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Today’s WiP is Footsteps of My Father, Book 3 in the Rags to Riches series. This book features Patrick, Ion’s best friend, and Winston, the head of the London office for Bellamy International. Adrien, Patrick’s boss and Ion’s fiance, thinks Winston is getting a little too serious and believes Patrick is just the right guy to show him how to loosen up. What none of them expected was for Winston and Patrick to fall in love and all the difficulties that would entail.

Here’s a little excerpt from Footsteps:

Footsteps of My Father copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase


“We can order take out and have it delivered,” Patrick murmured, nuzzling Winston’s jaw.

“Sounds good to me.”

Winston tilted his head back and Patrick bit the edge of Winston’s chin then licked a line along his throat to where his pulse stuttered in the tender triangle of skin. He sucked on it a little and Winston shuddered.

Patrick leant back to get enough room and undid Winston’s tie. After pushing it out of the way, he unbuttoned the man’s shirt, baring Winston’s chest. Whimpering, Patrick caressed the light blanket of hair covering Winston’s pecs and nipples. He rearranged his own body so he could put his lips on those copper pieces of flesh. He pinched the right one between his teeth then tugged.

“Oh shit!” Winston arched his back off the seat, almost knocking Patrick off his lap.

“Hold on to me. I don’t want to fall on the floor and hurt myself. I’d never hear the end of that,” he warned.

He wasn’t sure if Winston heard him but he grunted when Winston grabbed two handfuls of his butt to yank him closer. Patrick kept working Winston’s nipples; one after the other until both were red and more than likely aching.

When Winston fumbled with his belt, Patrick sucked his stomach in so Winston could get his fingers in to get Patrick’s pants open. He shivered at Winston’s touch on the small of his back right above his crease. Then Winston pressed his fingers to Patrick’s lips and he took them in, getting them as wet as he could.

His lover’s chest called to him again, so he let Winston go before focusing back on those hard nubs. He played with them, twisting them a little to draw moans from Winston. Patrick jumped when Winston rubbed his wet fingers over his hole.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to relax while pushing back. Patrick bit his bottom lip to keep quiet as Winston invaded his inner channel with his fingers. Soon he rested his head on Winston’s shoulder while rocking onto them. Winston twisted and nailed Patrick’s gland. It was like electricity shot through him and Patrick moaned.

“Touch yourself,” Winston ordered.

Shifting as best he could without dislodging Winston, Patrick got his hand around his cock then started stroking.

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  1. hot! can’t wait to read the whole thing 🙂

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