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Wednesday’s Work in Progress…

Okay…so I’ll take the blame for not having a new part for On Love’s Wings. I got caught up in working on something else and lost track of time. But there will be one on Thursday for you. 🙂

I thought I’d share a very small snippet from Without Fault, Book Nine of the International Men of Sports series I’m writing with the lovely Devon Rhodes. Remember I said very small…lol But I’m posting it to prove to you that it has been started. Can’t give you a time table on when it’ll be done. We’re going to try and get it finished as soon as possible though. Here you go.

Without Fault copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase & Devon Rhodes

“Percival Hamish Adcock, you get your bloody arse in this house right now.”

Percy winced as his mum screeched like a fishwife from the back verandah. What had he forgotten to do now?

“I bloody well meant it, young man,” she shouted again.

“Don’t you have phones in the stables?” Rebecca asked teasingly.

He turned to face his favorite cousin. Heck, she was pretty much his favorite human in the whole world. Her bright smile lit up her face and he couldn’t help but return the expression.

“I had intercoms installed for this very reason,” he informed her. “Yet she insists on standing out there screaming like a banshee every time she wants me for something.”

“Ah…Auntie Amelia loves you, Percy. She just likes to ruffle your feathers once in a while.”

“She likes to treat me as though I were still twelve years old,” he muttered.

Friday…Wednesday’s Work in Progress

Since I missed posting anything on Wednesday, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at another story I’m working on. I’ll tell you more about it when I finish it…like which publisher is getting it and stuff like that. lol.

A Coal Miner’s Son copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

“Great job, son.” Nicholas Callahan, James’ father and boss, slapped him on the shoulder. “I have to admit when you first suggested making these changes, I thought you were crazy.”

“Not to mention wasting a lot of company money,” James said, hiding his wince at the force of his father’s jovial display of approval.

“Well, that’s true.” Nicholas dismissed James’ comment with a wave of his hand before he dropped into the chair behind his desk. “It was going to be a big cost and it was hard getting the board to spend it.”

James strolled over to the window. Placing his hand on the cool glass, he stared out over the city. The sun shone down on the buildings, but James didn’t see the beauty of it. All he saw was the vehicles on the streets and people on the sidewalks. Charleston was the capital of West Virginia, which wasn’t saying much. Yet James wasn’t interested in it. Just like he hadn’t really been interested in all the other major cities he’d visited and lived in throughout his thirty-four years.

“Although the initial cost was high, the changes made have ended saving the company millions of dollars in fines.” He turned back to meet his father’s gaze. “Along with health insurance claims and work complaints. Maybe you won’t dig in your heels next time I want to make some changes.”

Nicholas snorted. “You know there will be a fight, no matter what, son. When it comes to spending money, there’s no way you’re not getting it without jumping through circles.”

That was the truth. Ever since James joined the company, he’d argued with the money people over every idea and change he wanted to make. It didn’t matter that he was the CEO’s only son. The board members hated giving up even a penny of the bottom line.

His father’s phone rang and James edged toward the door. “I’m leaving for Willow Hollow. I want to check the changes at the main mine. It’s been six months since we instituted the new safety measures. Also, the miner representative asked to meet with me.”

He dashed out of the office before his father could say anything. There was nothing his father disliked more than the miners and the people who represented them. Yet James had never had any trouble with them, even when they argued against the new safety measures he’d implemented earlier in the year. Their resistance had surprised him until his father reminded him that most people didn’t like change.

“James, my son, those people don’t like change. They like to do things the way they’ve always been done. I’m surprised they even agreed to it.” Nicholas shook his head.

It was a sentiment he’d heard most of his life. “Those people” as Nicholas called the miners and their families who lived in Willow Hollow. His father believed the townspeople were backward and ignorant. He’d done his best to keep James away from them, rarely allowing him to visit the main mine and kept him close when they did go.

Yet James had figured out ways to sneak away and spend time with the miners’ children. He didn’t care that their clothes were ragged and their skin dirty. They didn’t care that James was neatly dressed and always so clean. None of that mattered. Children never saw the differences. They only saw the fun they could have together. It was worth all the punishments James had suffered when he returned to his father, covered in mud and leaves.

