Firebird- Part Forty-One

Firebird copyright(c) 2007 TA Chase

(because Yvonne and Sylvie asked so nicely)

Part Forty-One:

Rue shook his head. “Let’s get back on track. We have the stone and we’re willing to make a trade with you.”

For a second he heard his mind yelling at him; telling him he was crazy to give up all those credits for a man. He met Vlatko’s dark gaze. Maybe it was the craziest thing he’d ever done, but it just might be the best if it worked out.

“What do we have that you could possibly want?” Zalaigh crossed his arms and glared at him through the vid screen.

“We want the Mitcovian scientist who created the liquid body armor that the I.U.M. uses.” Rue swallowed. Here was where they laughed at him.

“What? Oh hell no, baisha. We won’t give him to you.” Allaigh exploded.

Rue shot a puzzled glance at Vlatko. The assassin frowned and shrugged.

“Allaigh, calm down.” Zalaigh wore a confused expression. “Why do you want him?”

“There’s something wrong with the body armor. Its atomic structure begins to break down and eventually destroys the body from the inside out.” Rue tried to remember what Vlatko had told him. “The person it’s injected in to has a life expectancy of forty years maximum before their bodies can no longer sustain the damage done.”

“Why should we care about their trained killers? If they die, it’s one less danger to us.” Zalaigh pointed out.

“You’re right. I won’t argue that point with you. Before I was hired for this last job, I’d have agreed with you.” Rue shifted, not willing to say more than that.

“Some thing changed your mind.” Zalaigh’s gaze flickered beyond Rue’s shoulder for a second. “Or someone. It’s interesting to see a thief such as you brought to such an unfamiliar place like this.”

“Do we have a deal or not?” Rue didn’t want to waste any more time. Each minute they took discussing the trade was a minute closer to the I.U.M. getting a hold of them.

“There’s a slight problem. I can’t give you the scientist.”

Rue’s heart dropped. It had been worth a try.

“I can allow you to stay on Mitcov and meet with him to see if he can find a solution.”

Allaigh looked as if he had swallowed a fish. Rue could tell the security officer was livid about that choice. Zalaigh shook his head to keep the other Mitcovian from protesting.

“We’ll discuss it and get back to you, High Councilor. The way I see it, my partner and I don’t get anything more than just a meeting out of this kind of trade.” Rue needed to talk to Vlatko. He was almost desperate enough to take it.

Rue knew Vlakto was in pain, though the assassin never complained. The muscle weakness and headaches were getting worse. The only relief Vlatko got was when he touched him and the warmth from Rue’s hands filtered through Vlatko’s body.

“I’m prepared to offer you and your partner asylum. You may live on Mitcov for as long as you like. We will protect you and harbor you.” Zalaigh’s grin was vicious. “Once we have the Heart back, the I.U.M. can’t touch us.”

“High Councilor, we’ll contact you when we’ve reached a decision.” Rue shut the vid down and leaned back, stretching the tension out of his back.

Vlatko’s hands massaged his shoulders and he felt the touch of lips on his head. He sighed. They were a step closer to finding a way to keep Vlatko alive.

18 Responses “Firebird- Part Forty-One”

  1. sylvie says:

    Yes I slept well, Thank you. 🙂

    Good saturday to you.


  2. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey Tay,

    Thanks. I must admit these two have been the funniest couple I’ve written. Mostly because they certainly enjoy sex together…lol.

    I don’t have a newsletter yet, but that’s one of the things C and I will be working on along with my website. 🙂

    So hopefully soon.

  3. T.A.Chase says:

    Hope you had a good night’s sleep, Sylvie. 🙂

  4. Paige Burns says:

    Oy Vey. You’re gonna need an assistant…

  5. Tay says:

    Thank you for this extra treat! Can’t wait for the ‘expanded’ version to hit the, er, cyber shelves.

    I just adore the relationship between these two.

    Do you have an email newsletter to let us know when new books and stories are coming out?

  6. sylvie says:

    I already stop by every days… Even if I usually dont post a comment.

    But I’ll be sure to check you web site when it’ll be up.

    Now I’ll really stop an go to bed, it’s a quarter to midnight here in France and I had a long day at work (begun at 7h40 and ended at 18h45…)

    Good night.


  7. T.A.Chase says:

    I hope you stop by every day..or at least every other day to check out what I’m doing here. 🙂

    Though I’m hoping to have a website up soon. It won’t affect my blog, but it’ll give a better idea of what I’m working on.

  8. sylvie says:

    What will we read if we have to wait so long to read this story… I know… your blog every day 😉


  9. T.A.Chase says:


    My story is called “Two for One”. It’s going into an anthology titled Three. The other authors are Bonnie Dee and Lisa Andel. All of the stories will be about threesomes or menage a trois.

    If we get them in really soon, I’d say it’d be out around May or June from Liquid Silver Books.

    No contracts or anything have been signed, but LSB has already expressed an interest in them. So we’ll see. 🙂

  10. sylvie says:

    Ok, if you can be distracted, when and where this new short story will be published ? And under what title ?


  11. T.A.Chase says:

    It isn’t that far away, but luckily the story has to be 20,000 words or more. I’m at 14,000, so I’m actually not that far away from my goal. If I go over, that’s great, but as long as I get to 20k, I’ll be happy. 🙂

    I don’t mind being distracted.

  12. sylvie says:

    By the end of this month? That’s not far away… So I won’t distract you more from
    your writing.

    Good week-end.


  13. T.A.Chase says:

    Not sure, Sylvie. I haven’t finsihed either I had to stop for a few days while I work on a short story I needed to have in by the end of the month. Have to see if I make that deadline. 🙂

    But as soon as I have Firebird finished and know who’s going to publish it, I’ll let you know.

  14. Sylvie says:

    So we’ll have to wait for the extended version to know more about them… How long will we have to wait ?


  15. T.A.Chase says:


    You’re very welcome. I’m addicted to this story as well. 🙂

    For blog part of the story, we’ll get to see a little bit of the friendship. There’ll be more about Zalaigh and Allaigh in the ‘expanded’ version. I just couldn’t see adding them in on the blog. Too much to focus on.

    Have a great weekend as well.

  16. sylvie says:


    Thank you very much for this part in advance… and also for the information about this friendship to come.

    I’m more and more adicted to this story (in fact all your stories).

    I couldn’t read it earlier due to work, but its the first thing I did when I arrived home (it 19h00 here now)…

    Have a good week-end and again thank you.


  17. T.A.Chase says:

    you’re more than welcome to lick that tattoo.

    Nope, Allaigh has his reasons for being obnixious towards them, but he doesn’t cause any problems.:) Actually he becomes a good friend.

  18. Yvonne says:

    Thank You TA- I am sneaking this at work BECAUSE I NEED IT!!!

    Will Allaigh prove to be a royal pain and cause more problems for the guys?

    Can I lick the tattoo;0

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