Where the Devil Dances

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Where the Devil Dances copyright (c) 2007 T.A. Chase

Part Ninteen–

Eric settled into the space between David’s legs. David leaned against a tree and provided the perfect object to rest against for Eric. Muscled arms wrapped around Eric’s waist and he laid his head on David’s chest. He listened to the steady beat of David’s heart. The thumping reassured him.

He didn’t tense when David’s hands made their way under his shirt to stroke along his skin. The touch was soft enough not to bother his scars, though lately Eric hadn’t been in as much pain. The doctors told him as the years went by, his nerves would heal to the point where he wouldn’t be in pain all the time.

“Is this okay?” David’s question brushed over his ear.

He nodded. “Perfect.”

The dogs chased each other around the park. They jumped and rolled, barking and growling. Eric laughed when Raoul dragged over a stick that was bigger than his dog. He grabbed it and broke it in half before throwing it as far as he could without getting up. Raoul and Buster chased after it.

“How long have you had Raoul?” David stroked a rough hand over Eric’s arm.

Eric shivered. The cotton fabric of his shirt caressed his skin and the sensation zinged through him. He thought about David’s question. “About two years. My friend, Tina, gave him to me shortly after I was released from the hospital. She said looking after Raoul would give me something else to focus on. He’s been good therapy. We go for walks every day. He makes sure I don’t become a hermit.”

“I got Buster for the same reason. My job is so crazy. I could go days without getting outside to enjoy what the world looks like. I’ve been lucky. Teresa takes him when I’m working several days in a row. Timmy likes playing with him.” David nuzzled into Eric’s hair.

“I always wanted a dog, but I’d lived in apartments before now, so I didn’t want to leave a dog cooped up in there while I was working. Right before my injuries, I was going to buy a house and was considering getting a pet. My lover at the time didn’t mind dogs. We were going out to look at potential pets at the humane society the day of the fire.”

Eric waited for the tension to return when he mentioned the fire, but David’s arms around him made him feel safe. Maybe he could talk about it without having a panic attack.

“Your lover? You’re not still together because I can’t see anyone letting you go once they had you.” David pressed a kiss on the sensitive spot behind Eric’s ear.

Eric turned to wrap his arms around David and buried his face in the crook where David’s neck and shoulder met. “No. He died in the fire.”

Their embrace tightened as David held him close for a few minutes, whispering ‘sorry’ over and over. Tears pricked Eric’s eyes. When he’d finally been free of the drugs the doctors had pumped into him to numb the pain, Eric had cried for days. He’d loved Winston and had been ready to be with him forever, but fate stepped in and took Win away.

“We attended Mass. Winston was Catholic and loved the rituals of the Church. I went because it made him happy. He wanted to talk to the priest after the service. Father Mitchell was a good man.” Eric sighed, closing his eyes and snuggled closer to David’s warmth. “I stayed in the sanctuary and drew. I took my sketch pad with me everywhere in those days. I loved the stain glass windows in the church. I was trying to draw them. I didn’t notice the smoke or anything until it was too late for Winston and Father Mitchell.”

David began to rock him, holding him securely in unwavering arms. Eric realized David knew what happened to the other two men. Being a firefighter, David had probably seen burn victims and fatalities before.

“I stood up.” Eric shrugged. “I’m not sure what I was going to do. The fire was fully engaged by that point and there was nothing I could do except leave.”

He shuddered, remembering the moment before his memory went blank. That was the worse part. He didn’t know if he had seen the arsonist or not. He’d heard him and that insanity-tinged voice haunted his nightmares.

“Something hit me in the head and as I was falling, I heard a voice say ‘the fire will cleanse you of his touch.’ Then everything went black until I woke up. I don’t know how long I was unconscious. I just know the fire burning my clothes drove me from the darkness.”

“Hush, Eric.” David smoothed his hands up and down Eric’s back. “No more.”

He pulled back. “But I want to tell you.”

David shook his head. “No more today. You can tell me the rest later.”

Eric threaded his fingers in the short curls at the base of David’s neck and tugged the man to him. The kiss started out gentle, but soon morphed into a passionate demand. Eric wanted David to drive the memories of that day out of his head. To fill those dark spots with bright moments.

Their tongues stroked and dueled as Eric twisted to straddle David’s lap. David’s large hands cupped Eric’s ass and squeezed. Eric rocked, pushing their groins together. His cock rubbed against fabric and a sound of frustration growled from his throat. He wanted more.

Laughter rumbled in David’s chest. Eric felt his lover’s hands on the button of his jeans. He sucked in his stomach to give David more room. He gasped into David’s mouth when the heat of his jeans was replaced by the even hotter grasp of David’s hand.

David pumped and Eric arched his hips, throwing his head back. Nibbling along the long column of Eric’s throat, David encouraged him to move.

“Come, baby,” David murmured against Eric’s skin.

Eric held David’s shoulders tight as he fucked the callused hand holding his shaft. His body tingled all over and there was no thought that they were out in a public park, doing something that could get them arrested. The only thought was to achieve his climax as fast as possible.
David’s other hand slid around to push down the back of Eric’s jeans and tease the top of Eric’s crease.

“Ah.” Eric couldn’t get his mouth to form any word.

“I can smell you. Please, Eric. I want to see you come.”

The words whispered hotly against the base of his throat drove him over the edge. His balls drew tight to his body as he emptied his cum over David’s hand.

“David,” he groaned and collapsed onto the hard body beneath him.


He drifted while David cleaned them off and tucked him back in his jeans. He was lifted off David’s lap and laid back on the blanket they’d been sitting on. Another blanket was draped over him. A kiss brushed his temple.

“Sleep, baby.”

His eyes closed and he sighed. His body relaxed and his mind was blank. No memories to haunt him. Replacing pain with pleasure seemed like the perfect plan.

7 Responses “Where the Devil Dances”

  1. loopdlu says:

    that was lovely TA…perfect end to the week 🙂

  2. Gina, Book Dragon says:

    What they said.

  3. Carol H says:

    T.A. you rock. I love the way you tell the story. Thank you for the tenderness.

  4. T.A.Chase says:

    I thought it was good to end the week on a high note. And since Eric opened up more to David, he needed some extra loving. 🙂

  5. bradleymel says:

    So beautiful…I love the tenderness and passion. It’s a great way to end the week and really leave me looking forward to next time.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Beautiful,just beautiful. How do you manage to show so much passion in such a short scene??
    This is a great way to start the weekend.

  7. Julie says:

    I kept waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop….thanks for ending this week with such a touching scene…it makes my heart all warm and fluttery…*sighs*

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