Willow Hollow had been a place of joy for James. A place where he could be a regular boy instead of Nicholas Callahan’s heir. Then he’d been sent to boarding school and college. It had been years before he’d been able to get back.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…


First of all, if you’re interested Peace is available at Pride Publishing for early download. Check it out here. 🙂

Second of all, I’d like to share with you a snippet from one of my current works in progress. This one is Fall into my Kiss, Book 1 from the Merging Violently series. This is Edward’s story. 🙂 Hope you like it.

Fall into My Kiss copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase


“Aren’t you getting a little too old to be falling off your horse?”

Edward Monterrose glanced up from where he’d been staring out the window. He grimaced when the strained muscles in his back protested the movement. “It was an unplanned dismount. Apparently Gypsy thought there was a shark in the Liverpool jump and wasn’t going to risk getting eaten by it. Yet he was willing to use me to distract the monster while he got away.”

His step-brother chuckled and Edward smiled at the happy sound. Ever since Derek had fallen in love with Max Furlo and moved away from Nashville, joy had been seeping into everything Derek did.

“I finally got a chance to listen to your latest album. I think it’s your best yet,” Edward commented as he pushed to his feet to greet Derek.

Derek pulled him into a gentle hug then kissed his cheek. “Thanks. Can’t say I was happy to get a call from Scout, saying you were in the hospital.”

Edward shuffled to his bed and accepted Derek’s help to climb back into it. “I’m sorry, but accidents are a hazard of the job. I was due to have a wreck at some point. It’s been a while since I’ve lost my seat like that.”

“You weren’t expecting Gypsy to freak like that. He’s been doing great since you both worked with Les.” Derek pulled a chair up next then sat. He leaned back, crossing his legs while he studied Edward. “I guess I was imagining the worse, even though Scout said you were going to be fine.”

“I won’t be riding until the doctors clear me, which sucks. I’ll have to withdraw from some of the big competitions and it’ll hurt us in the year end standings.” He shrugged and winced.

Derek motioned to the cast and bandages. “What are your injuries? I didn’t ask Scout, just chartered a plane to get out here as soon as I could. Left Max at the ranch to hold down the fort while I’m gone.

Edward snorted. “Hold down the fort? You make it sound like you’re the one running the place. We all know Max is the reason why the cattle and horse part of your ranch is successful.”

“You make it sound like I’m useless,” Derek muttered as he pouted.

“You’re useless when it comes to ranch work, brother. But you have other redeeming qualities. Your record label seems to be doing rather well.” He shifted on the lumpy mattress, trying to find a spot that wouldn’t cause his body to ache. Being covered with bruises made it difficult to get a comfortable position.

Wednesday Work in Progress

It’s been a long time since I did one of these and I think I’d like to start it up again. Have to figure out what to do on Mondays and Fridays now. lol I’m determined to try and post something Monday thru Friday for you. It might not always work, but I’m going to give it my all. lol

Today’s Wednesday Work in Progress is New Vocations. It’s a contemporary story set in Kansas City during the American Royal, an eight-week long event that features a rodeo, bbq competitions, horse shows and exhibitions. Since GRL is in Kansas City, we’ve decided to use this event as the background for our anthology. You’ll be getting cowboys this year. 🙂

Here’s the working blurb: (it might change for publication)

Two men who believe in second chances meet and their lives are never the same again.

Layne Daly comes to participate in The American Royal. He’s there to show off the abilities of the retired thoroughbreds he adopts straight off the track. He wants people to know these animals can do so much more than race. He has three horses there to do exhibitions in reining, barrel racing and cutting. When his usual groom gets sick, he has to hire someone fast.

Carl Stewartson used to love coming to Kansas City for the rodeo. He’d ride broncs and hang out with his friends. But since his career-ending injury early in the year, Carl has been spinning his wheels, trying to find something to do with his life now that he couldn’t rodeo anymore. He runs into Layne and offers to help him with his horses.

Together, they have to deal with not only the stress of the event, but starting a new relationship. Second chances are what Layne does best and he’s more than willing to give Carl the opportunity.

And here’s a little excerpt from it. I can’t give you too long of one since it’s going to be a short story. lol

New Vocations c.2106 T.A. Chase

Layne took his time pulling into the Hale Arena parking lot. Driving a four-horse trailer through downtown Kansas City was nerve-wracking enough, but having to back his trailer up to the doors and off loading his horses challenged even his expertise.

