Too Much?

Too much hair, ladies? Or just right? 😉

Well 300 words got written last night on LC..of course, it was a later scene than where I left off. I thought Lyva and Chance would head straight to Romania and Dracul’s castle. But imagine my surprise when they made a detour to Glastonbury Abbey in England. 🙂 There we’ll find out some interesting little tib-bits about my version of the whole Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot triangle…lol.. I must have a thing for legends. Since St. George and Mordred show up in my dragon story.

Thank goodness it’s Friday. I need the weekend. Not to rest, but really get focused on my writing.

Have a great day, everyone.

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”–Friedrich Nietzsche

4 Responses “Too Much?”

  1. Paige Burns says:

    Dang, a little fur, a hot tat, I need a drink. 🙂

  2. Jenna Howard says:

    Hair? There’s hair? I’m just mesmerized by the tattoo. Cuz it’s…right…there…calling my name “Psst…Jenna…psst…lick me. Lick me a lot.” And so…I shall. Sigh. What a tat. What a place for a tat. What a place for Jenna to go for a closer look of said tat. What is it? Kind of a funky x marks the spot? Marked and noted baby…grrr.

    Oh and that it was one fiiiiiine belly. Look at all those lines meant for exploring before you hit the tat.

    Wow…that’s some tat.

    What were we talking about?

  3. T.A.Chase says:

    one vote for just right. Good.

    Thanks Sherrill. I’m hoping the writing muses will get up and actually make me write instead of lying around drinking all night…lol

  4. Sherrill Quinn says:

    Ooh, T.A. Not too little, not too much. Juuuuuust right. 🙂 Very lickalicious.

    Best of luck with your writing this weekend!

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