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This week’s Wednesday Work in Progress is…..Home Sweet Home. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Excerpt: (copyright c. 2013 T.A. Chase)-This is the last part that I wrote last night.

Finally, Yancey looked out into the waiting room and heaved a sigh of relief. There wasn’t anyone sitting there, and as far as he knew, there weren’t any patients in any of the rooms either.

“Thank God, we can close. Dr Behan called to say he was on his way back. I guess today was emergency day for him, and he had one after another. I have to say, he’s going to be so glad you’re here because now you can go on those calls. He’s getting too old to do the heavy stuff or working with the large animals.”

He turned to see Julie sitting at the reception desk, elbows propped up. Her eyes were tired, but happy. Yancey propped his hip against the edge of the counter.

“I knew that when I bought the practise. I had planned on taking the next week to settle in, but since Dr Jones is sick, I don’t have a problem working now.”

“Where did you come from, Dr MacCafferty?” Julie’s expression held interest, and Yancey knew he had to nip that in the bud.

“I came from Wyoming.” He wasn’t sure how to fit his being gay into the conversation.

Julie frowned. “Why come all the way back east? Weren’t there any practises you could buy into out there?”

Yancey nodded. “There were, and one close to where my brother and his partner’s ranch is, but I came out east because there’s someone riding at one of the stables that I care deeply about. I decided it was time to come and see if we can be together.”

“Really? What’s her name? I might have met her.”

“Not her. Juan Romanos. We’ve known each other for years since he was sixteen and I was eighteen.” Yancey smiled, remembering the first time he stared into Juan’s brown eyes.

Julie shook her head. “Should’ve known you’d be gay. I’ve met Juan, and he’s good-looking as well. You make a nice couple.”

Ducking his head, Yancey blushed. God, how old was he? Someone telling him he was good-looking shouldn’t embarrass him.

“Thank you.” He cleared his throat. “Is there a place I can stay until Behan has left?”

“Actually, Yancey, you can move into the house. There are a couple of guest rooms you can choose from, then you’ll be mostly settled by the time I leave for Arizona.”

He turned to see Dr Abe Behan walk into the clinic waiting room. The older man grinned as he approached Yancey, holding his hand out to shake. Yancey shook it, then gestured to Julie.

“Good to know. I didn’t bring a lot of stuff with me. My brother is shipping the rest of it, so it won’t be here until right around when you leave any way. I finally got a chance to meet Julie.”

“Dr MacCafferty helped clear out the waiting room, Abe. Dr Jones couldn’t come in, says she’s sicker than a dog. So when he walked in, I put him to work right away. He’s going to be a good fit.” Julie stood, then stretched.

“Please call me Yancey. I don’t want there to be formal here. We’re all working to keep the animals happy and healthy,” Yancey told Julie.

She nodded. “All right, Yancey. Now I’m heading home. I’ll see you gentlemen in the morning.”

Abe motioned for Yancey to follow him to where the office was in the back of the clinic. “We’re in charge of looking after the over night patients. Since I live next door, I’ve always done that. There’s no point having someone drive here when I can just walk over.”

“Good idea. I don’t mind checking on them tonight. Need to start getting into the swing of things as soon as possible.” Yancey took the seat Abe pointed at.

“To be honest, I know you weren’t planning on actually working at the clinic for another week or so, but it’s been busier than all get out around here the past couple of days, and with Shelia being sick, I’m coming and going here.” Sighing, Abe dropped into his chair. “We can take our time, and I’ll show you around the clinic. Then sometime next week, I’ll take you around to the area farms and stables I do business with, and introduce you to the managers or owners.”

“I do know Edward Monterrose, the owner of Highlands Farm. One of my friends back in Wyoming, Les Hardin, is a good friend of Edward’s.”

“Ah, that’s right. You know Les and Edward. They’re good men. I used to treat Les’ horses when he owned his stables here.” Abe scrubbed his hand over his balding head.


5 Responses “Wednesday Work in Progress…”

  1. ErinSC says:

    And this is not out for a few more months?! New Mantra…patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue. Shame I’ve never been virtuous!

  2. Theresa A says:

    I can’t wait for the last two books in this series. I can’t tell you how many times I have reread your books.
    Hope to see you soon.

  3. zeneida says:

    oh it sounds lovely. Can’t wait to read it. Love this series and just finished rereading it.

  4. Melinda says:

    I can’t wait till you finish and publish this. I love this series.

  5. josexpressions says:

    aw man, that’s not fair! I love this excerpt, and now I’ll have to wait ’til the book’s on sale to read it?? drat! 😀 Loved it, thanks, T.A.

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