Angel’s Seduction-Part Twenty-Five

Angel’s Seduction copyright (c)2006 T.A. Chase

Part Twenty-Five:

I open to him and allow his tongue to thrust into my mouth. My hands twine into his hair and his arms wrap around my waist to pull me close to him. Rocking against each other, I rub my prick on his. The barrier of our clothes frustrates me.

Pulling away, I start to unbutton his shirt. I want to feel his skin. Soon Greyson’s shirt finds its way to the floor and I’m running my hands over his chest. Rough hair curls around my fingers. I scrap my thumbnail over the hard nipple. Groaning, his grip tightens on my hips and pulls me even closer to him.

I’m not sure what to do. I stare up at him, trying to figure out what I can do to make him moan. My hand hesitates on his chest.

Looking at me, he must sense my confusion because he takes my hand and presses it hard to his chest. “Do you remember what I did to you last night and earlier today?”

I blush, but nod.

“Then do to me what made you feel good. You won’t disgust me, love.” He brushes his lips over mine.

I breathe deep, trying to settle my nerves. I know he won’t laugh at me. I flex my fingers, kneading the muscles under them. He moans and shivers. Cupping my elbow, he leads me to the bed.

“I think we should both be sitting while you explore.” He laughs and winks.

“Yes.” My knees are feeling wobbly and I’m happy for the support of the mattress.

Leaning back against the headboard, he holds his arms out to me. I shake my head and kneel next to him. His hands drop to the blanket.

“I’m all yours. Do what you wish.”

He is laid out before me like a vast frontier I long to explore. My trembling hands trail down the crisp hair on his chest to where it thins to a single line that disappears under his trousers. Shooting a quick glance up at his face, I see his blazing blue eyes are half closed and he is watching me intently. My hand hovers over the bulge covered by fabric.

“Everything or nothing. It’s up to you, Angel.” He isn’t going to force me.

I run my fingers lightly over the length of his shaft. He takes a sharp breathe and a surge of power rushes through me. My hands tremble as I reach out and unbutton his trousers. He’s silent, but raises his hips to help me strip his clothes off. Soon he is naked and I finally have a chance to look at him.

His body is muscled and trim. He doesn’t seem to be sliding into dissipation like many noblemen. I skate my hand over the dark circle of flesh on his chest. It hardens, so I flick it with a fingernail. He jerks and I lean down to lick his nipple with my tongue. He tastes salty from sweat, but his own unique taste still dances in my mouth. His hands entwine in my hair and urges me to move to his other nipple. I give it my undivided attention. Soon it is red and Greyson is moaning.

As much as I am enjoying teasing him with my tongue, I find I’m being distracted by the brush of his hard shaft against my thigh. Pulling back, I glance down at his groin and a groan escapes my throat. His cock isn’t as long as mine, but it’s thicker. The flared head has been revealed in all its red moist glory. I swipe my thumb over the wet tip and bring it to my lips. His seed tastes bitter and salty.

His intake of breath caused me to glance up and I see him staring at me with intense interest. A sudden attack of shyness hits me. I look back down at his shaft. Since I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m not sure what I should do. I know I want to give him as much pleasure as he gave me earlier today. I clasp my hand around him and stroke gently.

“I won’t break, love.” He wraps his hand around mine and shows me how the rhythm he enjoys.

Soon I’m pumping my hand up and down his shaft with a rough and quick motion. His hips move with me, thrusting him into my palm. The seed leaking from the slit in his head helps to ease the way. My other hand never settles in one place. I play with his nipples, then slide down to fondle and squeeze his sac. I feel his muscles start to tense.

“Angel, I’m close.” His voice is hoarse and filled with passion.

I frown, not sure what he means.

“I’m going to spill my seed.” How he manages to explain while breathing so hard is beyond me.

“Oh.” I find I want to have him empty his seed into my mouth like I did to him earlier. “Wait.”

A strangled chuckle comes from his chest. “I don’t think you know what you’re asking me.”

