.



I’m sure most of you have already gotten your VIP copy….lmao. 😉 If not, it goes on general release on July 5th. There will more of these little promo pictures coming in the next weeks. 🙂

I signed the contract for Every Shattered Dream, which is going to be a serial at Total e-Bound, and Part One will be out on August 23rd. Now with all the serials, Part One will be free at TEB’s site, but it’ll be 99 cents at Amazon. Not sure why it works that way, but there you have it. After that, I believe the subsequent parts will be either 99 cents or a dollar. Either way, can’t beat it. 🙂  As soon as I get some cover art for you, I’ll post it here, though I have to finish up Part Five this weekend. Then I’ll be working on some short stories for MLR Press and TEB. Maybe even sneak in and finish up a story for Amber Allure as well. Who knows?

I hope you all have a great weekend.

New Week…Same stuff…



Well…sort of the same stuff. Devon and I finished At First Touch on Friday, and I just signed the contract for it. I also just saw the cover art for it…and I love it. It’ll fit in so well with the other two. I can’t wait to see these books in print. I’ll share the cover with everyone as soon as Devon gets a chance to okay it. 🙂 She’s probably sleeping right now since she lives out on the West Coast. We’ll be starting our Australian book in a day or two. This one features a rugby player and a life guard. Woo-hoo!

My goal for this week is to finish up Every Shattered Dream, do three interviews for some other blogs, write up a guest blog post, do first round edits on Reno (my second Tiffany Aaron book) and see if I can’t finish up Restoration Project. Plus various other real life appointments I have. So it’s going to be a very busy week, but I think I can do it.

I had a great time at Motor City Pride in Detroit on Saturday. Hung out with some awesome people and gave away all my promo stuff. Definitely have to order even more for next year. 🙂

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday.