Wicked Wednesday

Well, I was far busier this weekend than I planned. I didn’t get a lot done, but I made up for it yesterday. Added another 3k to Shades of Dreams, which is coming along. I’m hoping to have it finished by the middle of Sept. Once that happens, I’ll let you know when the release date for it is.

Aside from my blog story, I’ve been working exclusively on Shades. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my post for last Friday. I really am floored by your support. And for those of you who are disappointed, thank you for posting as well. You have every right to feel that way and to say something about it.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.

8 Responses “Wicked Wednesday”

  1. Sweetums says:

    I agree with Jen. Your gender has nothing to do with your writing. I was surprised but not disappointed.

    Glad to hear SoD is coming soon. Can't wait.


  2. Jen says:

    Hey TA – I forgot to ask:

    Any news on JTs story? That lil' punk needs a strong hand . . . in just the right place. 😉

  3. Cinderella says:

    OK So today is not a great spelling day for me I just got out of accounting 1 and it is killing me I so suck big horse cock it there, Cynthia

  4. Cinderella says:

    Hey we need no publisher we will buy directly from you….LOL!! I am exstatic to hear about SoD but I want Tabor also… and JD and Etc Etc LMAO no end to the books I want from your brain. Have a grat wednesday. Cynthia

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love below the neck but something about his face unnerves me in not a good way. Maybe a little smirk would have helped. Otherwise he is scrumptious!

    just sitting waiting for SoD. lol

    Have a good one.


  6. Yvonne says:

    AT LAST!! I get to post early. lol I am in London getting the progeny settled into school and have been looking and posting LATE!!

    Yea for SoD, can't wait till its published.

    Now about the eye candy selection-I really thinks he needs to be checked up close and personal….you know just in case he has problems gettin' those jeans on. *g*


  7. Jen says:

    You're to nice – I say bugger off to those who want to be difficult. 🙂 Let them worry about their own backyards (no pun intended, honestly!) lol

    Okay – about SoD – is it really pathetic that I'm complaining that mid-Sept isn't soon enough? lol What publisher is lucky enough to snatch it up?

    Love the eye candy and love Geeks!

    Happy Hump Day, TA – and to everyone else also! 🙂

  8. Jambrea says:

    I LOVE that picture. Love it!!!

    Woohoo on working on Shades of Dreams. I can't wait for that one to be on my TA shelf.

    And…tomorrow…more Geeks. Can't Wait!!!

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