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New Cover….




This is the cover for Nowhere Diner: Finding Peace. (as if you couldn’t tell by reading it…lol) It’ll be out in ebook format on March 23rd, then out in print in mid-April or so. 🙂 I did add some new stuff to the end of the story.

I subbed Footsteps of My Father yesterday. It’s Book 3 of the Rags to Riches series and I’ll share the dates with you all when I get them.

I’m starting the last Fallen book, St Petersburg, which is Lucifer’s story. Because he’s not evil. He’s simply misunderstood…lol. 🙂 Still working on Losing Sight of the Target and just started A Grand Prix Romance (Monaco) with Devon. So I have a full plate still. One of those ‘no rest for the wicked’ things.

I hope you are having a great President’s Day. For those of you with the day off, enjoy. And those of you who have to go work…I’m sorry. Be safe and warm out there.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…NSFW




I have three different works in progress at the moment, but I’m only going to share one with you. lol

This one is Losing Sight of the Target, and it’s about Justin, who is a biathlete, on his way to the Olympics, but he’s received some bad news that will affect his future. Caesar is the guy he runs into at the hotel bar. 🙂  It’s for Amber Allure’s Winter Games PAX, which will be out at some point this year…lol. Not sure when. I only know when my deadline is.

Losing Sight of the Target copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


Caesar Gikas rotated his shoulders, releasing the tension in them before he raised his hands to knock on Justin’s door. His meeting had run a little longer than he planned and it had been more difficult as well. Yet the thought of coming back to Justin’s room was what got him through.

Hesitating, he wondered about it. Was this the right thing to do? Justin had gotten bad news and Caesar had a feeling like he was taking advantage of the younger man. He should’ve never approached Justin while in the bar waiting for his contact to text him. But there’d been something so sad and angry about him that Caesar couldn’t pass up because he saw a little bit of himself in Justin’s expression.

Why was he worried about Justin? It wasn’t like they were starting a relationship or anything, and Justin had consented to him returning. Hell, the man didn’t have to send him his room number if he’d changed his mind.

Shaking his head, Caesar knocked on the door. He stuck his hands in the back pocket of his jeans. He’d stopped at his room to change before he’d come over. He’d also stuffed a couple condoms and single-use packets of lube. Caesar didn’t know if Justin had supplies or not, and he wanted to fuck Justin, so he’d brought his own.

His jaw dropped when Justin opened the door. Standing in front of him, Justin wore only a pair of black boxer-briefs.

“Jesus, Justin. You’re gorgeous.” Caesar pushed in, forcing Justin to give way.

The man’s blond hair was cut short on the sides and left longer on top to curl. His face was thin with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. Startlingly dark eyelashes framed Justin’s bright green eyes.

Caesar trailed his gaze over the rest of Justin’s body. It was obvious Justin worked out a lot and was an athlete. Well-muscled chest and rock hard abs made Caesar’s fingers itch with him wanting to trace the curves. He couldn’t wait to run his tongue along the vee cut of his hips and waist. The cotton fabric of his briefs covered Justin’s thick thighs.

After kicking the door shut, Caesar snaked out his hands to grip Justin’s hips and yanked him tight against him. He brought his head down to crush his lips to Justin’s. Sweeping his tongue into Justin’s mouth, he tasted mint and a unique flavor that had to be Justin’s alone. At some point before Caesar got there, Justin had taken the time to brush his teeth.

That made Caesar feel like he was important to Justin, which he knew deep inside was foolish since they’d just met, but he still liked the thought. He slid his hands down to grab handfuls of Justin’s tight ass, encouraging him to jump.

Justin wrapped his legs around Caesar’s waist and he carried his soon-to-be lover over to the bed where he fell forward. He twisted at the last moment so he was the one on the bottom. He didn’t want to hurt Justin.

