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I did a small review of Fiona Glass’ Feathered Friend from our anthology Shifting Perspectives. Here you go.

Fiona Glass’ Feathered Friend is an interesting twist on an old fairy tale, The Swan Maiden. In the story, Charlie owns homing pigeons. One day while checking on his birds, he notices he has a new one. He takes it inside and finds there is much more to the pigeon than its pretty feathers.

Avery finds Charlie attractive and reveals his true self. Charlie makes a choice to keep Avery with him, ignoring the young shape shifter’s pleas. Even though their love grows, Charlie knows his lover isn’t happy. Will Charlie decide to set Avery free or will he continue to hold the pigeon captive?

The relationship between Avery and Charlie is interesting. It’s hot and tender, yet poignant. Fiona Glass manages to fill her short story with enough emotion to pull you in, making you root for this couple. This story teaches a lesson of why we should never cage wild creatures and how true love can come even to the most unusual of couples.

Fiona Glass’ Feathered Friend in Shifting Perspectives from Aspen Mountain Press and shows her story telling story.

Also, stop by Fiona’s blog or her Myspace page to check out her review of Emily Veinglory’s The Rat Burglar.

And stop over at Emily’s blog for her review on my story, Understanding Forgiveness.

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  1. Ansley Vaughan says:

    The stories all sound fascinating. Thanks for the review.

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