Marvelous Sunday

I searched the net, trying to find an image from 300. I wanted one that showed a lot of the actors who played the band of Spartans who went with Leonidas to the battle. All of those men should be congratulated on their dedication and work to make their bodies as fit as possible. I’ll tell you what, there were tons of ripped abs and well-muscled chests in this movie. This doesn’t quite give you the right image. But still…it’s a nice picture.

The movie itself was visual stunning. The colors and affects were a feast to the eyes. There were parts that ran slow, but overall, it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. I like movies that tell about heroic men, fighting against impossible odds. For those who look for historical accuracy in their movies, they won’t find much of it here. That’s okay with me. Maybe if it was a different kind of movie, it would matter.

Haven’t gotten a lot of writing done this weekend. I’m hoping to get some done later on today. Who knows? I might have to focus all over again, starting tomorrow. J

Hope you have a great Sunday.

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