Firebird- Part Forty

Firebird copyright (c) 2007 TA Chase

Part Forty-

Vlatko wasn’t surprised by Rue’s tone. Something about the High Councilor commanded respect. Vlatko made sure to stand in the shadows behind Rue. He didn’t want to seem like he was forcing the thief to talk to the Mitcovians.

“Are you here to beg forgiveness and return my planet’s most precious treasure?” Zalaigh’s tone was skeptical.

“No, Sir. First, I’d like to state that I didn’t know the stone I stole was yours until my partner informed me. I was hired for a different job and was told the theft of the stone would be my cover.” Rue’s explanation was basic, but unapologetic.

“We’re supposed to believe the word of a thief?” Allaigh interrupted.

Zalaigh held up a hand and stopped the other Mictovian’s outburst. “It matters very little why you chose to steal our stone. How much do you want from us for the return of the Heart?”

Rue shrugged and Vlatko could tell his lover was uncomfortable with the conversation. He touched Rue’s back, letting the man know he was right there with him.

“If I wanted credits, High Councilor, I would have screwed you all and sold the stone on the open market. I’ve been told I could get a fortune for it. I’m not interested in fortunes.”

“You’re not? Strange declaration from a man who steals for a living.” Allaigh frowned.

Rue gave the security officer a cold stare. Vlatko felt a swell of pride. He knew Rue had always relied on his charm and looks to get what he wanted, but Rue was smart enough to know that wasn’t going to work with the Mitcovians.

“I’m here to discuss a suitable trade with your High Councilor, not some pumped up security guard. Keep interrupting our conversation and the Councilor’s Heart will disappear into someone’s private collection. You’ll become slaves to the I.U.M.”

Vlatko wanted to cheer. He knew the Mitcovians admired confidence and strength. Rue was showing both by confronting Allaigh.

“Allaigh, shut up. Mr. Thaday knows he’s put us in a position of weakness. We have nothing to negotiate with while he has the gem and the presence of the I.U.M. looming behind him.”

“Nothing I do has the sanction of the I.U.M.” Rue laughed. “Trust me. I’m on their hit list by now.”

“Right and that’s why you have one of their trained assassins standing behind you.”

Rue shot him a glance. He didn’t say a word. This was Rue’s show. How the thief described his presence didn’t really matter to him.

“He no longer works for the I.U.M.”

“No one quits the I.U.M. Especially their Security branch.” Allaigh sputtered.

“They do if they have information the I.U.M. doesn’t want made public.” Vlatko spoke up, keeping his voice low and unemotional.

Zalaigh chuckled. “They must hate you.”

“I won’t be getting a Christmas card from them.” He moved back into the shadows.

4 Responses “Firebird- Part Forty”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey there, Sylvie..

    Since both you and Yvonne have asked so nicely, I’ll post the next installment tomorrow as a present to everyone.

    I know you’ll be stopping by tomorrow. I just hope everyone who comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays stop in again tomorrow. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping me a note.

  2. T.A.Chase says:


    He really does just makes you want to run your fingers over his abs, doesn’t he? Or your tongue…whatever strikes your fancy. 🙂

    😉 I’m the expert at

  3. sylvie says:

    I second that motion, Can’t we pretend we’re already tuesday and have the next instalment of this story ???

    Pretty please…


  4. Yvonne says:

    Man!!!! Don’t keep us hanging:( Can this become an hourly blog??

    OBW-I am printing the photo today to take to work with me. That way when it looks like the savages are winning I can pull it out and picture myself (OKAY-it’ll have to be you) loving those abds for HOURS.LOL

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