A whistle caught his attention. Looking into the side mirror, he saw a man motioning and he realized he was helping guide him. Layne waved then eased down on the pedal to keep moving. Another whistle let him know he was close enough.

Once he turned the truck off, he tugged the keys out of the ignition then jumped from the cab. He jogged to the back of the trailer, getting there just as a hoof hit the inside wall. The stranger jumped and Layne chuckled.

“Thanks for the help,” he said, holding out his hand. “I’m Layne Daly.”

“Carl Stewartson. Glad to help. I’ve driven vehicles like this before, so I know how difficult they are to back up.” Carl shook his hand.

Layne wondered if he imagined Carl holding his hand a little longer than necessary. He gave himself a mental shake. Didn’t matter if the man had or not. Layne didn’t have time for a hook up. Not right then anyway. He needed to get the horses settled in their stalls. He checked his watch and grimaced.

“Got somewhere you need to be?” Carl tilted his head toward Layne’s wrist.

“No. Just wondering where my groom is. He was supposed to be driving over from the ranch earlier and have everything set up, so I could get the horses in right away. But Quinn hasn’t showed up yet.” He pulled out his phone. Both of them jumped when another kick landed on the wall closest to him.

Carl snorted. “Sounds like they’re getting impatient.”

Layne nodded. “Tigger hates being trailered anywhere. Thank God, Boom and Snack are so laid back, or I’d have a riot on my hands.” He brought up Quinn’s number then hit the send button. “I’m going to chew his ass out about not being here.”

“Well, if you need any help, just let me know. I’ll be around.” Carl started to walk off, but Layne reached out to grab his arm.

“Could you wait and help me get them unloaded? Even if he’s on his way, he won’t get here soon enough. If I don’t get them out of there soon, Tigger will end up hurting himself or the others.”

Carl grinned. “Be glad to. Why don’t I go see where your stalls are while you talk to your guy?”

He wanted to say that Quinn wasn’t his guy, just a friend and an employee, but he was pretty sure Carl didn’t mean it the way he’d taken it. “Thanks.”


“Quinn, what the hell’s wrong? You sound like shit.” Layne winced at the harshness of Quinn’s voice. “I’m sick. Came down with it just after you left this morning. Meant to call you, but fell asleep,” Quinn croaked out.

“Shit.” Layne swept off his hat then slapped it against his thigh. “Now I’m going to have to find someone to help me out here. I can’t take care of the boys all by myself while doing exhibitions and talks.”

Quinn coughed before saying, “I’m sorry, Layne. I know this is important to you.”

Layne shot a quick glance around at the busy crowd of people coming and going from the arena. Some were walking horses. Others were helping to herd the bulls in for the rodeo. He propped his hip against the wheel well of the trailer and sighed.

“I know you are. I’m not mad or anything, Quinn. It’s not like you planned on getting sick. I’m just cranky from driving all day and having to figure shit out. Get some sleep and if you need to, have Whit drive you to the doctor’s.” Layne couldn’t help but smile at the unhappy little whine Quinn gave at the thought of going to the doctor. “I’ll call Whit in a couple hours after I get the boys settled for the night.”

“I’ll let her know.” Quinn hung up.

Layne did the same then shoved his phone in his back pocket. Better suck it up, buttercup. There’s no one here to help you and you have three horses to get bedded down before you can leave. As exhausting as dealing with horses was, Layne wouldn’t have it any other way. His herd was his life. Hell, had been his life since he was old enough to walk and discovered how much freedom there was on the back of a horse.

An anxious whinny drew his attention to the open windows of the trailer. He saw Tigger stick his nose out, sniffing the air and curling his upper lip in a weird little smirk.

Hope this has got you interested. I’m planning on having a blurb up for you tomorrow on the blog story I want to start. Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Thursday Work in Progress…



I know today is supposed to be another installment of Anubis, but you’ll get that on Friday. I promise. 🙂 I thought I’d share with you one of the new stories I’m working on. This is actually the first book in a new series as well.

The series is titled The Blood & Thorn Ranch. It mixtures cowboys and vampires…along with other various supernatural creatures. There’ll be six books in the series. This one is called Bulls and Blood, featuring Wesley, the youngest Thorn brother (The Thorns are vampires) and Mino (a human cowboy)

Here’s a little taste of it.

