Molten Silver Unleashed.

You’re probably wondering what this cover has to do with me. 😉 Aside from it being another awesome Liquid Silver cover, it’s the second book being released today along with No Going Home. Both are Molten Silver. So we’re starting the line with a bang.

I thought I’d give you the blurb and an excerpt from Death by Seduction by Anna J. Evans, my fellow Molten author. Stop by later on and I’ll give you an excerpt or two from No Going Home.

Blurb for Death by Seduction:

In the twenty-second century, the Supernatural Task Force’s headquarters is a place where few go to work and many go to die. Morgana De La Nuit, an immortal death faerie, has been brought into custody and given a choice between permanent deactivation and becoming a sexual assassin. Worse, her partner Cale, who turned her in to the STF, is to be her first test subject.Morgana is torn.

Can she risk everything to save the man who betrayed her or will she succumb to the wicked temptation of death by seduction?

Here’s the excerpt: (Enjoy)

“Morgan,” he said, turning to face her, every muscle in his body preparing for battle. His eyes quickly found hers, searching for a clue as to how she’d been treated and why she was here. Whether she was still sane or not, her being allowed into his cell couldn’t be a good thing.

At first glance she seemed to be holding together, though her eyes were as unreadable as they always were when confronting an enemy. Her grey irises were two deadly whirlpools spiraling around her pupils, her porcelain skin unbroken by the smallest line of human expression. The simple black robe that reached to her feet made her look even more pale and inhuman, like some ancient doll come to life. Morgan had been worshipped as a death goddess hundreds of years before he was born, but it was easy to forget that when her face was lit with emotion, using twenty-first century slang and giving him as much shit as any other member of the S.T.F.

But when it came down to business, she became as cold and still as a field covered with winter’s frost. Looking into her eyes now, he wondered if this hadn’t been even more of a set up than he’d thought. The S.T.F. had always operated above the law, and even a human citizen of the Western Alliance Territory wasn’t safe. He could be disposed of without due process, simply made to disappear in a way that would make one doubt if he had ever existed.

“You look nervous Cale,” she said, stepping closer, an action that forced her to tilt her head up to catch his eye. He was nearly two feet taller, but had never felt his physical size intimidated her. When you could kill people simply by dropping an invisible magic shield, he supposed it was silly to be cowed by something as trivial as mere bulk.

“I’m not nervous, just curious,” he said, still tensed for battle. If she were here to kill him, he wasn’t going to make it easy for her. Not only did he like being alive, but his death would haunt her more if he didn’t put up a fight. He didn’t want to haunt her, and hell, he was in the mood for a good fight, even if it was with his best friend.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” she whispered, an evil smile stretching across her deeply pink lips, a color he knew was natural and not the effect of any cosmetic enhancement.

“Good thing I’m not a cat,” Cale whispered back.

“Take my hand, Cale,” she said, holding out her tiny hand. He knew the slightest touch could cause his insides to become outsides, a completely undesirable condition any way you looked at it. He’d be spattered against the far wall before he had time to realize that he was dead and he’d always preferred to go out with a little more dignity.

“Make me a promise, first.”

“Traitors don’t deserve promises, but I won’t kill you today. I can’t make any promises about tomorrow,” she said calmly, as if she were discussing the temperature in the room or whether or not they should stop for coffee before the end of their shift.

“I guess that’s all I could ask for,” he said, placing his larger hand in hers, a shockwave of sexual awareness coursing through him as her fingers curled around three of his own in an intimate little caress. How could he still be lusting over her at a time like this? He supposed old habits died hard, even when your subconscious knew you were probably enjoying your last few hours among the living and the woman you were lusting after just might kill you.

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