Wednesday WiPs

Happy Wednesday, everyone. The week’s speeding by. Been busy with a ton of stuff, but I have managed to write. 🙂

The Vanguard: 49,152/55,000 (3,536 for the week)

Home of his Own: 30,913/50,000 (3,482 for the week)

The Gypsy Devil: 23,092/50,000 (2,399 for the week)

So that gives me a total of 9,417 words for the week. Which is really good since it was spread out between all three stories. 🙂 Plus I did a little work on the Flash Fiction stories I did for the last two sundays at SEx. Those should be interesting stories once I focus on them. But I’m only roughly 6000 away from my goal for The Vanguard and actually I’ll probably end up going over that word count. Not a bad thing.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

2 Responses “Wednesday WiPs”

  1. Yvonne says:

    TA-you are wonderful! Thanks for putting such effort out for us-yo’posse;-)
    I love your pix today-lol. It’s just like I picture you, or is that C or maybe even your shapeshifing CATS-LOL.

  2. loopdlu says:

    glad you got a lot done. you must, after all, feed our addiction, now that you’ve gotten us all hooked.

    i feel only slightly slave-driverish when you post your word counts. i’m really, really fighting the “Home of His Own should have gotten more words” syndrome. not winning, necessarily, but fighting nonetheless. 😉
    have a good day, TA.

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