Wolf’s Survival

Wolf’s Survival copyright c. 2010 T.A. Chase

Part Twenty-One-

Bella’s barking alerted Oliver that a truck was coming up the drive. Jacob had gone out to the herd, though he said he’d be back when the Bureau agent showed. Oliver smiled at the way Jacob had growled at him after he’d told his lover he didn’t need Jacob to hold his hand. He was an adult, used to doing things on his own. Jacob had yanked him into his arms and kissed him, hard and possessively. Oliver’s mind had melted and he’d forgotten what they were arguing about until after Jacob left.

The vehicle stopped and turned off. Oliver pushed open the front door, stepping out on the porch. The dogs had the man surrounded while Bella joined Oliver.

“Leave him be,” Oliver ordered.

The dogs ignored him and he frowned. He started to head out, but Bella sat in front of him, blocking his access to the stairs.

“Bella, what are you doing?”

“What she’s trained to do, protect you.” Jacob stalked around the corner of the house. His low whistle brought the dogs to him. “I’m Jacob Tasker.”

The agent didn’t offer to shake hands with Jacob. “I’m going to pull my ID from my pocket.”

Jacob inclined his head, like a king granting a boon to a subject. Oliver rolled his eyes.

“When you’re done playing king of the manor, could you escort Agent Michaels in? I have coffee ready.”

Oliver whirled around and strolled in the house, trying hard not to stomp and act like a child. Christ, the man’s arrogance was enough to try the patience of a saint, and Oliver never claimed to be one of those.

“I appreciate you letting me come out here, Mr. Tasker. I need to talk to Mr. Wingate about the attack, but I don’t think he’d be welcomed back in Red Cliff.”

Agent Michaels looked older than Jacob, around fifty or so. His short hair streaked with gray, plus the lines around his mouth spoke of long and lonely hours spent searching out killers, robbers, and just plain evil people. The agent managed to keep himself in shape, but there was weariness about him that made Oliver want to hug Michaels and offer him a place to relax for a while.

“I don’t trust those redneck assholes any further than I could throw them,” Jacob snarled.

“Probably a good idea. If I wasn’t used to keeping an eye out for an attack, I’d probably have ended up dead in a ravine somewhere near by.” Agent Michaels turned to greet Oliver. “Mr. Wingate, I’m glad to see you’re doing well.”

“Agent Michaels.” Oliver offered his hand. “Thank you for driving all the way out here.”

“No problem, and please, call me Andrew.”

“And you can call me Oliver.” He grinned at Andrew, ignoring the way Jacob loomed beside them. “Please come in and sit down. Would you like some coffee?”

“I would love some. Thank you.” Andrew sat down, tugging a notebook from his inside pocket.

“Do you take sugar, or milk,” he called over his shoulder as he went into the kitchen.

“Just black.”

Oliver reached up to pull out some coffee mugs. He hid his smile as Jacob crowded him against the counter.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jacob growled, pressing his lips against Oliver’s ear.

“I’m just being nice to Agent Michaels since we’re inconveniencing him by making him come all the way out here.” He leaned back, allowing Jacob to take his weight.

Jacob wrapped Oliver into a strong embrace, nuzzling Oliver’s neck. “It better be just being friendly. I don’t share at all, Ollie. Remember that.”

Turning around, he stared at Jacob with just as fierce a glare as his lover gave him. “I don’t share either. I might not be big or scary like you, but I will fight for what’s mine.”

The stunned look on Jacob’s face confused him. Was Jacob surprised that Oliver would be so possessive or was it the fact that someone would be willing to fight for him that shocked Jacob?

“Okay. Now that we’ve established we’re in a serious monogamous relationship, we shouldn’t leave our guest waiting.”

Jacob grabbed him and kissed him hard, biting his bottom lip and soothing it with his tongue. As much as Oliver wanted to lose himself in Jacob’s arms, the Bureau couldn’t be put off anymore. He pushed away and shook his head at the handsome man.

“Stop that. Take the coffee into the living room.”

He pushed the tray into Jacob’s hands, and shoved him toward the other room. After Jacob left, Oliver gave himself a hard thump. He didn’t want to get interviewed while sitting there with a hard-on.

Wandering in, he found Jacob telling Agent Michaels who he thought was responsible for the attack on Oliver.

“Check out Von Hausling. He’s an idiot and wouldn’t have any problem beating a man smaller than him. Also, he’s a coward. If Oliver had been armed, he never would have attacked him.” Jacob’s teeth were clenched, and his hands fisted on his thighs.

“You said you had pictures of Oliver’s injuries. Do you have a doctor’s report?” Andrew wrote Jacob’s report down.

“Yes. I’ll go get them.”

They watched Jacob leave the room before Andrew turned to Oliver.

“Seems a bit protective of you,” Andrew commented.

Oliver ducked his head and blushed. “Well, he tends to get possessive of things that linger on his property. I think he begins to claim them as his. Comes from not leaving the place very often.”

“You know, I did a background check on Jacob Tasker.”

While Oliver’s curiosity was peaked, he didn’t raise to the bait. Whatever Jacob wanted Oliver to know, Jacob could tell him. He wasn’t going to learn it from a stranger.

Oliver smiled blandly. “You wouldn’t be doing your job if you didn’t check on him.”

“Aren’t you interested in knowing the man who rescued you?”

“Not if he doesn’t want to tell me.”

A noise drew his attention and he saw Jacob standing just inside the entrance from the hallway. The way the man’s head was tilted, Oliver knew he’d heard the exchange between Oliver and Andrew. Jacob walked over and handed Andrew a file.

Passing Oliver, he stopped and cupped the back of Oliver’s head, bringing their mouths together.
“Thank you,” Jacob whispered against his lips.

“You’re welcome.” He knew exactly what Jacob was thanking him for.

11 Responses “Wolf’s Survival”

  1. Teresa says:

    I just love this story! *sigh* Yea for Ollie showing Jacob he doesn't share and is waiting for him to tell his secrets. I love how he described Jacob as claiming things that linger on his property. Fantastic TA as usual!

  2. melanie says:

    Aww, just love Ollie. He keeps surprising me. Love that he told Jacob that he is just as possessive as him, and that he will wait for Jacob to tell him about himself. Wonderful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you and your books get me hot!

  4. ElaineG says:



    Can't wait til Thursday. Ollie and Jacob are such a great couple.

  5. Cinderella says:

    Keep on rolling, love this so much!! On pins and needles here.

  6. Jambrea says:

    Go Ollie, go Ollie, go! WOOHOO! Show Jacob who's boss. lol

    What a great installment. The ending was wonderfully romantic. 🙂

  7. mamasand2 says:

    Another great installment, TA. I loved the trust and caring shown in it.


  8. Kendra says:

    Yee Haw…more more more…PLEASE.

  9. Rhonda says:

    TA, awesome like always! Thanks!

  10. Jen says:

    Love the jealousy and the loyalty.

    TA – this is a great story that I hope doesn't end any time soon!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Loving the story.


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