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Hmm….I was trying to figure out what I could post here today. I’m in the middle of working on a  Tiffany story, so I don’t really want to post it here. Here is a snippet from To Hell With the Devil. I might have shared something from this story before, but I thought I’d give you the opening scene. 🙂 I like Teivel very  much. He’s snarky and a complete smart ass. He gets cranky when he realizes he’s the new Devil since he killed the old one. 🙂

To Hell with the Devil copyright c.2013 T.A. Chase


The throbbing beat of the music take over my body and drive me into a deeper trance. I love the dark sounds of the drums and the sexy murmurs of the singer, but the words disappear as I dance.  I don’t know if others watched me or not and in that moment of time, I don’t care.  I didn’t come to the club to get fucked, at least not tonight. I came to dance and wipe out the shitty day I had.  Tight leather pants, dark boots and see-through mesh shirt display my body to anyone who wants to look.

My eyes close, so I don’t see the man approach, but his heat surrounds my body as the stranger encircles my waist with his arm and tugs my ass back into his groin. A low moan rips from my throat at the feel of the large cock rubbing against my crease. Tilting my hips, I move to the music and beg like a slut for more.

Sharp teeth nip my ear and hot breath surrounds it.  “My name is Achan. I’ll make you come here, then when I get home, I’ll fuck you to death.”

A thrill of fear races through me as I laugh nervously, knowing the man is just joking, but Achan’s animal growl turns me on until I ache with need. I want one of those large hands on my cock and long for Achan to bury his prick in my ass.  The stranger slides his hand forward, then unbuttons my pants.

The music grows louder and faster. The rhythm takes over my heartbeat and my blood pulses to the beat. Sharp teeth scrape over my neck, causing me to lean my head back onto one of Achan’s broad shoulders.

“Not here.”

My weak protest makes Achan chuckle because we both know I don’t mean it.

The slightly cooler air of the club warm hot flesh as my cock springs free from its tight leather prison.  Achan shoves his left hand pushes up under my shirt, finding the gold rings in my nipples.  A hard tug brings a soft cry from me. Pain spirals from my chest down to where Achan’s right hand grips my cock and strokes.

Achan’s touch burns as his dry skin rasps harshly up and down my shaft.  Not even the pre-cum leaking from my cock eases his hold on me.  Each stroke and twist drives me closer to the edge.  Pleasure mingles with pain and my climax builds, pooling at the base of my spine.

Searing pain hits me as Achan sinks his teeth into the flesh at my shoulder and I cry out, coming violently. My cum coats Achan’s hand and the floor in front of me. Wilting, I stand only because Achan holds me.  His semen-coated fingers press against my lips. I lick my own spunk off Achan’s hand, humming at the salty bitterness dancing on my tongue.

Something wet trails down my chest and I glance awkwardly at my shoulder.  Achan has broken the skin and blood leaks from the bite. Whirling around, I stare up at Achan.  The swirling lights give his eyes an odd red glow.  He is five inches taller than my five-nine and built like a Greek god.

Ugh! I hate thinking in clichés, but there is no other way to describe him. Blond hair waves to wide shoulders and a muscled chest tapers down to a narrow waist, leading to thick thighs covered in white leather. My gaze trace over Achan’s body and land on the bulge at his groin.  A groan forces its way from my mouth and I wet my lips.  I’d sell my soul to taste what Achan hides behind those pants.

“You’ve already sold your soul.” His cruel grin scare me a little.  “Come with me.”

My brain screams at me not to go.  Foolish to leave with a stranger.  There are psychos everywhere.  My body craves what Achan has with singular passion. I’ve had sex with strangers before in worse areas of the city than this.  Self-preservation means nothing to me when I have a chance to ride a man like Achan.

I pause long enough to tuck my soft dick back into my pants and fasten them. He holds out a rough hand. I take it with the feeling that when we leave the club, my life will never be the same.  I give myself a mental shake.  Silly fag.  No kind of sex is life-changing.

“First, we must have a drink.” He gestures to a table where two glasses sit with a bottle of some liquor.

I shake my head.  I don’t drink as a general rule.  Too easy to lose your head and forget shit.

“A small drink. Then I’ll take you home and show you untold pleasures.”

His deep voice rubs over my skin and my cock twitches in interest.  I am such a slut. I want to feel him inside me and will do anything to have that. I grab the glass he holds out to me and swig the liquid down.  It burns.

“Fuck, what is that?”  I cough.

A large finger presses against my lips and he shakes his head. “No talking.”

Is he serious?  I shoot him an incredulous look. No way can I make it through the whole sex thing without saying something. Hell, my mom swore I talked the minute I came out of the womb.

He gets blurry and I blink. What the fuck?  Alcohol doesn’t usually affect me that quickly. I stagger, reaching out to grab a hold of something.  He catches me with ease, lifting me in his arms. As my vision fades, I see a flash of madness in his eyes and I realize I picked the wrong night to come to the club.

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  1. josexpressions says:

    whennnnnnnnn is this coming out?? 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    Good goddess almighty…we get this real real soon right?? if not I may have to hogtie you in Atlanta…lol Loved it!!

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