Good News….



Okay…I finished Reserved for Him last night, and subbed it today. Yay! Another story crossed off my list. Also, I finished and subbed Threadbare Gypsy Souls. Threadbare will be out April 7th. Along with two other stories for sure, and maybe one more. 🙂 So April there will be an abundance of T.A. Chase stories coming out.

One will be a re-release with nothing new added, just a different cover, so you can skip it if you want…lol.

I’ll be starting the project I’m working on with Devon Rhodes, and also Home Sweet Home will be started today. Woot!

Sorry I was late posting this. I’ve been staying at my mother’s this week to help her during her recovery from knee surgery. She’s been doing really good, so I’m going home tonight. Unfortunately, I have a funeral to go to tomorrow. 🙁 But she has a bunch of friends just chomping at the bit to come and help her…lol. So I don’t have to worry about her being by herself.

I hope you all have a great day.

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