Firebird-Part Forty-Three

Firebird copyright (c) 2007 TA Chase

Part Forty-Three-

Vlatko glared at Zalaigh. “Who are you that you can make promises binding all Mitcovians?”
Zalaigh stood and towered over him, but he refused to feel intimidated by the Mitcovian.

“I’m High Councilor, supreme ruler of Mitcov. I’m also the Guardian of the Heart.”

“You sure as hell aren’t the person I stole the stone from.” Rue’s comment caused a smile to chase across Vlatko’s face.

“It seems the I.U.M.’s reach is long. They corrupted one of my closest companions. She took the Heart. I don’t know where she was headed with it when you ran into her. Allaigh and his men caught up to her just minutes after the Heart changed hands.”

Allaigh touched Zalaigh’s back. The security officer’s touch seemed to ease the High Councilor.

“What happens when we give you back the stone?” Vlakto eased over to block Rue with his body. He didn’t think the Mitcovians were interested in killing or hurting them anymore, but he wasn’t willing to stake Rue’s life on it.

“The reuniting of the Heart and the medallion is a private thing. Allaigh will show you to a suite that will be yours for as long as you chose to stay. In the morning after we have rested, we’ll meet and go in search of a cure for you.” Zalaigh’s voice wavered and the High Councilor braced himself on the table.

The High Councilor was weakening. Vlatko didn’t want to chance Zalaigh would get too sick to help him. He tugged the stone from his vest pocket. He started to hand it to Zalaigh.

The High Councilor shook his head. Nodding to Rue, Zalaigh said, “Please, let the thief touch it one more time.”

Rue’s eyes widened, but he reached out with a hesitant hand. Vlatko encouraged him with a smile. If Zalaigh wanted Rue to touch it, Rue would.

A burst of light blinded Vlatko the second Rue’s fingers landed on the fire opal. He yanked the stone away when Rue started to fall. He tossed it towards Zalaigh before catching Rue in his arms.

After making sure Rue was okay, he checked to see Allaigh holding the High Councilor in his own embrace. The councilor’s hands cradled the Heart. Vlatko and Allaigh exchanged a glance. They understood each other. Their first priority was to their lovers.

“I’ll send someone to escort you to your suite.” Allaigh stalked to the door, carrying Zalaigh.

“Thank you and I hope the High Councilor is all right.” Vlatko sat down in a chair and grasped Rue to his chest. “What the hell happened?”

Rue pressed the hand that had touched the opal to Vlatko’s chest. He gasped. It felt as if Rue was holding a burning ember to his skin, even through his clothes.

“Are you okay? Do we need to treat the burns?” He pried one of his own hands from Rue’s body to hold the injured hand to the light.

“No. Aside from the heat, I’m fine.” Rue reassured Vlatko.

Remarkably, the thief was telling the truth. Vlatko’s close inspection of Rue’s hand showed no burns or blisters anywhere.

“What the fuck happened?”

Rue shrugged. “I don’t know. I touched the gem and it was as if a wall of fire shot through me. It was the most intense heat I’d ever felt, but I wasn’t worried about burning up or anything.” Rue shook his head. “You’ll think I’m crazy.”

4 Responses “Firebird-Part Forty-Three”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    It hasn’t been contracted by anyone yet, Yvonne. I tend to wait until I have the story finished before I submit it. I’ve learned that I don’t work best under a deadline. 🙂 So it’ll be a little while yet before I can tell you when to expect it out. 😉

  2. Yvonne says:

    Good Morning TA-Has this been optioned yet by LS?? It needs to be :-))
    You definitely know how to keep up the suspense.

  3. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey there, Sylvie…

    I hope when you find out what the stone does, you’ll be as amazed as I am. 🙂

    We’re getting closer to the end, Sylvie. Of both versions. 🙂

  4. sylvie says:


    Now that I’ve read this part, I want the the end of this story. I really want to know what’s happening with this stone…
    And I know that I won’t be the only one once other will read it too.

    Ok, I know that I have to wait, but it’s more and more difficult.

    It’s the proof that you write compelling stories, if you still need one. Please continu to write stories as good as those you wrote until now.

    Have a great day.


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