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New Covers….



This is the cover for my August 17th release at Amber Allure. It’s part of the Winter Games Pax. Losing Sight of the Target is about a biathlete and the mysterious man he meets right before he heads off to the Olympics. 🙂

We got the cover for the next GRL anthology, An Unconventional Chicago. It fits perfectly with the other two anthologies. Also, it’s up for pre-order at Totally Bound. Check it out here. All the stories in this anthology is set in a contemporary alternate universe version of Chicago. 🙂





Then there’s the amazing cover I got for the single release of No Bravery, my story in the anthology. All the single covers are awesome and fit our stories perfectly. Here’s mine.





And one more cover…lol. This is for Walking in the Rain, Book Five of my Rags to Riches series. I adore this cover. The guy on the cover really portrays Dayton VanHooren, one of the main characters, perfectly. 🙂





Okay…so here are all the new covers I’ve received lately. 🙂 I hope you love them as much as I do.

Have an awesome 4th of July. Be safe and have fun.

It’s Friday….



Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. Get so busy doing other things that I completely forget to post until it’s evening…lol. I’d promise to do better, but it won’t be happening next week for sure. I’m leaving on Sunday for New Orleans for the Romantic Times convention. I’m meeting up with Devon Rhodes a couple of days early so we can hang out and have some fun before the work starts. 🙂

But I’m going to do my best to at least get the next two installments of Bodyguards done and scheduled so you won’t have to wait on those. 🙂 And if I can, I’ll see about posting something at some point during the other days. Not sure if it’ll happen, but I’ll try.

I just signed my contract for No Bravery, which is my contribution to this year’s Totally Bound GRL anthology. This year’s antho was a lot of fun to work on and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that readers like it. 🙂 Can’t wait to see my cover for my story and the one for the antho.

Also, got the cover for another Totally Bound story, but I can’t share it yet. I know…that’s being kind of mean. I love the cover and hope you all love the book when it comes out. I have to wait until I get the okay to tell you anything else about it. 😉 And to be able to share the cover.

Well, I hope you all have a great Friday and an awesome weekend. I have to pack all my stuff and hope I don’t go over the weight limit. lol

New Cover Art….




Just got this in my inbox. It’s so beautiful and exactly how I pictured Ion. 🙂 Remove the Empty Spaces is book 1 in my new series Rags to Riches that I’m writing for Totally Bound. 🙂 I don’t have an exact release date on it yet..though I’m thinking some time in February or March.  As soon as I know, I’ll let you all know.

I finished up From Yesterday yesterday…lol. And submitted it to MLR Press. It’s the 3rd in the Rupert’s Legacy series, but features a different main couple this time. It turned out a little longer than I had originally planned, but that’s okay. I’ll post the release date on that as soon as I get it.

Devon and I are working hard on Canada (we really do need to pin down a title on this one…lol) I added some more to it yesterday and plan on working on it today, after I get my installment for Finding Peace done.

I also started my story for the 2014 Unconventional/GRL anthology. My story is titled No Bravery and when you read it, you’ll understand why. We’re doing something a little different for next year and I hope you like it. It’s going to be a fun antho to write.

Plus I’ll be starting my 6th Fallen book, Los Angeles, in the next couple of days as well. Hoping to get that one done by the end of the month.

Okay. I have to go out and run some errands, but when I get back, I’ll be writing the rest of the day. I hope you all have a great Monday.