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I’m sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard anything from me. Real life is crazy right now. I’m trying to get back to a routine that will help me get some writing done and more on the blog story as well. 🙂

I hope you stick with me. 🙂


So I was good on getting you a post yesterday. And fell down on the job today. Sorry. There should be one on Wednesday and Thursday. Three in one week? The world might come to end…lol.

I hope you have a great day.

Edits and Real Life…

got in the way again. But I will get you a new installment on Friday. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow more important than getting it done for everyone. 🙂

Have a great Thursday.


Life caught up with me again. At least I got one post up for you. Sorry about the other one though. I’ll do my best to get both up next week. Possibly an extra one to make up for this week.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.


it’s been a really busy couple of days and I haven’t been able to get my blog post done for Wings. 🙁 But it’ll calm down after today, so I’m hoping to get you two posts. One on Thursday and one on Friday.

I hope you’re having a good day. Stay safe anyone who’s caught in the spring/winter storm. lol

Real Life…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Sorry about not having a post for you today. I’d rather give you a full post then a small/short one. 🙂 but don’t worry. There will be a blog story post on Friday. Things got busy and I wasn’t able to get it all written.

Also, I thought I’d remind you that I have two St. Patrick’s Day themed books out. They’re older ones, but in case you haven’t read them.

One is Cead Mile Milte


The other one is Ghost of a Chance


Like I said they’re older books, but I think perfect for the holiday. lol. Hope you check them out if you haven’t already read them. 🙂

Thanks. Have a great day.

Edits are the worse….

lol actually not really. Just again, they took me longer than I thought and I didn’t get to working on the blog story. Sorry. It’s on my agenda to write first thing in the morning. So you’ll be getting something tomorrow. Just not sure when. 🙂

If any of you are in the path of the big snow storm that’s supposed to be hitting the Midwest, be safe and careful. Try to have a good Wednesday.

Real life…

got away from me yesterday and I didn’t have time to get the post done for today. 🙁 sorry. But you’ll get one on Wednesday…or sooner if I can finish it.

Hope you have a great Tuesday. 🙂

Wednesday Work in Progress

It’s been a long time since I did one of these and I think I’d like to start it up again. Have to figure out what to do on Mondays and Fridays now. lol I’m determined to try and post something Monday thru Friday for you. It might not always work, but I’m going to give it my all. lol

Today’s Wednesday Work in Progress is New Vocations. It’s a contemporary story set in Kansas City during the American Royal, an eight-week long event that features a rodeo, bbq competitions, horse shows and exhibitions. Since GRL is in Kansas City, we’ve decided to use this event as the background for our anthology. You’ll be getting cowboys this year. 🙂

Here’s the working blurb: (it might change for publication)

Two men who believe in second chances meet and their lives are never the same again.

Layne Daly comes to participate in The American Royal. He’s there to show off the abilities of the retired thoroughbreds he adopts straight off the track. He wants people to know these animals can do so much more than race. He has three horses there to do exhibitions in reining, barrel racing and cutting. When his usual groom gets sick, he has to hire someone fast.

Carl Stewartson used to love coming to Kansas City for the rodeo. He’d ride broncs and hang out with his friends. But since his career-ending injury early in the year, Carl has been spinning his wheels, trying to find something to do with his life now that he couldn’t rodeo anymore. He runs into Layne and offers to help him with his horses.

Together, they have to deal with not only the stress of the event, but starting a new relationship. Second chances are what Layne does best and he’s more than willing to give Carl the opportunity.

And here’s a little excerpt from it. I can’t give you too long of one since it’s going to be a short story. lol

New Vocations c.2106 T.A. Chase

Layne took his time pulling into the Hale Arena parking lot. Driving a four-horse trailer through downtown Kansas City was nerve-wracking enough, but having to back his trailer up to the doors and off loading his horses challenged even his expertise.

