Soothe the Burn available now….

Woo-hoo! Soothe the Burn is available in ebook form at Amber Allure. I enjoyed writing this one so I hope you all will enjoy reading it. I promised the blurb and an excerpt. Here you go:


Captain Alvix has a secret. One he’s managed to keep hidden for years until a stranger comes to his rescue and shakes up Alvix’s perfect world. Suddenly, Alvix finds himself doing things he never imagined he would and revealing his deepest secret to a man made of metal.

Lieutenant Cooper is the leader of an elite group of military men. Their loyalty to the Galactic Military led them to volunteer for an experiment that changed their skin into titanium flesh. On a desperate rescue mission, Cooper enlists the help of Alvix and, with that one action, changes their lives forever.

Can a man made of metal and a man struggling to control the fire inside his soul find common ground? Or will their love burn to ashes before they ever have a chance to discover it?


“Hush, Alvix. It’s okay. It’s me, Cooper. You’re safe now. We’re off planet.”

Alvix squinted in the sudden flood of light. As the tears slowly disappeared and he could see again, he realized it really was Cooper kneeling next to the bed. He gasped and reached out, stopping inches away from the metal now covering all of Cooper’s face.

“You can touch.” Cooper gave him permission.

Pressing his fingertips to the cool smooth surface, he met Cooper’s silver eyes. “What does it feel like?”

Cooper shrugged, though there was no real change in his expression. “A little odd, like I’m wearing a mask. It’s flexible and everything. The scientists wanted to ensure we’d still be able to move and fight, no matter how metal we become.”

After pushing up onto his knees, Alvix cradled Cooper’s face with both hands. He moaned softly. He managed to detect concern in Cooper’s gaze.

“You don’t have to touch me. I’m sure you’d prefer not being touched by anyone at the moment.”

How could he explain that the cold chill of Cooper’s new skin soothed him in a deeper way than never being touched again would?

His lips burned as he remembered the ravishing kisses of the Tongassian king. Alvix whimpered and lurched forward, attacking Cooper’s mouth with his own. He only wanted to stop the fire that tried to escape from inside him.

Cooper’s breath danced over Alvix’s lips for a second before their lips met. Oh, God. Alvix’s brain went blank at the first silken drag of Cooper’s metal lips over his own heated human flesh. No words could express how much Alvix wanted to crawl over and smash his entire naked body against Cooper’s. Maybe it would douse the heat left under his skin from the fiery attention of his captor.

Icy strips ran down his sides and he realized they were Cooper’s hands only when the other man set him away. He whined in protest, wanting more of the satin smooth touch calming his jumpy nerves.

“No, Alvix. You just want me because I rescued you and now you’re safe.”

He narrowed his eyes and glared at Cooper. “I’m not that mental.”

Cooper raised a non-existent eyebrow in skeptical inquiry, and Alvix crossed his arms with an undignified snort.

“All right. Fine. I do have some issues after being some alien torch creature’s boy toy. Forgive me if I seem a little clingy to a person who isn’t going to flame my insides into a pile of ash while watching me squirm in agony for fun.”

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt, everyone. Have a great Sunday. 🙂

6 Responses “Soothe the Burn available now….”

  1. Bonnie Dee says:

    Metal man, what a cool concept. Happy release and good sales to you.

  2. Yvonne says:

    As usual TA-LOVED IT! I could not put it down. I agree with Lisa, it would be fun to see more of that threesome.

    Another keeper for my shelves.


  3. Cheryl says:

    Yay my first TA book to buy for this year! I'm so excited!

  4. Lisa says:

    Bought it this morning and couldn't put it down. Thanks for another powerful story. I hope we get to see more of Apple, Pope, and their men. 😉 Stay warm and keep on writing your wonderful books.

  5. Elle says:

    Just bought a copy and I plan to hunker down and read today instead of tackling the 30+ inches of snow to be shoveled outside… can't wait!

  6. The Blackraven says:

    Congrats on your new release TA. Sent some love your way at The Blackraven's Erotic Cafe.

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