Poetry Train #74

Morning, everyone.

Here’s a little excerpt from Devil’s Addiction, a regency WIP that takes place shortly after Angel’s Evolution, but features two new characters. Shade does show up in DA. 🙂



He closed his eyes. Stickler would be destroyed. The baron’s fortune would be taken from him and his reputation torn away to reveal the evil living disguised as a man. The Devil wouldn’t refuse Beng the satisfaction of ruining a man’s life.

“I’m sorry.”

“Never apologize to me or anyone. It wasn’t your fault, boy. The ones responsible for this will be dealt with.” Beng leaned forward and touched the boy’s knee. The young man tensed. “Your rape will only be known by me and my doctor. No one else will know unless you chose to tell them.” He sat back.

He was good at keeping secrets. Devil knew he had more than enough of his own. What was one more to add to the load?

“How do you know Will?”

Beng wasn’t surprised Darius didn’t recognize him. He’d changed a great deal since he left. “I used to live on my father’s estate next to yours in Wiltshire.”
“You’re the earl’s bastard son.” Darius relaxed a little.

“Yes, though back then I was known as Bertram instead of Beng.” For the most part, he had good memories of those days.

“You left when you were sixteen. Why?”

“I realized my mother’s name for me was truer than my father’s. The devil living inside my soul made me want things I shouldn’t.” Beng shrugged. “It was easier to run away than to stay and suffer for them.”

“I see.”

Beng knew Darius didn’t have any idea what he was talking about. Which was fine. He didn’t feel any need to unburden his soul to the boy. His preferences weren’t important to the achievement of his goal. He wanted to get Darius back to Will before too long. It was hard to ignore the voice in his head, telling him that Darius needed guidance. He shook his head. Whatever guidance the boy got wouldn’t be from him. He was no one’s guardian angel.

The carriage stopped and Beng was happy to be home. He jumped out, letting the groom help Darius from the vehicle. Marsden waited at the door.

“A hot bath is waiting, sir.” Marsden accepted Beng’s hat and gloves. “As soon as the doctor arrives, I’ll take him to the young master’s room.”

“Thank you, Marsden.” He turned to see Darius hovering just inside the door. “This is Marsden. He’ll escort you to your room and if you need or want anything, ask him.”

“Yes, my lord.” Darius’s eyes stayed focused on the floor.

“I have some messages that must be delivered tonight. I’ll leave them on my desk in the study, and then I’ll be up to take my bath.” He went to his study.

“Certainly, sir.” Marsden’s voice followed him.

He shut the door behind him, closing out the rest of the world and the enticing face of his best friend’s younger brother. Even bruised and skinny, Darius was beautiful. Deep brown curls framed a perfect face without blemish except for bruises. Plump lips begged for a kiss. Upturned nose and wide golden brown eyes would be haunting Beng’s dreams that night, if he could sleep. He hadn’t allowed himself to look at Darius’s body. It would have led to worse dreams and emotions he fought to suppress.

Sitting at his desk, he reached for a pen and ink. He stared down at the blank paper he’d retrieved from a drawer. Beng didn’t want Will rushing over as soon as he read the note. Darius needed time to adjust before he was thrown into the arms of his family.


Encouraging news. I’ll present myself at your home at ten with information.


He sealed and addressed it. The second message was to Shade.


Find out all information pertaining to Stickler. He must be destroyed.


Sealed, addressed and added to the pile. Shade would understand and bring him what he needed to crush Stickler. He looked over some papers Marsden left on his desk. His businesses were flourishing. He made a note to stop by the warehouses and check in.

A half hour later, a knock interrupted his reading.

“Come in.”

Marsden slipped in and stood in front of the desk. “The doctor just left, sir.”

“Is the boy okay?”

“The young master will heal. He’s been beaten and starved. The doctor gave him a thorough examination. There was some damage and bleeding, but Doctor Jackson believes it will heal fine with time.” Marsden frowned. “What mental or emotional damage was caused, I’m not sure, sir.”

“Those types of wounds take far longer to heal.” Beng straightened his papers. “Did he eat and bathe?”

“Yes, sir. He’s sleeping now. Would you like a tray brought to your room?”

“No. I’ll wash and then go to bed. I have to be at Will’s at ten in the morning.” He headed for the door.

Marsden bowed. “Yes, sir.”

The servant watched the retreating back of his employer with narrowed eyes.
Beng had been in bed for only an hour or so when the door to his bedroom inched open. Moving only his head, he watched as Darius slid through the opening and then shut the door. He wondered what the boy was doing. Darius crept across the floor like a ghost, dressed in one of Beng’s unused nightshirts.

As Darius came closer, Beng closed his eyes. He kept his body relaxed, not wanting to frighten the boy. The young man stopped beside the bed and he could feel Darius staring down at him. His chest rose and fell evenly, mimicking deep sleep. The top blanket lifted and the bed dipped.

Bloody hell, Darius was getting in bed with him. The boy lay on the sheet covering Beng, using the blanket as his cover. Beng thanked whatever angels or demons were watching out for him because he didn’t think Darius would be able to handle finding out Beng was naked.

The younger man snuggled closer to him like he was searching for warmth and Beng was the source of all heat. A cold hand touched his arm for a second. He wondered if the fact that he didn’t move reassure Darius. Within minutes, steady breathing told Beng the boy had fallen asleep.

No good deed goes unpunished. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?
He raised his eyes to the ceiling.

Darius muttered in his sleep, rolling over and flung one of his cold hands onto Beng’s chest.

What kind of inhuman torture is this? He started to inch away from the tempting body in bed with him. It had been years since he’d shared his bed with anyone, male or female. Darius moved with him, not wanting to give up his body heat.

He stopped, not willing to risk waking Darius up. His control frayed. If the boy woke up and he looked into those sleepy golden brown eyes, it might break. Giving my soul to the devil doesn’t mean I have to sin all the time. He’d been an upstanding citizen, for the most part, since he returned to London.

The night passed with Darius sleeping the sleep of an innocent and Beng cursing the devil, God and any other person he could think of to blame for his predicament.

9 Responses “Poetry Train #74”

  1. mamasand2 says:

    This is going to be fantastic TA. You just took us from a trauma and it’s drama, to hilarious in one post.

    Very well done.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad to hear about this story!!

    Loved Angel’s Evolution…


  3. Gina, Book Dragon says:

    I’m going to add my pleas to the others about you writing faster 🙂 and another hug for your muse, DA sounds divine.

  4. Blaidd-Drwg says:

    Yay! Another book! It looks really good! Can’t wait for the release

    *adds it to the to read list*

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sweet. I look forward to its publication. Give your writing muse a hug for me. 😉


  6. Yvonne says:

    I have to agree with everyone else. Great story. Is the butler a good guy or is he going to be a problem. The line ‘the servant watched the retreating back of his employer with narrowed eyes’ is intriquing(sp).


  7. Kristie says:

    Okay, I’m going to echo the sentiments already stated….this is going to be a great story and write faster!! LOL
    Thanks for a great excerpt. Hope your weekend was great.

  8. Jambrea says:

    I hope you had a nice weekend and your days off were productive.

    I agree with Melissa and I’m sure you hear it ALL the time. WRITE FASTER. heehee

    Have a good Monday TA.

  9. Melissa Bradley says:

    Morning, TA. Hope you had a great weekend.

    I am very excited for this story. AE was tremendous and I have been dying for another glimpse into this world. Devil’s Addiction sounds extremely interesting. Darius and Beng have already gotten to me and I am completely hooked. I’m adding it to my list of hotly anticipated works by TA Chase. You need to write faster…lol

    Have a wonderful day!

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