Happy Thursday…

I’m so happy you’ve chimed in on what you’d like to see next on the blog. 🙂  I’m going to take the weekend and think about them all. By Tuesday, I should have made a decision and written up a little blurb and picked out pics for the guys. I’ll be honest and say that I’m leaning towards either Job’s story from Bitter Creek or maybe a story set in Angel’s world. I haven’t written a historical in a long time and I think that’s what I’m interested in. Since lately I’ve been doing a lot of contemporaries.

And for those of you who have asked for stories set in the Home world to see how the guys are doing. Don’t worry. I have a spin-off series coming out next year. It’s titled Merging Violently, which is the name of the band in this series. It’ll featuring Merging Violently, an up-and-coming rock band that Derek has signed to his new label. They’re at Derek and Max’s ranch to record their first album. There the members of the band meet Cody (Home of his Own), Edward (Wishing for a Home), Matt (Leaving Home) and Scout (Home Sweet Home). So you get to see these secondary characters get their own HEA, but also there will be camos from the guys from the Home books. I promise.

Well, I’m off to run errands then I’ll be home working on Barefoot Dancing. 🙂 Have a great Thursday.

3 Responses “Happy Thursday…”

  1. Margaret S says:

    I loved Angel’s story and agree with Lisa that Edward has a story to tell but there was a niggle for me in the way you were referring to the inheritence of titles. For Angel’s father to stop him getting the title he would have to give it up himself and even then might need the consent of his heir (Angel). This was how the late politician Tony Benn gave up his title. I am not an expert on the laws covering this but titles are often given with propeties attached so the only things that could be stopped are anything he owns himself. The uncle giving him a title might be possible but I would expect it require either an Act of Parliament or a special dispensation from the monarch. I read a story years ago which also was flawed in this. In that the younger brother jumped on an illness to poison then haves his older brother declared incompentantand to snatch the dukedom’s property and title but in such a case a guardianship order would be granted not removal of the title but which would give control of the property over to the “guardian”. These laws would also be varied by Acts of Parliament through the centuries so will depend on the time set in.
    Whichever you choose I will love reading.

  2. Awesome!!! Can’t wait 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    That is wonderful. I was wondering what happen with Edward. Thank you so much for the new series.

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