Welcome 2007 and….

Angel’s story will be out at 7 pm EST tonight at Liquid Silver Books. I’ll post a live link as soon as it goes on sale. (to make it easier for you all to go and buy it..shameless, I know…lol) *Liquid Silver is experiencing some server problems…so there’ll be a slight delay in publishing Angel’s Evolution. As soon as it’s fixed and the books are available, I’ll let everyone know.*

Also, more good news. I just found out that No Going Home from LSB was the #1 bestseller for Third Quarter there (July, August, September) Go Les and Randy. Thanks to everyone who bought my cowboys. I can’t tell you how much knowing you all love them as much as I do makes me smile.

Well, yesterday was fun. I added another 2k to Firebird…stuff that I won’t be posting though. Just little extras to some scenes I’ve already written. But I’m getting closer to the end. It’s amazing how much sex these two have had. By far the most ‘busy’ couple I’ve written about…maybe it’s because they don’t let their baggage get in the way and they understand each other from the beginning. 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and take time to relax and recover today.

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