Bulls and Blood copyright c. 2015 T.A. Chase


“Wesley?” Day shouted as he barrelled into the house. “Where the hell are you?”

Wesley grimaced as he studied the figures on the spreadsheet he was working on. “Where do you think I am, Amadeus?”

Day burst into the office where Wesley spent a majority of his time. Wesley watched as Day almost bounced off the walls while muttering and waving his hands around.

“What seems to be the problem, brother dear?” Wesley leaned back in his desk chair, resting his hands on his stomach.

Day whirled to point at him. “Did you know Loman bought another bull?”

Wesley sighed. “Yes. I did know that because I’m the one who okay’d the purchase. Why are you upset about it?”

“I wanted to build another cabin, so we can bring more visitors here. Which will bring in more money.” Day threw his hands in the air. “I can’t do that when Loman’s buying more animals that we don’t do anything with.”

“First of all, did you read the email I sent to everyone last week before he got the bull?” He gave a mental eye roll when Day dropped his gaze to his feet then shuffled them against the hardwood floor. “No, you didn’t and I’m not surprised. Why do I spend this extra time trying to keep you all in the loop when none of you read what I send you?”

Day glared. “They’re so wordy. If you just put the important stuff at the beginning, I’d read it.”

“You mean the stuff that matters to you,” Wesley commented then motioned for Day to stay quiet. “If you had actually read it, you would’ve seen I’ve budgeted the money for you to build that silly cabin along with Loman’s bull. We have more than enough to make improvements to the ranch and the herd.”

“Seriously?” Day stared at him. “Why did you tell me earlier?”

“Because silly me, I thought you might have read the email. Next time, I’ll remember no one does and come see you each separately.” Wesley nodded toward the door. “Now that you know you can build it, get out of here. I’m trying to arrange the schedule for the next couple of hunts we have.”

Day folded his arms over his chest and kept looking at him. Wesley went back to the computer screen, trying not to let Day’s continued presence bother him. Finally, he glanced up and scowled.

“Why the hell are you still here?” Wesley threw the pen he held at Day.

His brother caught it then sent the pen back to him in one quick moment. He batted it out of the way, not caring where it ended up. Amadeus was the third oldest Thorn brother while Wesley was the baby, and having five older brothers was a pain he’d grown used to over the thousands of years they’d been alive.

Wednesday Work in Progress…



I thought I’d give yo a sneak peek at Cold Truth, Book 3 of the Delarosa Secrets trilogy.  🙂

Cold Truth copyright c. 2015 T.A. Chase


Taking a deep breath, Victor stopped himself from fidgeting. The head of the Delarosa cartel didn’t twitch—or show any other kind of nerves—even when he was worried about the man he loved. He shoved the thought deep in the back of his mind. Victor couldn’t think about love or the future. Being who he was, there wasn’t a future for him unless it was in a prison cell somewhere. Yet Victor held out hope he could change the outcome.

“Senor Perez’s car is at the gate,” Valdez spoke from where he stood in the doorway of Victor’s study.

He waved to show Valdez he’d heard him, but didn’t say anything as he stared out the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the manicured back yard. Can I do this? Is it possible for me to change my destiny? Giving a full body shake, Victor focused on what he could control.

Someone had sold him out, and he was going to hunt the person down. No one snitched to law enforcement without feeling the consequences. He was sure Bieito was already on top of that.

Stuffing his hands in his pants’ pockets, he frowned as one of the guards roaming the grounds walked into sight. The man was smoking and had his gun slung over his shoulder instead of in his hands. Things had gotten lax here while Victor was in Texas. That would stop right there. He wouldn’t allow any of the men to forget what their job was, protecting the compound from other cartels and the police.

He turned back to the room then picked up a pen to write a note for Bieito to call a meeting of the security unit. After that was done, he put the pen back in the drawer before pulling out a cell phone. No one knew about it. Not even Bieito. He fiddled with it for a moment then returned it.

Victor tugged on his suit coat, shrugging it into position. Smoothing his hands down the front of it, he’d never admit it was to get rid of the sweat on his palms. Christ! When did I turn into such a nervous nelly? It’s not like I haven’t met Bieito before. Yet it was the first time he saw him after Bieito was arrested in order to keep Victor from being taken by the DEA in Houston.

