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This is the very hot cover for Blindsided, my Australian rugby/lifeguard story, written with the amazing Devon Rhodes. It’s be out in the next couple of months. 🙂

Yvonne asked how I decide which publishers to work with.

I guess when I started writing, I submitted to publishers whose books I read and liked. I’m still with one of the three that I started with. I got my rights back from the other two. Not because I didn’t like working with them or anything like that, but because it was time to move on and try something different.

I was invited to submit something to Amber Allure, and I’d read a few books published by them. Also, when they approached me, I had just happened to finish up a book and thought I’d give them a try. So Allergies got sent there.

I started working with Totally Bound because Carol Lynne asked me to co-author a story with her. And really? I wasn’t about to say no to Carol Lynne!!!  lol So when we finished Dracul’s Blood, she said she’d like to send it to TB, and I said why not! And now they’re my major publisher. I love working with them and their covers are some of the best in the business, imo.

MLR Press became one of my publishers because I got to know Kris Jacen, the editor in chief there. She became a good friend, and they had some sub calls that caught my eye, so I sent a story in. The rest is history.

Now when I write a story, if it hasn’t already been promised to one of my publishers, I try to think about what kind of story it is, and which pub I think it would fit in better with. Also, I want to make sure that I don’t have too many of the same kind of story coming out at the same pub.

If I ever pick up a new publisher now, it’ll because I like their reputation and the authors they have chosen to publish. Also, that I think they’ll do their utmost to make my story the best it can be.

Does that answer your question, Yvonne? Does anyone else have a question for next week?

Have a great Friday and a marvelous weekend, everyone.

5 Responses “Friday Q & A…”

  1. Nice info. I don’t know how much online time I’ll get next week after Monday so I’ll see you the week after. I’m so glad I can go back and read your entries!

    Have a great week everyone!

  2. Susan E says:

    Question for next week, I hope!
    Speaking of Allergies, I haven’t heard any mention for awhile about upcoming book(s) in the ‘Preter’ series. Are you going to be writing another soon? If I remember right Rover was supposed to be next? Please tell me you haven’t given up on that, really need to know what happens next. Thanks

  3. josexpressions says:

    have you found it easier to find publishers for LGBT stories that het stories?

  4. Yvonne says:

    Thanks T.A. you answered the question beautifully.

  5. josexpressions says:

    Thanks for the info, T.A. I have found that each publisher looks for something different in a story. One story idea sent to A may be rejected, but B will love it. That happened with a couple of my stories – oh well, as long as they get published! 🙂

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