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I don’t want to be here…

Ugh! I hate having a long weekend because then I really don’t want to go back to work on Monday…lol. 🙂 I hope you all had a great holiday.

Well, let’s see. I have good news. I got an email from Liquid Silver and they want to publish my third Home book. There will be a title change from His Heart’s Home to Wishing for a Home. The new title actually comes from a song Derek sings to Max during the story. 🙂

Also, within the next couple of days, I’ll be phasing out this blog and moving/starting a new one at my website. If you’d like to check out what I’ve gotten done so far on my updated website, go to and wander around. It’s pretty simple at the moment since I didn’t have time to get into a ton of stuff, but at least all my books are on there and the new ones I have coming out. I’ll be doing links and other stuff as I work on it. Hopefully, you all like it.

Take care and I hope you have a great day.

Happy Hunk Day

Well, it’s the last day of the work week for me. Woot! Can’t wait until it’s over then I have a four day weekend. I’m not going to want to come back to work next week. 🙂

Some good news. Dracul’s Blood, the book I wrote with Carol Lynne, was contracted by Total e-Bound and is scheduled for a June release. (Of course, like every release date, it’s subject to Also, Understanding the Past has been contracted by Aspen Mountain Press. I don’t have a date on that one yet. One more….Soothe the Burn (a sci-fi/futuristic story) has been contracted by Amber Allure for a February release. That’s four books coming out so far next year. Since Fighting Dragons will be out next year as well.

I haven’t heard anything about His Heart’s Home from Liquid Silver, but that’s all right. I didn’t expect to hear back from them yet.

I’m working on a couple stories right now…like always. I can’t write just one. 🙂 Also, I plan on revamping my website over the weekend. I’m hoping to get most of it set up, but it might be down for a day or two while I fine tune everything.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday…and a safe trip if you’re traveling today.


His Heart’s Home is done, for the most part. Just have to go back over for a quick edit and write up the synopsis. Then it’s off to Liquid Silver. Woo-hoo!

Now I’m working on Not Seeing is Believing. It’s a ‘friends-to-lovers’ story about a blind vampire and the shifter he falls in love with. After that, I’ll be working on a few different ones, just to keep my interest…lol.

Oh everyone might be glad to know that I’ve done some work on Mars’ Assassin. It’s the story of Mars and Lord from Death or Life. The other night I didn’t get much sleep because for some reason I couldn’t get those two out of my head. So I’ve been writing down what they seem to want to tell me at the moment. We’ll see how long that lasts. 🙂

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

New Cover

Hey, here’s the cover for With This Ring. I forgot to share it last week when it showed up on Samhain’s coming soon page. 🙂 Isn’t it awesome? The marvelous Tuesday Dube did it.

Here’s the blurb:

The end of the year is the start of a whole new beginning…

A Tabloid Star story.

Josh Bauer and Ryan Kellar sweated through a turbulent start to their relationship. Now that they’ve embarked on a life together, filled with family friends—and each other—Ryan’s suffering sweaty palms again. For an entirely different reason.

It’s not the heat they generate every time they’re alone together. It’s not even the crush of people at Josh’s jam-packed birthday party. It’s the birthday present Ryan’s carrying in his jeans pocket. The one that could make him the happiest man in the world, come New Year’s Eve.

If Josh says “yes”…

Warning: Hot guy on guy sex. A happily married couple and a rocking New Year’s Eve party guaranteed to keep you up all night.

Also, I worked on His Heart’s Home yesterday, so I’m getting closer to finishing that one. After HHH is finished, I’ll be writing a short Vampire story and working on JT’s story (Tyler’s brother from Bound by Love) So two cowboys in a row…woo-hoo!

I hope everyone has a great Monday. 🙂

Just another Hump day…

This series of photographs is great. I really like this model. 🙂

Hmm…what to talk about? It looks like Bastet is going to be a hit. That’s always good. I’d hate to start a blog story and have everyone hate it…lol. That would really suck. Since I just started their story, I’m learning about the characters like you are, as each scene and chapter plays out.

Fighting Dragons is coming along and I’m starting to get ready to finish up His Heart’s Home, which will move up to the head of the line as soon as I hit ‘send’ on FD. While I’m finishing HHH, I’ll be working on another vampire story. Once that’s done, I’ll be working on JT’s story (Tyler’s brother from Bound by Love) along with Rover’s story, I think. Even though it seems and sounds like I’m organized, I try not to pin myself down too much. Never know what story will end up taking over for a while. But those are my general plans for now.

I have a long list of at least thirty stories that I want/need to finish, and I have to admit that a majority of them have something, even if it’s only 200 words, written on them. It’s just a matter of taking my time and going down the list. Of course, if I think about it too much, I’ll wind up in a corner, crying because I’m overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the job…lol.

Well, I hope you have a great Wednesday. 🙂

Yay! Thank you.

I received good news yesterday. 🙂 Nick of Time is still #1 on the Amber Allure best seller list for Sept. And Bitter Creek’s Redemption is #2. Woo-hoo!

Thank you to everyone who bought both or either of the books. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. 😀 I hope you enjoyed the stories.

Another thing I forgot all about was that Bitter Creek’s Redemption is my 20th book released. Wow. It all started with No Going Home coming out in 2006 and now by the end of 2009, I’ll have 21 books out. (I’m not counting Playing the Game since it’s just a combination of two stories that have already been released…lol) And it was only last Dec. when Bound by Love, my 10th book, came out.

2009 has been a good year so far and I still have three months left…lol. 🙂 I’m not sure if I answered this question or not, but someone asked when/if Bitter Creek’s Redemption was going to be in print. I believe it should be sometime in the middle of October. That’s how it usually works.

Also, I will be doing a couple sequels for Nick of Time and Allergies, but they are on the schedule to be started later. I have to finish up Fighting Dragons, which is running on schedule…lol. Then His Heart’s Home will be next in line to finish up.

Well, I think that’s pretty much everything at the moment. It’s a chilly, but sunny day here, so not all too bad for a Monday.

I hope you all have a great day. 🙂

P.S. Thanks to Jen, if you click here, you can not only see the cover for Playing the Game, but pre-order it from Amazon. 😉 Hugs to Jen for sending me the link.