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A Grand Prix Romance available…



A Grand Prix Romance, Book 7 of our International Men of Sports, is available at all 3rd party retailers now. 🙂

It features Paolo from At First Touch, plus you get to visit some of the other guys as well. 🙂

Also, I’d like to show you the cover for my short story that is part of a new imprint at Totally Bound. It’s called What’s His Passion?. My short story is titled Mountains to Climb and will be out on July 11th. All the stories featured in WHP will be m/m and also at least one character will have something he’s passionate about. My guy, Jensen, is addicted to mountain climbing. (wouldn’t have guessed it by the title, right? lol) There will be a full length novel some time next year featuring Jensen and Toby again. Plus I have a few other ideas I want to explore that would fit into the theme of the imprint.

Here’s my cover for Mountains to Climb:




And here is the cover for the anthology for What’s His Passion. The first six launch books will be available in one print book. 🙂



Aren’t they gorgeous?

I hope you all have fun this weekend. I’ll be working on finishing up Book 5 in the Rags to Riches series, Walking in the Rain. 🙂

Hey there…

Sorry I didn’t post an installment today. I wanted to finish Anywhere Tequila Flows by today, so I had to work on that all day. I got it done and turned it. Yay!  So today, I’ll write both of this week’s installments and get them scheduled.  You’ll have some more Bodyguards tomorrow and Thursday.

Also, I’d like to share the cover for the newest International Men of Sports series, A Grand Prix Romance. Isn’t it pretty?




And here’s the cover for the last Fallen book, Saint Petersburg, if you’re interested. lol 🙂




I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…




It’s been a while since I shared one of these, but I thought I’d post a little snippet from A Grand Prix Romance, book 7 of the International Men of Sports series. 🙂  It’s what I’m working on right now and Devon and I hope to have it finished by the end of the week. Yay!

Hope you like it.

A Grand Prix Romance copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase and Devon Rhodes


A fleeting thought raced through Johann’s mind. What would happen if Paolo wanted to stay around after the race was over? Could he deal with that? No one else had ever wished to see more of Johann. He rolled his eyes. Sure there had been some who wanted more than Johann had been willing to give them. He’d never been able to imagine himself settling down with a woman, and those were the ones who tended to cling.

“Johann,” Paolo called his name.

Blinking, he shot a glance over at Paolo. “Were you asking me something?”

Paolo snorted. “I hope you’ve been paying better attention to the road than you have to me.”

“I could drive this with my eyes closed,” Johann bragged as he slowed down just a little.

“I’m sure you could, but there are mere mortals who use this road, and they’re the ones I don’t trust.”

He could flatter Johann all he wanted, but Johann knew Paolo wasn’t as confident about Johann’s driving skills when it was dark out and Johann was distracted. He didn’t blame him because the winding mountainous roads of Monaco really weren’t the places to not pay attention to the pavement in front of them.

“What did you want to ask me?” He brought the conversation back to whatever Paolo had been trying to ask him.

“Your friend doesn’t care if you use his place?”

Something told Johann that wasn’t the original question. He wasn’t going to push. “No. He had to go out of the country for a business emergency. Usually he’s around during Grand Prix week and he hangs out with me down in the city.”

The road leading to the house came up on his left and he slowed even more so he could make the turn. Johann drove along until he pulled in front of the stone home. He turned the car off and they sat there for a moment, staring at the facade of the building.

“Is your friend Prince Albert?” Paolo asked.

Laughing, Johann climbed out of the Maserati. “No. It’s a little ostentatious, isn’t it? It’s an ancestral home.”

After leading the way up to the large wooden doors inset with brilliant stain glass, he smiled at the older man who held one of them opened for them.

“Thanks, Jacques. I appreciate you being willing to let us in.” Johann motioned towards Paolo. “This is my friend, Paolo.”

“Sirs.” Jacques inclined his head to both of them as he accepted their jackets and Johann’s keys. “Master Benton informed us you would be coming tonight. Dinner is ready in the small dining room. I’ve opened the merlot you were fond of the last time you visited.”

