Firebird-Part Thirty-Nine

Firebird copyright (c) 2007 TA Chase

Part Thirty-Nine:

Rue frowned at him. “If I have to. How did you know who to contact and how to get a hold of them?” He took the fire opal in his grasp. The gem flared as if a flame burned in it.

“Yes, you have to. Stargazer gave me the information. He also made sure the transport came equipped with a cloaking device. Neither the Mitcovians nor the I.U.M. will be able to find us unless we want them to.” Vlatko spun them around so he could point to a green button on the far wall.

“I see he thinks of everything.” He settled in. “I’ll do all the talking when the negotiations get started. No offense, but I’m not sure being subtle or even nice is your strong suit.”

“No. I’m the strong silent type. I’m going as your bodyguard and back-up. I’ll keep the gem on me until you’re ready to turn it over.” Vlatko sounded as if he anticipated Rue arguing with him.

“Why?” He stroked a finger over Vlatko’s nose.

“It’ll be harder to take the Heart from me than from you. Even with the vest, you’re vulnerable. I don’t have any weaknesses.” Vlatko bit the tip of Rue’s finger. “Except for you. I don’t plan on giving them the opportunity to use you.”

“I’m glad to know you won’t feed me to the wolves.” He moaned as Vlatko’s tongue teased the pad of his finger.

“The only person who gets you or your body is me.” Vlatko sucked Rue’s finger deep.

“Fuck.” He groaned.

“I’d love to do more to you, but they’re going to be contacting us soon. Do you want to talk to Allaigh or just to the person he brings us?” Vlatko set Rue on his feet.

Rue stuck his tongue out at the other man. “You talk to Allaigh. He’s your contact. I’ll deal with the big guy.”

“This is your show, love.” Vlatko stood up and leaned against the panel. “He should be back any minute now.”

As Valtko finished talking, there was a chime and Rue felt his shoulders tense. For the first time, someone’s life hung on his ability to charm and con. He stepped back to allow Vlatko closer to the screen.


“Who else would it be, baisha? Where is your partner?” The Mitcovian male glared at them.

“Where is the decision maker? I’m not showing mine if you don’t show me yours.” Vlatko was standing right in front of Rue, so the alien couldn’t see him.

Allaigh sighed. “I brought High Councilor Zalaigh.” The security officer stepped away from the screen to allow the High Councilor to take his place.

At the same time, Rue switched places with Vlatko. Rue didn’t have any idea what he was gong to say. He just hoped he could convince the Mitcovian to give them what they needed.

The High Councilor was only slightly smaller than Allaigh and a softer blue. He wore a white tunic and pants. Hanging around his neck was a gold medallion. There was an empty space in the middle of the disc and Rue wondered what used to rest there. He figured it was a symbol of the High Councilor’s office.

“Ah yes. So the envoy from the I.U.M. was right.” Zalaigh nodded at him. “Rue Thaday. Who else would have the nerve to steal the Councilor’s Heart?”

“Sir.” Rue kept his tone respectful, but confident.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Hey TA- it’s getting better and better:) PLEASE keep on writing.

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