I owe him so much, but how do I give him what he really wants when it would mean our deaths?

He asked that question of himself every day and hadn’t been able to come up with the right answer. Maybe some day he would, and they could be happy.

Valdez fell in step behind Victor as he left the study to make his way to the front of the house. He went out onto the porch just as the black sedan pulled up.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress



It’s been a while since I’ve posted a WiP excerpt. I thought I’d do one with the newest book I’m working on. I’m really enjoying it…and hopefully you will when you get a chance to read it. I don’t have a release date or anything for it yet. It’s not contracted or anything, but it’s the sequel to Mountains to Climb. So you’ll get to see how Jensen and Toby are doing, now that Jensen has returned and Toby has welcomed him back.

This book is titled Climbing the Savage Mountain (K2 is nicknamed the Savage Mountain and Jensen climbs it in the story).

Climbing the Savage Mountain copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


“Why Everest?” Toby asked. “Whenever I hear people talk about something on their bucket list—or the ultimate dream—a lot of them say climbing Everest. What makes Everest such a goal?”

Jensen scrubbed his hand over his hair as he tried to think about how to explain how he felt whenever he thought about Everest. “I don’t know about other people, though for most of them, Everest might seem like the biggest insurmountable obstacle they can think of. And to be able to say they got to the summit ends up putting them in a rare class of people who have faced a challenge and defeated it.”

Toby nodded. “I guess that makes sense, but why do you want to climb it? I know that it’s only number two on your list. K2 is the one you really want to conquer. Why not focus on that one instead of risking everything on Everest?”

Jensen met Toby’s gaze and said, “If I can summit Everest, I have no doubt that I’ll get to the summit of K2.”

“So Everest is just a litmus test as to your ability to climb big mountains? What happens if you end up getting injured while trying it? Will that convince you that you can’t do it or will it strengthen your resolve to try again?” Toby clenched his hands.

He winced at the pressure Toby was exerting on his fingers. Jensen cupped Toby’s face in his free hand.

“Nothing will happen to me on this trip. I promise.”

Toby jerked away from him then shot to his feet. He started pacing while Jensen watched. “Don’t promise me something like that, Jensen. You’re a good climber. I know that. Hell, Cat and Jigger tell me that all the time. You’re a natural. One of the best they’ve seen in years. I know that means jack shit when you’re up on that God forsaken piece of rock and a storm rolls.”

Jensen opened his mouth then snapped it shut when Toby whirled on him. He saw the fear in Toby’s eyes and he went to him, wrapping his arms around his lover to hold him close. He pressed his mouth to Toby’s ear and whispered, “I promise to never make light of your fears. I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t realize how scared you were about me going.”

“It’s not just Everest, Jensen,” Toby confessed. “It’s every time you walk out that door on a trip. I’m left here, wondering if you’re going to come home. So far you’ve done it, but what if something keeps you from coming back to me?”

As much as he wanted to say that the only way he wouldn’t be coming back to Toby was if he were dead, Jensen knew it wasn’t the right thing to say. It certainly wouldn’t reassure Toby at all.

“I know you’re afraid I’ll decide to keep wandering.” He stepped back to stare down at Toby. “I can make you this vow, Toby, and this one I do have control over. I will always come back to you. I wasn’t strong enough to face you when I ran away before. I didn’t trust in how much you cared for me. We both know I should’ve come to you and tell you about my addictions and my problems.”

“Damn straight you should’ve. How can I help you when I don’t know what’s wrong?” Toby encircled Jensen’s waist, resting his head on Jensen’s chest.

Jensen kissed the top of Toby’s head. “Do you really feel like talking about my trip right now? Why don’t we go for a run then we get back, we can take a shower?”

Tension eased from Toby’s shoulders and Jensen realized it was just a reprieve from the complications of him going away. Yet he didn’t want to talk about it right then. He wanted to spend time with the man he loved and soak up all the good times, so he had something to cling to when he was on the side of Everest, praying to God to keep him safe.

