Angel’s Seduction- Part Twenty-Nine

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Angel’s Seduction copyright (c)2006 T.A. Chase

Part Twenty-Nine:

I am surrounded by warmth as I slowly wake up the next morning. Greyson is curled behind me. His prick is hard and nestles in the crease of my ass. His hand curls around my hip. Murmuring something I can’t make out, he begins rocking us together.

“Oh,” I gasp as his teeth nip at the sensitive spot behind my ear. I push back against him and a shiver runs over my skin as the head of his cock bumps my opening.

He rubs his body on mine, reaching for a small jar sitting on the nightstand. I adore the feel of his chest pressed to me. When he settles back behind me, his hand slides under my thigh and lifts my leg forward, allowing better access.

Slick fingers tease me. I rock my hips and bite my lip. I don’t want to beg him to take me, but my body knows what it wants. “Please” slips out, making him smile against my neck. My skin flushes and somehow he knows it’s because I’m embarrassed, not because I’m aroused.

“Never be embarrassed to ask for what you want, Angel. I like knowing you crave my touch.” His warm breath plays over my neck, distracting me as the tip of his finger slides inside me.

No matter how many times we do this, I never get used to the feeling of fullness and that’s just from his fingers. He nibbles along my shoulder and pushes against my back. I roll on to my hands and knees, shamelessly offering myself to him. One finger becomes two and then three. Soon I’m rocking back on, begging without words for his touch.

“God,” I moan as he touches a spot inside me that makes sparks dance in my eyes. “Again.”

Greyson laughs. “Now you’re demanding. Who knew such a little wanton hide under that shy exterior?” He pushes his fingers farther in and twists them.

“Please.” My voice breaks as he begins to rub over that spot with each thrust of his fingers.

Pleasure builds through my body. I can feel it shoot from my head down over my chest to pool at the base of my spine. My prick stiffens and my need grows. Lust ripples my skin as he wraps his rough hand around me and strokes.

“Greyson, I’m going to..” I lean my forehead down on the pillow in front of me. My breath disappears as my desire grabs hold of me and drains me of my seed.

I shudder and spill my essence, but Greyson doesn’t let me go. He rolls me on to my back. Kneeling between my legs, he covers his own prick with the oil and settles the flared head against my opening.

“May I,” he asks while slowly pushing into me.

I nod and relax, letting my lover into me, eager to feel him deep inside me. No hesitation or doubt. He fills me with one long thrust. Our moans float through the room. He waits for a moment, not willing to move until I tell him it’s okay. With a small tilt of my hips, I encourage him to make love to me.

“So tight, love.” His voice is harsh and his hands grip my hips tight.

I can’t catch my breath as he rocks us together. The crown of his shaft hits the magic spot and I cry out. Pleasure begins to build in me and I can’t keep still. My hips rise to meet each of his strokes.

“Move, love. Show me how much you love me.” He takes my hand in his and wraps it around my shaft. “Please yourself.”

My skin heats, but I can’t tell if it’s from embarrassment or desire. I’ve never touched myself. Fear of my father kept me from enjoying any of my life. “What do I do?”

He keeps his hand on mine and moves it down on my shaft. “Do to yourself what I did to make you spill your seed. Move as fast or as slow as you wish.”

My first attempts are feeble. I’m not sure I can pleasure myself in front of him. Soon though, I find I have no choice. With each thrust of his prick into me, my own shaft slides through my hand. All I have to do is adjust the pressure.

“More,” I plead, not sure how much more he can give me, but knowing I need something else.

“Certainly.” He lifts my legs over his forearms and spreads me wider. This opens me even more and he pushes deeper inside.

I lose what rhythm I have and lose myself in the sensations he creates in me. He is becoming a part of me. It’s as if with each thrust, he reaches deep into my soul until we’ll never be separate people again.

“Greyson.” I don’t know what I’m saying or asking for. All I know is he is the only thing in my mind as my pleasure spills from me once again. My inner muscles tighten around him and my hips rock, milking his own climax from him.

“Love you,” he cries, filling me deep inside with liquid heat. He’s branding me and I welcome the warmth.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders when his arms start to tremble. I ease him down on top of me. I don’t mind his weight pressing me into the mattress. In a primordial way, it makes me feel safe to have him surround me with his body. We rest with our breath mingling until our heartbeats stop racing.

He gives me another gentle kiss and then climbs from the bed. He grabs a cloth, wetting it to clean his body. After he’s done, he brings another cloth for me. Greyson makes me lie still while he takes care of me.

He joins me in bed, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me tight to him. We fall asleep, our hearts beating as one.

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  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Well..thank you, Jenna. Just taking after the Queen of hotsa motsa. 😉

  2. T.A.Chase says:

    No crying, Paige. Can’t have my readers emotional all the time, but just wait, I think the two scenes I just finished writing will make people teary-eyed. 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Jenna Howard says:

    Holy hotsa motsa.


  4. Paige Burns says:

    Yeah, no crying today! Wowza!

  5. T.A.Chase says:


    Not only do you need tissues for the tears, but for the drool as well. 🙂 You’re welcome.

  6. T.A.Chase says:

    Always glad to jumpstart the work day for you, JJR. 🙂 Thanks. Hope you have a great day.

  7. S. W. Vaughn says:

    Holy hell.

    Excuse me whilst I clean this drool out of my keyboard…

    HOT! This is the second or third time you’ve melted my monitor, T.A. Thank you. 🙂

  8. Anita says:

    This is a great way to start my work day! *G* Thanks TA!!! Very beautiful!!

  9. T.A.Chase says:

    You’re welcome, Caye. 🙂 I can be persuaded to post more excerpts like this one. Gotta get some hot loving between Greyson and Angel one or two more times before the end.

  10. Celia Kyle says:

    Oh. My. Gawd. That is just hot! Thank you for the yummy man love TA!!! Maybe we don’t need to throw a woman in your next story if we get lots of excerpts like this one. 🙂


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