Dreary Monday

First of all, sorry I didn’t post anything on Friday. It was one of those times where I thought I did, and then last night, I realized I didn’t. 🙁 Sorry about that. It got really busy for me in the morning and I lost track of what I did and didn’t do…lol.

So I’m posting early today. That way I know for sure I posted and, in case things get really busy again, I’ll be okay. 🙂

Good news. Liquid Silver wants to contract Not Seeing is Believing. As soon as I have a blurb, I’ll post it for you all. It’s a short story, not really angst-ridden or anything. I hope you all enjoy it. I’m thinking it might be out in August or September with LSB’s usual schedule.

Well, I have to go get ready for work. Have a good Monday, everyone.

6 Responses “Dreary Monday”

  1. mariewig says:

    Hi TA
    glad all is well
    we are enjoying the Bank Holiday we even have the nice weather 🙂

  2. ElaineG says:

    Congrats TA….something else to look forward to! Sometimes things just get in the way….glad to know you are ok though. Have a great week!

  3. Cinderella says:

    Yes congrats on the book contract! Glad to know nothing bad was going on with you or yours. When is Tabor Augustus coming to life? Cynthia

  4. Jambrea says:

    These things happen. lol Woohoo! Congrats on your contract! Can't wait! 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    P.S. Love the eye candy, nicely rounded and all that. 😉


  6. Jen says:

    Nothing to apologize for – darn that life of yous getting in the way! 😉 Just glad it was forgetfulness and nothing serious to you or your loved ones.

    Yeah for NSiB! Can't wait.

    Have a quick and tidy type of Monday . . . can't wait for tomorrow's blog either . . . hee hee! 🙂


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