Wednesday Work in Progress


How about a little naked Adam Levine? 🙂

I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at Leaving Home. A little bit of work in progress from me.

Excerpt: (copyright c. 2012 T.A. Chase)

Leaving home was an integral part of growing up. It was an important step to discovering who a man was to become. Peter Skinner understood that, yet he couldn’t help feeling sad as he carried the last few boxes out to Yancey’s truck.

Sad because moving out meant he’d cut his last ties to the family he’d thought would love him forever. Peter snorted silently. He should’ve known that once he told the truth, they’d turn their backs faster than a Quarter Horse cutting a steer from a herd. His grandfather ruled the Skinner clan with an iron fist, and if he said Peter must be shunned, the rest would go along with his decree.

“Do you have everything, Peter?” Yancey helped him put the boxes in the back of the vehicle.

He looked back at the house where he grew up, and sighed. “No. I got everything I want to keep. They can throw the rest of it away for all I care.”

“Throw it away? Your parents would really do that?” Yancey frowned. “That seems a little harsh.”

“You’ve met my grandfather right? You’ve seen how he treated Les and Tony. He wasn’t happy about it when I acknowledged any of you existed. Then I had the nerve to start working for Les.” His laugh was harsh. “Yes, they’ll throw away anything that will remind them of me. Trust me. I saw them do that with my dad’s younger brother. He didn’t do what Grandfather wanted, and he left. No one’s seen or heard from him since.”

Peter remembered hearing his parents fight over it when he was little. His father had removed all the pictures featuring his brother from the walls and albums. Peter’s mother hadn’t wanted to do that. Of course, Grandfather hadn’t liked Mother either, so she would have gone against anything he said.

Which was why Peter had been surprised when she stood right beside his father and told him to leave. It had crushed him, causing his heart to break and question his plan to be honest. He’d run to Max, who held him while he cried. Then Max had explained that the best families were the ones they built for themselves.

5 Responses “Wednesday Work in Progress”

  1. Diane A says:

    I can tell this is going to make me cry again, but that it will be one that is totally worth it! Looking forward to it!!!

  2. T.A. Chase says:

    sorry. I wish it could be sooner, but that’s how it ended being scheduled. 🙂

  3. josexpressions says:

    we have to wait til March??? How could you???? sigh… 🙂

  4. T.A. Chase says:

    Not next week. It’ll be up for pre-order March 18th…pre-release April 1st and general release April 29th. 🙂

    If it were out next week, I’d be in complete panic mode…lol

  5. This goes on sale next week right?

    No? sigh. I’ll wait knowing it will be worth it 🙂

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