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So I’ll be giving you another snippet from Brazil…or the actual title is Bump Set Score in Rio. 🙂 Got that figured out this week. In the homestretch and should have it finished by next Monday. Yay! Then we’ll be heading off to Monaco for the Formula One Grand Prix and a little gambling. 😀

Have a great day.

Bump Set Score in Rio copyright c. 2014 T.A. Chase & Devon Rhodes


Diego launched himself into the air to try and get the ball before it hit the ground, but the small cloud of sand puffed up inches beyond the tips of his fingers. Sand went up his nose and into his eyes. After he pushed to his feet, he clapped his hands together to clean them.

“It’s all right, dude. We’ll get the next one.” Carlos slapped his ass as he went past to his position on the court.

He nodded, pushing the lost point out of his head to focus on the next. They had lost the first game, eleven to twenty-one, and were behind in this one by four. He didn’t want to lose this match because he wasn’t ready to go home yet. In the round robin tournament, they’d already lost one match and if they lost this one, they were out. If they won, they’d still have a chance.

“You’re a bit of a klutz,” Phineas, one of his opponents, called out as they got ready to play the next point.

Diego shook his head. No point in arguing with the truth. He did have a bit of a problem staying on his feet, but it didn’t usually show itself on the sand. If he’d been walking across the lobby, he could trip over a crack that wasn’t even there.

Most of the time, the trash talking didn’t get bad, though he had come across some guys who didn’t know when to shut the fuck up and it would get intensely personal. Of course, a few of them didn’t speak Portuguese, so he had no way of knowing what they were saying. Those he did, he’d learned to let those insults roll off his back.

Phineas’ partner, Ynavo tossed the ball into the air then did a jump serve right at Carlos. His friend bumped it into the air in just the right angle for Diego to pass it back to him. Carlos leapt up, his hand connecting with the ball, and nailing it back towards Phineas and Ynavo.

Diego tensed, ready to move right or left, depending on where they sent the ball, but he watched as it fell between the two of them. The referee blew the whistle and gestured to their side of the court.

“Point to Melo/Barbosa.”

“That was a dirt dessert,” Carlos commented on the fact it was a sweet kill and Diego gave him a high five as he jogged back to the service line.

“Watch this.” He grinned before spinning the ball on his palm. They had this match. He knew it even though they might be behind. Diego did his own jump-serve, aiming for the middle of the court.

The ball hit in between Phineas and Ynavo. The two men glared at each other, but didn’t say a word.

“Holy shit, man. They totally hubby-wifed it,” Carlos crowed as he congratulated Diego on his serve. “How did you manage that?”

“Not sure, but neither of them looked sure about where they were standing, so I figured they hadn’t decided who would get the pass when I hit it.” Diego wiggled his eyebrows and chuckled. “Let’s finish it.”

They took the next four points then the next game. Diego hugged Carlos before trotting over to shake hands with Phineas and Ynavo.

“Good match, gentlemen.” He slapped Phineas on the shoulder.

“Aye. Well, drinks are on you tonight.” Phineas poked him in the arm. “We’ll meet you two in the lobby later on. Good luck with your next match.”

“You also.”

Diego and Carlos went back to the waiting area. They’d try to relax and stay loose for their next one which would be the winner of the match just starting. Diego stretched a little then found a quiet spot where he could stretch out and listen to his Ipod. He and Carlos would come up with a strategy once they discovered who they’d be playing. He wasn’t overly worried. He closed his eyes and let the samba music fill his mind.