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Out in Print….

Yep…Anarchy in Blood is available in print now. Woo-hoo!

I had a good weekend of writing. Added a good bit to Shades of Dreams and have another scene dancing around my head that I need to write down before I forget. You’ll get the last two installments of the story this week on the blog. The last installment you get to meet Stephan. 🙂

I’m planning on writing up the blurb for the next blog story some time this week. When I get time…lol

Well, I hope you have a great Monday…and just think four more days to the weekend. 😀

Anarchy in Blood released

Anarchy in Blood is available at Total e-Bound right now. Woo-hoo! My second book with Carol and the second in the Dracul’s Revenge series. Stop by and check it out.

The weekend was good. Got some writing done, and hung out with family which is always a great way to spend time. 🙂 Now back to the grind of work and writing…lol. I hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Try not to be too crabby because it’s yet another Monday. 😉


Sorry, everyone. I got busy filling out some contract stuff and totally lost track of time…lol.

Yes, I’ll have some good news as soon as the ‘papers’ get signed. 🙂 Writing went well this weekend. Carol and I finished our second book, Anarchy in Blood. I didn’t get quite as much written on my other story as I wanted, but that’s okay. I’m only about 3k or so from hitting my goal, so it won’t be much longer for this book. Woot! Then it’s head-first into another story. No rest for the wicked, huh? 🙂

I hope you all have a great Monday.

Covers Galore!!!

Here’s the cover for Dracul’s Blood, my first collaboration with Carol Lynne. It’ll be out on June 28th at Total e-Bound. Isn’t it yummy?

And the second cover I received the other day. Bastet will be out June 6th at Amber Allure. 🙂 This cover is simple, but elegant. Totally perfect for the story. I love the statue.

Well, Out of Light into Darkness has been submitted to a different publisher. The first one passed on it. Which is cool with me. It just didn’t work for them. And that happens sometimes. I’ll find the right fit for the story at some point.

But I’ve been doing some re-working on it, so I haven’t been able to work as much as I’d like on Restoration Project and Bound by Trust. Now that OoLiD is done and out there again, I can focus on the other two…along with Anarchy in Blood, the second book with Carol.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hopefully, it will start warming up soon. I plan on writing this weekend. 🙂

Good Friday….

For two reasons. One is obvious. The other is it’ll be the first golf outing of the season. Woo-hoo! lol

Well, I finished Not Seeing is Believing. Letting my wonderful beta reader look it over and then I’ll send it in to see what others say about it. 🙂 Now it’s on to Restoration Project, a new story that needs to be done by June 1st, and either Bound by Trust (JT’s story) or another new one that keeps bugging me…lol. We’ll see which one I add to my calendar. Along with Anarchy in Blood, the second Blood book with Carol Lynne. Whew! My calendar’s filling up, but I don’t mind. I like to keep busy writing.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter for all of you who celebrate it.