Wednesday Work in Progress…


Sorry. I meant to post this earlier, but got caught up in other things. 🙂 I thought I’d give you all a glimpse into Rover’s story, Trailing Air. It’s book 4 in the Preternatural series. It needs to be done by Dec. 1st, then it’ll be out early next year. I’m also hoping to put it in print with Love’s Baggage, so that the first 4 books can be in print together. 🙂

Trailing Air copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


Rover stretched as he rolled over in his bed. He groaned when he saw the time, not liking the fact that he had to get up earlier than he usually did. Especially after sitting up most of the night listening to everyone discuss what Elwin had told them.

Thinking about the dragon caused Rover’s cock to stiffen, and since he was alone with no one to judge him about his attraction, he ran his hand down his chest to wrap his fingers around his dick. He brought up an image of Elwin’s face with those plump lips.

“Christ! I bet he sucks like a Hoover,” he muttered, closing his eyes and pumping his hand up and down.

He created a daydream where Elwin was crouched between his legs, his blue hair spread out, covering Rover’s groin. It would be soft and silky, which would feel amazing against Rover’s skin. Elwin’s mouth would be warm, wet, and tight around his shaft.

After tightening his grip to the point of pain, Rover started thrusting and in his mind, it was almost like fucking Elwin’s mouth. He rubbed his thumb over the crown of his cock, smearing the drops of pre-cum around the flared head. With each swipe and tug, Rover pushed himself closer and closer to the brink.

Finally, with a hard twist and pump, he came, coating his hand and stomach with come. He lay there, trying to catch his breath.

“Well that was impressive,” a drool voice came from the corner of the room.

“What the fuck?” Rover jumped from the bed and dropped into a crouch on the floor facing the direction of the voice. Snarling, he allowed his wolf to take over and he shifted.

Once his vision cleared, he growled and Elwin chuckled. The dragon leaned against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. He wore jeans and a sweater with some kind of pattern on it. Rover couldn’t tell what color anything was as a wolf, but he could smell and, Gods, Elwin’s scent made him want to bury his nose in his crotch and fill his nose with it.

“Now. Now.” Elwin tsked. “I did knock.”

Rover let go of his wolf, allowing it to slink back into the center of his being. Once he was standing on his own two feet again, he propped his fists on his hips and glared at Elwin.

“When did you knock and how long did you wait for an answer?”

Elwin’s appreciative gaze trailed over him and Rover could feel his cock start taking interest again. He stomped over to his dresser where he dug out a pair of sweats to tug on. Then he pulled a T-shirt out. Once he was dressed, he turned to face Elwin, only to find he’d disappeared.

“Where the fuck are you,” he called.

A laugh drifted from downstairs and he jogged down to see Elwin sitting at the island counter in his kitchen. He sniffed, whining slightly as the fragrance of freshly brew coffee and blueberry muffins hit him.

“You made coffee and blueberry muffins?”

Elwin shrugged. “It wasn’t hard to figure out your maker. I picked up the muffins at the bakery in the town. I set them in the oven to warm again since I wasn’t sure when you’d be getting up.”

“So you’ve been in my house for a while?” Rover wasn’t sure how he felt about that, but for some reason, he wasn’t as upset as he probably should’ve been at a stranger—possibly an enemy—invading his territory.

“Long enough to see how you start your days.” Elwin wiggled his eyebrows and leered at Rover, who sighed.

“Seriously? I know you said you were several thousands of years old, but you’re acting like you’re twelve right now.” He could feel his cheeks heat. Thank God, Elwin can’t read minds. I don’t want the guy to know just how attractive I find him.

Wednesday Work in Progress…



I thought I’d share with you a little snippet of the story I’m working on now. It’s titled Deserved to be Adore and will be out probably next year at Amber Allure. It will be part of a Tarot/Fortune PAX that is due on December 1st. I want to get it done so I can work on the second PAX story I have due on December 1st as well. That is a Dragon PAX and it’ll be Rover’s story from the Preternatural series. I know…FINALLY!!!! right? lol.

Here you go:

Deserved to be Adored copyright 2014 T.A. Chase

Movement drew his attention and he noticed Payton nodding in agreement. Great. Even the flunkies believe Maman Patterson is insane. Doesn’t bode well.

“Maman isn’t crazy. It’s Raleigh’s duty to provide heirs to keep the power and the coven going,” Dyson said, sounding like he was repeating something he’d heard often.