“Marvellous.” He grabbed Paolo’s hand then dragged him down the hall. “Benton’s cook is as good as any five star chef I’ve ever met. You’re going to die when you taste his food.” He greeted the young lady standing by the door. “Hey Milly.”

“Monsieur Wetl, it is good to see you again. When you are finished with dinner, don’t worry about the dishes. We’ll take care of them.” She stepped out of the way to allow Johann and Paolo to enter the room.

The small dining room was aptly named. It held an oak table that seated only four at one time. It was covered with an antique lace tablecloth and set with light blue china plates. Crystal glasses and sterling silverware completed the elegant look of the dinner setting. A gorgeous teardrop crystal chandelier hung over the table, but it had been wired for electricity, letting them dim the lightning slightly to bathe the red roses in the centre in shadows.

Johann hoped Paolo didn’t think it was cheesy. He had a romantic streak and liked to treat his lovers to special moments. He didn’t get a chance to do it very often, and he admitted it was his own fault since he had a tendency to let them walk away. Yet he readily admitted that most of the problem was his because he hadn’t hung on to them. There was always another race in another country that he had to win.

He held out a chair for Paolo who cast him a speculative glance before sitting. After taking his own seat, Johan picked up the bottle of wine to pour out a glass for each of them. Right before he put any in Paolo’s glass, he paused.

“Do you like merlot?” He hadn’t thought about the fact that Paolo just might like red wine–or wine in general.

New Book and Party…




In case you didn’t know, Close the Distance, came out on Friday and is available at all 3rd Party sellers. 🙂




Also, if you stop by Totally Bound’s Facebook page on Tuesday between 8-10 pm. Carol Lynne, Amber Kell and me will be having a party to celebrate m/m books and our newest releases. There will be prizes  and also you can sign up to win a Kindle with three awesome books on it already. 🙂 Click here to check it out and enter.


I have to finish up my edits for Saint Petersburg and buckle down to get A Grand Prix Romance done this week. Then it’s on to finishing up Losing Sight of the Target and starting Anywhere Tequila Flows, book 4 in the Rags to Riches series. So it’ll be another busy week for me.


I hope you all have an amazing Monday. 🙂

New Cover and book…



First of all, Finding Peace is out now. Yay!  Click here to check it out. Also, it’s on sale. 😉 I did add more to it at the end after I took it down from the blog.

Second, I  got the cover art for From Yesterday, Book 3 in the Rupert’s Legacy series. I love it. 🙂



Isn’t it pretty? This one was supposed to be out April 7th, but we pushed it back closer to the end of April. But it will be out next month.

Third, I finished Saint Petersburg, which is Book 8 (and the last book) in the Fallen series. This one is about Lucifer. He plays a part in a few of the other books, so I had to give him his own story. This series has taken me ten years to finish..lmao. It was the first series I ever wrote when I started writing and got published. Then I took a detour into writing m/m romance. But when I decided to write both, I figured I’d get the Fallen books done. Yay!

Now I’m going to be working on A Grand Prix Romance, which is Book 7 of the International Men series. Plus going to do my best to get you all three installments of Bodyguards. If I don’t quite make three, you’ll definitely get the usual two. 🙂

Once Grand Prix is done, I’ll be finishing up Losing Sight of the Target and starting Anywhere Tequila Flows, Book 4 of the Rags to Riches series and work on a special project. 🙂

All right. I hope you all are safe and warm this snowy Monday. (I was really hoping we were done with snow, but guess not.)

Now Available….




Hearts on the Line is now available at Amber Allure. Check it out here. I did add an epilogue/chapter to it, so you know how the boys are doing in Mexico. 🙂

On today’s schedule I have: writing the next installment of Bodyguards, work on Losing and A Grand Prix Romance. So a full day of writing is ahead for me.




In case anyone is interested, Close the Distance is up for pre-order now. Check it out here.




As is Serving Love at Carnival. Check it out here.

I hope you all have a great day.

