Angel’s Seduction- Part Thirty-Two

Angel’s Seduction copyright (c)2006 T.A. Chase

Part Thirty-Two:

I stare at my uncle and my hands shake from nerves. He greets us with warm affection, offering drinks and a place to sit.

“My dear boy, I must say that staying with Greyson agrees with you. I’ve never seen you look better.” He smiles at me.

“Thank you.” I struggle to find the words. I glance over at the duke.

Greyson nods to encourage me, but offers no words. He’s with me to support me. That is all. I must find out the full story on my own.

I brace myself and ask, “Are you helping me because you feel guilty about Jonathon?”

Uncle’s face pales and shock fills his eyes. I allow him time to recover. I see pain, loss, and sadness race across his face.

“I wasn’t sure you remembered him. You were so young when he died.” He stares over my shoulder, lost in memories.

“I met someone yesterday who reminded me. All I really remember is leaving your house when I was ten. You and Jonathon were arguing. Two weeks later, Father informed me my cousin was dead. It was at that moment my life turned into hell.” I jump to my feet and start to pace. “Did Father know about Jonathon and the groom? How could he know I’d want the same thing? I was only ten for the love of God.”

Greyson reaches out and takes my hand. He pulls me down to sit next to him on the couch. His touch calms me.

“He knew about my son because in my anger and grief, I turned to him. It was a mistake. See, the uncle I received the title from was a member of your brotherhood. Your father hated him and then to find out his own nephew was a sodomite caused him to snap. He feared you turning out the same way. I guess he figured by holding you captive, he could keep you from ever encountering that sort of life. He thought he could beat the demon out of you.” Uncle stares at me with remorse-filled eyes. “Can you forgive me? When I realized how much he’d isolated you, I tried to get you free, but everyone in your house feared him.”

“I forgive you. You were the only bright spot while I was growing up. I didn’t know or care if you loved me. The only thing that mattered was you didn’t hate me. There was no yelling or screaming at me. You made me feel normal and I’ll thank you forever for that.”

We’re silent for a moment. Both of us are dealing with new aspects of our relationship.

“You said you were reminded of Jonathon? How? Who would remember him?” Uncle frowns.

“I met Jonathon’s lover, the groom.” My uncle doesn’t need to know the rest.

Uncle sits forward, resting his elbows on his knees and stares at the floor. “It took me quite a few years to forgive him. In my anger, I managed to convince myself that he was the reason why my son died. I couldn’t accept my part in the tragedy. Then one morning it was as if a light came on in my head. Of all of us, the groom was the most harmed and the least to blame. He merely loved my son.”

I hear the pain in my uncle’s voice. I want to go to him and ease it, but only time can ease his memories.

“Jonathon and I were the ones to blame in the whole thing. My anger and fear of what society would think blinded me to the fact that I was denying my own son. Jonathon didn’t have the courage to face life without me supporting him. He was afraid of being poor and having to work. That fear was stronger than any love he had for the young groom.” Uncle glances up at me. “Who is he? Do you think he’d be willing to meet me so I can ask for his forgiveness?”

I shake my head. “I won’t tell you who he is, Uncle. His life is his to tell, not mine. I fear he still blames you for all of it. He isn’t ready to give you forgiveness.”

“No, I didn’t think he would be. Is he happy?” There is a need in my uncle to believe he didn’t ruin Shade’s life.

“He’s alive, that’s all I can say. I don’t know if he is happy or not, but I do know he still mourns Jonathon. Maybe someday he’ll remember the good in their relationship.” I shrug.

“My solicitor has looked over the papers you had drawn up, making Angel your heir. They’re legal and binding, so if Angel wishes, he can sign them.” Greyson enters the conversation, trying to bury the sadness for another day.

“Good. Have you decided what you’ll do, son?” Uncle leans back and relaxes.

“I have thought about it. It took a day or two to make my mind understand what you’re offering. I never expected to inherit anything. To be honest, I expected to be dead by now. My father didn’t seem to care whether I lived or died.” I rest against Greyson. “Suddenly, I find myself free of my father and being offered a title. Plus being loved by a man the likes of which I couldn’t imagine, not even in my deepest fantasies.”

“A bit overwhelming, huh?” Uncle chuckles.

“Just a bit.” I take Greyson’s hand in mine and play with his fingers. “When I survived all those brutal beatings and my own suicide attempt, I would wonder why God wouldn’t let me die. I wasn’t worth anything to anyone. It made no difference if I lived or disappeared off the face of the earth. I remember begging for my father to kill me. Put me out of my misery. End my life because Hell couldn’t be any worse than what I was living.”

The duke lifts our entwined fingers and presses a kiss on my knuckles. “I, for one, am glad that He chose to let you stay. I’m sorry for all the pain you had to suffer, love, but things are different now. No pain. No anger. Only love.”

I’m comforted by his words, even though I know there will be days when we argue. I’m tasting freedom for the first time and I have a feeling I won’t meekly accept everything he expects of me. I’ve discovered I do have a backbone after all.

6 Responses “Angel’s Seduction- Part Thirty-Two”

  1. Anita says:

    Another great installment!! Loving this story more and more with each word!! Thanks T.A.

  2. Jenna Howard says:

    Oooh go Angel!!

    Fantabulous…of course. *mwah*

  3. Paige Burns says:

    Yeah! *sniff* I fear the end is near…


  4. S. W. Vaughn says:

    Hooray for Angel! And poor Uncle…

  5. T.A.Chase says:


    Thanks. I’m happy to report that Angel does use his newly discovered backbone soon. 🙂

    I do really like HBD’s cover. I think I’ve been lucky so far in getting two great covers.

  6. Sherrill Quinn says:

    I’ve discovered I do have a backbone after all.

    Woohoo!! Go, Angel!

    As always, an exceptional read, T.A. And the cover to HBD is gorgeous! 🙂

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