“I want to take you in my mouth and give you the same pleasure you gave me.” I wiggle around, stretching out on the bed beside him. My hand keeps stroking him, but I place my mouth round the tip of his shaft. I remember how he swallowed me down, so I open my mouth and suck him in. When the head hits the back of my throat, I gag and pull off him, coughing and embarrassed.

His hand runs over the top of my head. “You’re new at this, love. Don’t try to take it all in at once. In time, you’ll be able to taste all of me, but for now, a little will be fine.”

Nodding, I compose myself. I can do this. I want to do this. Greyson has given me more pleasure than I ever imagined possible. I’d like to return some of it to him. I place my lips around him again and take the tip of his shaft in.

I swirl my tongue around the silky hardness. I tease him with my teeth, not enough to cause pain. I can feel his blood pulsing through the vein on the underside of his shaft. I pull off with a pop and lick to the base. He groans and I have the feeling he’s enjoying my inexperience.

I go back to the tip and take a little more in this time. I apply suction to it, massaging it the best I can with my tongue. He’s panting now and moving his hips in short thrusts, trying hard not to push it all the way into my mouth, I suppose. Silently, I vow to learn how to take all of him in.

“Love, going to spill.” He tugs on my hair.

I know he wants me to pull off and not swallow his seed, but I want to taste him. He did the same for me and I can do no less. I shake my head and increase the licking and suction.

“Oh God,” he cries out as his hands cup my head and his seed fills my mouth in short bursts.

I try hard to swallow it all, but soon it is leaking from the sides of my mouth. When he is finally still, I pull off and rest my head on his hip.

“Angel, come here.” His hands reach out and lift me up to lie on his chest.

Our faces are inches apart and he smiles at me. His eyes are hazy with exhaustion and love. He runs a finger over my chin, cleaning off his seed from my face. He brings our mouths together and moans. I love the mixture of his own unique scent and the salty bitterness of his seed. Our tongues duel as he searches out every inch of my mouth and touches it.

His hands cup my buttocks and rub me against his hip. “Move, love. Take your pleasure now.”

It wouldn’t be long. I could feel my sac tighten and my cock beg for release while I dined on my lover. A few hard thrusts against his body and I’m spilling my seed as well. I cry out and press my face into his shoulder.
When my shudders fade, he climbs out of bed. Greyson undresses me and then cleans us both. By the time he comes back to bed, I’m almost asleep. He settles, his chest to my back and wraps his arms around me. I grasp his hand in mine and lay them over my heart beat.

“I love you, Angel,” his voice whispers in my ear.

I love you too, I want to say, but sleep has captured me and I tumble without saying the words.

9 Responses “Angel’s Seduction-Part Twenty-Five”

  1. T.A.Chase says:


    Thanks for enjoying this so much. I’m having fun with it as well. I think we’ll learn more about Greyson later on as we get closer to the end. And you’ll find out who the mysterious guy is. 😉

  2. T.A.Chase says:

    Whew! Glad you could make it, SW. It’s not the same without a comment from you. 🙂


  3. T.A.Chase says:


    it is nice to see him willing to reach out for what he wants and Greyson’s going to be a very happy guy. 🙂

  4. Anita says:

    I am loving this, TA! Angel is growing slowly but surely and it makes me happy! Greyson is such a great guy. If I’m not mistaken, you mentioned Grey having someone in his past? I wonder if we will get to learn more about that and his past in general later on mayhaps?! *G*

    I wonder who the mysterious guy was on Tuesday?! *G*

    Thanks TA!!

  5. S. W. Vaughn says:

    Oh my gosh I didn’t think I was going to make it here today! GASP!

    You are SO good. This is hot stuff. Just… yummy!

  6. Anonymous says:

    wow- Angel
    I like how he is starting to accept his desires – but then to act on them- lucky Greyson

  7. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks, ladies. Yep..I’m thinking Angel has come a long way, hasn’t he?

  8. Sherrill Quinn says:

    I’m so happy for Angel. And Greyson. 🙂

  9. Jenna Howard says:

    *gasp* Oh.


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