1st Excerpt from No Going Home

okay..so it’s not the cover to my story. If you want to see it again, just scroll down a little farther. I just like this pic. 🙂

Here as promised is an excerpt from No Going Home. It’ll be available later on today from Liquid Silver.

No Going Home copyright (c) 2006 T.A. Chase


Les found Randy sitting in the dining room, staring at a pair of boots. It had been twenty minutes since Randy’s father left. He had managed to compose his nerves enough to come and see if Randy was up. He knelt beside the cowboy, putting a hand on the man’s knee.

“Randy,” he asked in a low voice.

Unfocused blue eyes met his gaze and blinked.

“Do you need help getting your boots on, baby?” He clamped his mouth shut. Shit. It was one thing to call him that while he was half asleep. It was another thing entirely to talk sweet to Randy while he was awake.

Another blink and a slight smile. “Yeah. I can’t bend over real well at the moment.”

Les took Randy’s foot and placed in on his thigh. Sliding on a boot, he pulled the pant leg down over it. He did the same with the other than looked up to see Randy staring down at him. Without thought, he rose up on his knees and cupped Randy’s face.

The other man tensed, but didn’t push him away. He tried not to listen to a voice saying it wasn’t a good idea. He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to those cut lips. Randy didn’t join in at first. Les swiped his tongue over the seam of Randy’s mouth. A gasp allowed him access to the inside. His tongue made a foray in the wet warmth.

Randy tasted like maple syrup and earth. His male tang caused Les’s cock to stand at attention. When his body demanded a harder and deeper kiss, he pulled back. Randy protested and the younger man’s shocked gaze met his. He could tell by the hesitant movement of the other man’s lips, Randy hadn’t been kissed often.

“Why did you stop?” Randy blushed when he realized what he asked.

Les chuckled and brushed a finger over Randy’s lips. “Your lips aren’t up for anything more.”

Randy ducked his head. “Why’d you kiss me?”

He lifted that stubborn chin up and whispered another kiss over Randy’s lips. “I kissed you because you’re the hottest man I’ve seen in a long time. Also, I wanted to kiss your bruises and make them better.”

“You’ve only kissed my lips.” A flirty gleam came and went in those stunning eyes.

“That’s true, but I don’t think you’re up to me kissing any other part of your body.” He stood and offered Randy a hand.

Pulling the cowboy off the chair, Les didn’t step back. He let Randy’s body brush against his own. His hand cupped the back of Randy’s head and his other hand landed on the small waist. He drew Randy close to him, savoring the feeling of the lean muscled warmth of the male body pressed to him.

Randy didn’t seem to know where to put his own hands. Those strong hands stroked over his shoulders, down his back and settled on his ass. Groaning, Les brought his mouth down on Randy again. This time the cowboy opened his mouth without Les asking him. Their tongues slid together with a gentle touch. Les didn’t demand or get aggressive. He wanted to learn Randy and didn’t want to scare the kid away.

2 Responses “1st Excerpt from No Going Home”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    lol..sorry, Jenna. I don’t think they actually put them up until around 6 tonight. I know what you mean though. I’m impatient for this one to come out as well. 🙂

  2. Jenna Howard says:

    is it on sale yet? Huh? Huh? is it?

    They need to sell the books sooner. I have no patience. I. Want. This. Book!!!

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