“His duty? Just like it was your maman’s duty to love her son no matter what. Well, she seems to have failed at that, so I’m not surprised Raleigh isn’t in a hurry to come and help you out.” Joey didn’t mind talking. It wasn’t like there was anything he could do until they got where they were going. “I saw you look at my phone. Did Raleigh text you that he was coming? It was nice of him to warn you.”

Payton huffed out an annoyed sigh and Joey grinned at him.

“Man, I’m not going to shut up. Make me be quiet if you want, but what have I got to lose?”

“Your life?” Payton eyed him.

Joey burst out laughing. “Seriously? You’re going to kill me for not keeping quiet? Oh boy, I’d love to see you explain that to Maman Patterson. I bet she’d be thrilled to know you shot the only thing insuring her oldest son comes home.”

He saw Payton shudder and he chuckled again. He couldn’t wait to meet Raleigh’s maman. While everyone around her seemed to be scared silly of her, Joey was made of sterner stuff. He’d dealt with not only his mama, but his aunt Sylvia, who was crazier than a loon, meaner than a rattlesnake, and was probably way more powerful than Raleigh’s maman.

“Do you know who I am?” He was honestly asking, not because he wanted brag, but because he was curious if Dyson realized just who they were going to have to deal with at the end of all this.

“You’re the youngest son of one of the more powerful mob families in New Jersey and New York. Big deal. You’re just a bunch of criminals.”

“And you’re a bunch of witches,” Joey replied. “It’s a fact that you’re witches and the Santiagos are criminals. But there are other people in my family line that are a little more like you than me.”

Dyson sneered. “Yeah right. We’re not afraid of criminals. Now shut the fuck up or I’ll cast a spell to keep you silent until we get home.”

“Go ahead and try. I dare you.” Joey settled back into his seat, crossing his arms over his chest to stare at Dyson. Even though the man couldn’t actually meet his gaze, Dyson had to know he was looking at him, daring Dyson to spell him.

He slid over the leather as Dyson swerved to the side of the road, slammed the car into park then whirled around to look at Joey.

“Uh-oh,” Payton muttered.

“Take your best shot, jackass,” Joey taunted.

Dyson reached out to place the fingers of his right hand on Joey’s forehead then he whispered under his breath. Joey felt a little tingle, but nothing else. When Dyson removed his touch, Joey cleared his throat.

“Was that all you got?” He wiggled his eyebrows and Dyson swore.

Payton gaped then said, “How the hell did you manage not to be affected by that spell? He didn’t even touch me and I felt like my lips were sealing shut.”

Joey looked over at Payton. “I told you I have people in my family line that are more like you than me. Whatever they are kind of neutralizes any magic you might do to me.”

“Jesus Christ!” Payton slid his gun in the holster he wore under his jacket. “Who the fuck did your brother hook up with, Dyson? And why the hell didn’t you do more research before you kidnapped the bastard?”

“Shut the fuck up, Payton. You don’t talk to me like that.” Dyson glared at Payton before turning to look at Joey. “I’m not that powerful. I bet once my maman gets a hold of you, she’ll get you to cooperate.”

Joey wrinkled his forehead. “What do you mean cooperate? How?”

“She knows spells to get people to do what she wants, and if those don’t work, she offers them money.” Dyson shrugged, obviously upset about the way his spell failed, but sure of his maman’s ability to get what she wanted.

“I don’t need money, dude, and I’m pretty sure that her little spells aren’t going to bother me. I’m not going to walk away from Raleigh. I don’t care what you all try to do. You’re not going to separate us.” Joey rested his head on the window, turning his attention back to the darkness beyond them. “Just get us to your maman’s place, Dyson. I’ll deal with her.”

Dyson put the car in drive and got back on the road. Silence filled the car. Joey wasn’t interested in teasing Dyson anymore. All he wanted was to get to Maman Patterson’s bayou. He had a feeling Raleigh wasn’t far behind him and once they connected, they would take care of the coven and Raleigh’s mother.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress



This little excerpt is from Search & Rescue, a story I’m writing for an Amber Allure PAX. It’s due by Sept. 1st, so it will definitely be out some time later this year. 🙂

Search & Rescue copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


An insistent ringing broke through Keaton’s dream and he groaned as he rolled over, not even opening his eyes as he grabbed his phone off the nightstand.