He bit Justin’s bottom lip then sucked on it to ease the sting. Caesar pushed his hips up to rock his groin into Justin’s. Justin moaned as he scrambled his hands over Caesar’s chest. Maybe he was trying to get a hold of Caesar’s shirt to get it off him. After sitting up for a second, he stripped his T-shirt away then tossed it to the floor.

“You’re so hot,” Justin muttered as he ran his hand through the hair covering Caesar’s chest.

He knew what he looked like and had heard more than his fair share of compliments since he was a teenager. None of them had mattered in the least except for what his looks could get him. Yet hearing that from Justin touched a small part of him that he’d thought he’d hidden away.

After working his hands under the waistband of Justin’s briefs, he flexed his fingers to dig into that firm flesh. “I think you’re wearing too much clothing,” he joked.

Justin jumped off him then stripped. When he went to climb back on, Caesar urged him to kneel over his chest and place his knees in his armpits. Justin grinned once he figured out what Caesar wanted. Wiggling forward just a little bit more, Justin took a hold of his cock.

Caesar opened his mouth and Justin rested the head of his dick in Caesar’s mouth. After he wrapped his lips around it, Caesar ran his tongue over the spongy glans, licking up the pre-cum leaking from Justin’s slit. He curled his fingers into Justin’s ass then encouraged him to start moving.

The first thrust in, Caesar relaxed his throat to take him all the way in. He hit the back of Caesar’s throat and cut off his breathing for a moment. Before he started to panic, Justin slid out enough to let him take some air in. Caesar filled his lungs and pinched Justin’s butt.

Now Available….



So Remove the Empty Spaces is now available for general release, meaning it’s on sale at 3rd party booksellers. 🙂 so if you prefer to buy your books at amazon or ARe, it’s there. Here’s the link to Amazon. And the good news….it’s only 99 cents. Yep. It’s the first book in an eight book series and remember if you read it, the second book, Close the Distances, takes up right where Remove ends. 🙂 So you did get to know what happens when Adrien meets Ion’s family. lol




Also I got the cover to my seventh Fallen book, London. I have to say this is my absolute favorite cover of the series so far. I love all of the covers for the series and I can’t wait to see the last one, Redemption, when I get it done…lol.



Los Angeles, book six, is up for early download now..if anyone is interested. Here’s the link to it.


And one more cover to look at. 🙂 We got the cover for Serving Love at Carnival, our sixth International Men of Sports series.




I’ve been so lucky with my covers. 🙂 So that’s all I need to tell you about at the moment. Working on Losing Sight of the Target and edits on From Yesterday. Once those are done, I’ll be starting Footsteps of My Father, book 3 of the Rags to Riches series. Also Devon and I will be starting A Grand Prix Romance, taking place in Monaco during the Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco. 🙂 And I have a special project I’m working on as well and as soon as I can, I’ll tell you all about it.


Well, I hope you’re all warm and safe. Have a great weekend.

Available now….



Between Love and Hate is available now at Amber Allure. 🙂 Click here to check it out. It’s also on sale. So that’s a bonus.

I finished London, Book 7 of my Fallen series, last night and turned it in. Yay! One more left in that series and it’ll be Lucifer who finally gets his own story. lol But I’m working on Losing Sight of the Target, my Biathlon story for a Winter Games PAX at Amber Allure.  Justin is a world-class biathlete (not sure if that’s what you call them…lol) and he receives some devastating news that changes how he thinks about the world around him. It’s not technically due until June 1st, but I want to get it off the list.

Then I’ll start Footsteps of My Father, Book 3 in the Rags to Riches series. And Devon and I will be starting A Grand Prix Romance (takes place in Monaco) in the next week or so.

As you can see, my full writing schedule continues. lol. I think I’m a glutton for punishment, having so many stories going. But I find I’m happiest when I’m writing. So it’s a good thing. 🙂

Oh we changed the title on the Rio book. It’s now Serving Love at Carnival. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the cover. Woo-hoo!

I hope you’re all staying warm and safe on this Monday.