Busy Weekend



Watching the US Men’s Hockey Team playing against the Canadian team. 🙂 Thought I’d share a pic of the US Captain Zach Parise. Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance at the gold medal.

Started working on a short story on Monday and will be subbing it today. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll let you all know what it’s about. Once it’s turned in, I’ll be working on A Grand Prix Romance, which is Book 7 of our International Sports series. This one is set in Monaco during the Formula One race. One hero is a Formula One driver and the other is Paolo Lancaster, the goalie from At First Touch.

I’ll also be working on Losing Sight of the Target, my biathlon story. Hopefully I’ll get that done asap, because I have a never-ending line of books to write after that…lol

I hope you all have a great weekend. 🙂

New Cover….




This is the cover for Nowhere Diner: Finding Peace. (as if you couldn’t tell by reading it…lol) It’ll be out in ebook format on March 23rd, then out in print in mid-April or so. 🙂 I did add some new stuff to the end of the story.

I subbed Footsteps of My Father yesterday. It’s Book 3 of the Rags to Riches series and I’ll share the dates with you all when I get them.

I’m starting the last Fallen book, St Petersburg, which is Lucifer’s story. Because he’s not evil. He’s simply misunderstood…lol. 🙂 Still working on Losing Sight of the Target and just started A Grand Prix Romance (Monaco) with Devon. So I have a full plate still. One of those ‘no rest for the wicked’ things.

I hope you are having a great President’s Day. For those of you with the day off, enjoy. And those of you who have to go work…I’m sorry. Be safe and warm out there.

Now Available….



So Remove the Empty Spaces is now available for general release, meaning it’s on sale at 3rd party booksellers. 🙂 so if you prefer to buy your books at amazon or ARe, it’s there. Here’s the link to Amazon. And the good news….it’s only 99 cents. Yep. It’s the first book in an eight book series and remember if you read it, the second book, Close the Distances, takes up right where Remove ends. 🙂 So you did get to know what happens when Adrien meets Ion’s family. lol




Also I got the cover to my seventh Fallen book, London. I have to say this is my absolute favorite cover of the series so far. I love all of the covers for the series and I can’t wait to see the last one, Redemption, when I get it done…lol.



Los Angeles, book six, is up for early download now..if anyone is interested. Here’s the link to it.


And one more cover to look at. 🙂 We got the cover for Serving Love at Carnival, our sixth International Men of Sports series.




I’ve been so lucky with my covers. 🙂 So that’s all I need to tell you about at the moment. Working on Losing Sight of the Target and edits on From Yesterday. Once those are done, I’ll be starting Footsteps of My Father, book 3 of the Rags to Riches series. Also Devon and I will be starting A Grand Prix Romance, taking place in Monaco during the Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco. 🙂 And I have a special project I’m working on as well and as soon as I can, I’ll tell you all about it.


Well, I hope you’re all warm and safe. Have a great weekend.

Available now….



Between Love and Hate is available now at Amber Allure. 🙂 Click here to check it out. It’s also on sale. So that’s a bonus.

I finished London, Book 7 of my Fallen series, last night and turned it in. Yay! One more left in that series and it’ll be Lucifer who finally gets his own story. lol But I’m working on Losing Sight of the Target, my Biathlon story for a Winter Games PAX at Amber Allure.  Justin is a world-class biathlete (not sure if that’s what you call them…lol) and he receives some devastating news that changes how he thinks about the world around him. It’s not technically due until June 1st, but I want to get it off the list.

Then I’ll start Footsteps of My Father, Book 3 in the Rags to Riches series. And Devon and I will be starting A Grand Prix Romance (takes place in Monaco) in the next week or so.

As you can see, my full writing schedule continues. lol. I think I’m a glutton for punishment, having so many stories going. But I find I’m happiest when I’m writing. So it’s a good thing. 🙂

Oh we changed the title on the Rio book. It’s now Serving Love at Carnival. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the cover. Woo-hoo!

I hope you’re all staying warm and safe on this Monday.