“Goodwin,” he growled into the phone.

“I need you and Kaiser at the airport asap. There was an earthquake in Colombia and they need search and rescue there to look for survivors.” His boss, Connor St. Lawrence, ordered him.

“Yes, sir. We’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

After hanging up, Keaton tossed his phone on the bed then jumped out from under the covers. Kaiser sat in the doorway, staring at him expectantly.

“Yes, we’re going. I have to get dressed. Go get your leash.”

Kaiser barked once before dashing from the room. Keaton smiled at how eager his companion was. They hadn’t been gone on a mission for several months and they were both getting a little antsy. He tugged on his jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt before putting on socks.

As he stalked from his bedroom, he scooped up his phone. He sent a quick text to Grace to let her know what was going on and have her come feed the rest of his animals while he was gone.

Downstairs, Kaiser sat next to the door, leash in his mouth. Keaton chuckled as he took Kaiser’s harness down from where he hung it after their last training session. He stuffed it into the backpack he’d taken from the front hallway closet. The backpack held two dog dishes, treats, and toys Kaiser loved playing with. After grabbing his to-go duffle that held several changes of clothes, their passports, and toothbrushes. Everything he would need for an extended stay. The search and rescue group Keaton worked with would provide food and water for them.

He took the leash from Kaiser, but didn’t worry about hooking it to Kaiser’s collar. He’d stay with Keaton until ordered otherwise. They went outside to the truck and Keaton motioned for Kaiser to jump in the back. The dog settled on the seat, his bright gold eyes studying Keaton, trying to figure out what was going on by the small changes in Keaton’s expression or voice.

“Don’t worry, boy. It’s not time yet.” He patted Kaiser on the head before tossing their bags onto the floor.

After he slid behind the steering wheel, he started the engine then backed it out of the driveway. His phone rang as he turned in the direction of the airport.


“Where are you going and for how long?” Grace, his sister, asked.

“Colombia. Connor said there’s been an earthquake. I don’t know anything else about it. So I have no idea how long we’ll be gone. You know where all the food is. Can you take Josie back to your place? She’s about to give birth and I’d like you to keep an eye on her. This is her first litter.”

“Of course. Can I have one of her pups?” Grace chuckled, though Keaton knew she was worried about him.

“It depends on how many she has. I’ve got a waiting list for them, but we’ll see. If there’s enough, you can have one of this litter. Camilia is pregnant as well. I’m hoping I’ll be back before she gives birth.” He rubbed his eyes, running on adrenaline at the moment. He’d crash once they were up in the air. It was one of those nights when he was glad he had Bluetooth because he wasn’t awake enough to handle his phone and drive.

“Awesome. I’m not surprised you have people waiting for Josie’s pups. She’s one of the best search and rescue dogs I’ve seen in years.”

A hint of pride swelled in his chest. “Thanks. If I can, I’ll call you when we land. Maybe Connor has an idea about when we’ll be back, but since I don’t know how bad the earthquake was, I can’t begin to guess.”

Grace sighed. “No problem, brother dear. The kids and I have your back. You know they’ll spoil Josie rotten. Take care and call me when you can. Love you.”

“Love you more.” He ended the call.

Kaiser stuck his head over the back of the seat then licked his ear. Keaton chuckled, but didn’t say anything. He got some music going on his radio and just tried not to think too much about what waited for them in Colombia. He and Kaiser were one of the best search and rescue teams around. All the teams in the group he was part of were considered some of the highest trained and most successful in the country.

He kept his attention on the road, which was deserted at that time of night except for the semis hauling loads across the country. This wasn’t the first time they’d been called out late while the rest of the world slept. There was always a rush to get out of the house and on their way to whatever the most recent disaster was. Both he and Kaiser loved the searching part of their job. Keaton wasn’t so thrilled about the times when they arrived too late, and he’d seen Kaiser mourn as well.

“We ready for this, Kaiser?” He spoke aloud.

The dog gave a soft woof from where he laid on the backseat.

“It’s our first time back since the accident,” he muttered, rubbing his hand over the scar on his left wrist. He didn’t know what would happen if he got trapped again, but he couldn’t turn down a mission. Not if it meant helping save lives.