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hey there

Don’t worry. I’ll be getting you a new installment of Anubis tomorrow. I promise. Just ran out of time today.

I also wanted you all to know that I’ll be wrapping Anubis up in the next week or so. Time to start a story. We’ll have to figure out what will be next.

Have a great Thursday.

RJ Scott’s Autism Blog Hop

Autism ribbon



Autism Fact:

People with autism may also experience some form of sensory sensitivity or lack of sensitivity, for example to sound, touch, taste, smell, lights or color.


RJ Scott asked me to be a part of her Autism Blog Hop for Autism Month and I was more than happy to join in. Please stop by RJ’s blog to check out all the other stops along the way.

I have several friends who have children who are autistic and I’ve seen how difficult it can be for them at times to deal with a world that doesn’t understand their children.

In my experience, children with autism aren’t broken, slow or being difficult because they can be. For an autistic child, the world they live in is a whole different place than the one the rest of us reside in, but that doesn’t make it bad.

I truly believe they are able to see things that we, in our rush to get to work and do our jobs and live our lives, miss. Things we wouldn’t consider important or special become all consuming to them, yet it doesn’t make it a bad thing.

Autism creates a barrier between those with it and those without it, but there are many times when I think the children who have it are truly gifted with a precious ability to see.

We need to stop trying to force them into our world and start doing our best to accept them in their own way, and maybe work a little more at fitting ourselves into the awesome world they live in.

I’m giving away an ebook from my backlist (or upcoming release-if the winner already has my other books) to one commenter. The contest is open until April 13th. 🙂

Another delay…

Sorry everyone. Real life was a huge time suck today, and when I finally had a chance to sit, I’ll wanted to do was sleep. So I wasn’t able to write the next installment for Chad and Zane.

And on Friday, I have a guest blogger, K-Lee Klein, is stopping by to talk about her newest book, Unbreak My Heart. I hope you’ll make her feel welcome. 🙂

So to make up for not getting an installment today, I will give you three installments next week. On Monday, there will be one just for you because of the holiday. 🙂

I hope you all have a great day and weekend as well.

Finally Friday….




there’s just something about this guy that I like. 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to look at tablets to see which one I want to get. I want something smaller than my laptop. While i’ll take my laptop on trips, I hate having to lug it out when I want to write at the airport and stuff like that. I think a smaller tablet would work well for that sort of thing. Then I’m walking with a friend on her lunch hour. Later today, I’m going to a picnic with my dads. Yay! busy day, and in between all that other stuff, I’ll be writing…lol.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

My thoughts and prayers….




This week has been rough for our country, starting on Monday in Boston, then West TX on Wednesday,  and now the ‘Shelter in Place’ for Boston and surrounding towns.

So much sorrow and pain for the losses that had been suffered. The injuries that others will be dealing with for the rest of their lives. The emotional and mental trauma the rest of us will be dealing with as well.

Yet we’ve seen the heroism and the best of human nature shine this week as well. The first responders who are trained for terrible moments like this, yet most probably hope they never had to see one. The volunteers and by-standers who rushed toward the chaos instead of running away. The doctors and nurses in all the hospitals that worked tirelessly to save the injured. The police and military people risking their lives to find the suspects who caused the terror in Boston on Monday and what is happening now.

The firefighters in West TX who volunteered to fight fires, but never thought they would have to deal with an explosion in their town. The search and rescue teams digging through the rubble to try and find  any survivors. We must keep them in our thoughts as well because they will be dealing with the trauma for a long time from  now.

The terrorists (and like someone said…anyone who uses violence to create terror is a terrorist. It doesn’t have to be politically or religiously motivated) wanted to disrupt our lives, yet they have brought us closer together. The destruction in West TX will bring that community closer together as well.

We must lift each other up, and hold each other close, because life is short and you never know what might happen each time you step out of your house.

Hugs to all of you…and hopefully next week will be better for everyone.

Last Day of 2012….