A whistle caught his attention. Looking into the side mirror, he saw a man motioning and he realized he was helping guide him. Layne waved then eased down on the pedal to keep moving. Another whistle let him know he was close enough.

Once he turned the truck off, he tugged the keys out of the ignition then jumped from the cab. He jogged to the back of the trailer, getting there just as a hoof hit the inside wall. The stranger jumped and Layne chuckled.

“Thanks for the help,” he said, holding out his hand. “I’m Layne Daly.”

“Carl Stewartson. Glad to help. I’ve driven vehicles like this before, so I know how difficult they are to back up.” Carl shook his hand.

Layne wondered if he imagined Carl holding his hand a little longer than necessary. He gave himself a mental shake. Didn’t matter if the man had or not. Layne didn’t have time for a hook up. Not right then anyway. He needed to get the horses settled in their stalls. He checked his watch and grimaced.

“Got somewhere you need to be?” Carl tilted his head toward Layne’s wrist.

“No. Just wondering where my groom is. He was supposed to be driving over from the ranch earlier and have everything set up, so I could get the horses in right away. But Quinn hasn’t showed up yet.” He pulled out his phone. Both of them jumped when another kick landed on the wall closest to him.

Carl snorted. “Sounds like they’re getting impatient.”

Layne nodded. “Tigger hates being trailered anywhere. Thank God, Boom and Snack are so laid back, or I’d have a riot on my hands.” He brought up Quinn’s number then hit the send button. “I’m going to chew his ass out about not being here.”

“Well, if you need any help, just let me know. I’ll be around.” Carl started to walk off, but Layne reached out to grab his arm.

“Could you wait and help me get them unloaded? Even if he’s on his way, he won’t get here soon enough. If I don’t get them out of there soon, Tigger will end up hurting himself or the others.”

Carl grinned. “Be glad to. Why don’t I go see where your stalls are while you talk to your guy?”

He wanted to say that Quinn wasn’t his guy, just a friend and an employee, but he was pretty sure Carl didn’t mean it the way he’d taken it. “Thanks.”


“Quinn, what the hell’s wrong? You sound like shit.” Layne winced at the harshness of Quinn’s voice. “I’m sick. Came down with it just after you left this morning. Meant to call you, but fell asleep,” Quinn croaked out.

“Shit.” Layne swept off his hat then slapped it against his thigh. “Now I’m going to have to find someone to help me out here. I can’t take care of the boys all by myself while doing exhibitions and talks.”

Quinn coughed before saying, “I’m sorry, Layne. I know this is important to you.”

Layne shot a quick glance around at the busy crowd of people coming and going from the arena. Some were walking horses. Others were helping to herd the bulls in for the rodeo. He propped his hip against the wheel well of the trailer and sighed.

“I know you are. I’m not mad or anything, Quinn. It’s not like you planned on getting sick. I’m just cranky from driving all day and having to figure shit out. Get some sleep and if you need to, have Whit drive you to the doctor’s.” Layne couldn’t help but smile at the unhappy little whine Quinn gave at the thought of going to the doctor. “I’ll call Whit in a couple hours after I get the boys settled for the night.”

“I’ll let her know.” Quinn hung up.

Layne did the same then shoved his phone in his back pocket. Better suck it up, buttercup. There’s no one here to help you and you have three horses to get bedded down before you can leave. As exhausting as dealing with horses was, Layne wouldn’t have it any other way. His herd was his life. Hell, had been his life since he was old enough to walk and discovered how much freedom there was on the back of a horse.

An anxious whinny drew his attention to the open windows of the trailer. He saw Tigger stick his nose out, sniffing the air and curling his upper lip in a weird little smirk.

Hope this has got you interested. I’m planning on having a blurb up for you tomorrow on the blog story I want to start. Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Happy Tuesday

Sorry..there isn’t an installment today, but there will be one tomorrow. Unfortunately, I ran out of time…lol. Hope everyone has a great day.