Not sure if I shared this with you before, but this is a picture my husband took while he was at the Olympics this year. Since Federer is my favorite tennis player, I thought I’d share it. I think for this match, my husband was at Centre Court, three rows off the actual court. Pretty nice, huh?

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2012. Crazy. Where the heck did this year go? When I look back on it, it wasn’t the best year of my life for personal reasons, but it wasn’t the worse year. I can deal with the personal crap, and move on. 🙂

I’ve had a few new books out this year, along with some re-releases. I still have a few re-releases coming out in 2013, but there will be more new books out. I promise…the biggest ones will be the last two Home books, Leaving Home and Home Sweet Home. You’ve all been so patient waiting for them, and I hope they live up to your expectations.

I’m hoping to get Rover’s story done in 2013, along with the next Diner story and the third Why I Love book. Maybe even do the next Earth Warrior as well. Plus I’m working on a special project with an awesome writer, but I’m not going to say anything more than that right now. 🙂

I hope you all have a safe New Year’s Eve, and I hope 2012 has been kind to you.

Back in Country


This was spray painted on the side of the embankment for the Seine River in Paris. I thought it was a great thought. 🙂

My trip was marvelous and I had lots of fun in London, Paris, and Scotland. I thought I’d share some photos over the next couple of weeks. 🙂

Don’t worry though. Threadbare Gypsy Souls will continue tomorrow with the next installment. I still have to write it, but it’ll be there.  I promise. In between doing the laundry and trying to get the rest of my life sorted out, I’ll be working on it…lol.

I missed everyone. I hope you had a great August, and I can’t believe we’re already staring down September. Where the hell did the summer go?

Have a great day, everyone. It’s good to be home.

Some Eye Candy


Charlie Hunnam is very nice eye candy and a good actor. I love him as Jackson on Sons of Anarchy. 🙂  I thought he’d be a great way to perk up a dreary day.

Okay, so I mentioned a while ago that I’d been working out and trying to eat right. I had a few extra pounds I wanted to get rid of and some toning up to do as well. I’ve lost 15 lbs. since February, and I know I’ve lost inches everywhere since none of my jeans fit me anymore. But I’m not going to break down and buy new stuff because I have another 16 pounds I’d like to get rid of before I’m completely happy, though actually if I get another 10 pounds off, I wouldn’t complain. I’ve discovered I like going to the gym and working out, and I don’t feel right if I miss a day. 🙂 I have admit though, some days it’s tough to get up the motivation to go.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by to check out my ramblings. I know most of the time, it isn’t the most stimulating conversation…lol

What to say?

Hmm…this not having a blog story to take up Tuesday and Thursday is making it difficult to think of what to say. Not much is happening around here. Just writing.

So C and I decided we weren’t going to get each other anything for Christmas because we buy whatever we want through out the year anyway. I picked up a couple of books for him for his birthday which is next week, but I hadn’t planned on getting him anything else. He tells me today he wants a new Ipod for Christmas. (He broke his last one. Shattered the face and now it only works when plugged into the computer. Pointless for using in a car.) I said fine. Let me know when you want to pick it up. Then he tells me I have to come up with stuff for him to get me since he can’t be the only one opening stuff up on Christmas. (Like he’d wait that long to start using it…lol)

I told everyone else who asked me what I wanted for Christmas to donate to their favorite charity and just get me a card, telling me where they donated. I don’t need anything really, and as for wanting stuff, I can’t think of anything I really want. Then I figured it out. He’s going to get me a new Ipod as well. (The button on mine doesn’t work anymore and it quits at the weirdest times. Just stops playing and goes back to the main screen. Rebooted and restored it a few times. Hasn’t fixed anything.) Though I didn’t want a camera in mine, but C tells me all the new Ipods come with cameras. Oh fine. It’s not like I take millions of pictures anyway, but hey, maybe I’ll start taking them when I’m at conventions…lol.

We have to go out and finish up the Christmas shopping this weekend. Yay! lol Can’t wait for that. I have all my nieces and nephews to buy for. The adults are done.

I hope you all have a great Thursday and that you’re close to being done with your shopping. 🙂