Wednesday Wondering

When I’m in bed at night or in the morning, I can’t let any part of my body hang over the edge of the mattress…like my hand or foot. Part of the reason is they get The other must be some subconscious thing about monsters under the bed grabbing my hand and pulling me under. *shrug* That’s the only thing I can think of to explain why I can’t do it.
Can any of you let your feet or hands hang over the edge of your bed?
Have a great Wednesday.

19 Responses “Wednesday Wondering”

  1. T.A.Chase says:


    I did that on occassion when I was younger.

    The whole someone creeping around the house thing is worse for me when I’m by myself at night and my cats freak out about some noise. Then I get wondering if there’s something in the basement I should be nervous about. 🙂

  2. Anne Douglas says:

    As a kid I used to jump from the middle of the room to my bed in one huge leap. There was no way in hell you could have got me to stand beside the bed at night time.

    Now it’s more about paranoia about someone creeping around my house.

  3. T.A.Chase says:


    You have a better reason for not liking your hands and feet hanging over the edge. Snakes, scorpions and spiders are definite reasons to stay covered up. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. granyquick says:

    Same here. I can’t sleep next to the outside edge . I have to have the bed shoved up against the wall with a body pillow shoved in the gap and then sleep closer to the wall . My fear isn’t based on monsters though . It has to do with finding snakes, spiders, stinging scorpions, ect.. under the bed growing up out in the Texas Hill country. Rattle snakes were always a nice suprise early in the morning .

  5. T.A.Chase says:


    I’m thrilled that I convinced you to de-lurk. It seems to me that we aren’t the only ones who believe/fear there are monsters under the bed that might get us. 🙂 It’s nice to know there’s a quiet club of us.

    Surfing and snorkelling sounds like great fun, especially as I’m thinking about the snow outside. 🙂

    I hope you post more often, but if you decide not to, thanks for doing it this once and thanks for stopping by.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi T.A.
    I do believe you have managed to entice me into ‘de-lurking’, simply because I am surprised and delighted to find I am not the only one. I don’t like to have any body parts hanging over the bed for the same reason, though I am getting good at convincing myself there is nothing under there but a few errant dust bunnies. When I was a kid I didn’t like to have any part uncovered either, but I am better with this now.
    I feel for you guys covered in snow at the moment, as I am in the middle of a glorious summer where I am (sunny Queensland on the east coast of Australia), lots of sun, surfing and snorkelling.
    Hope you are snuggelling up an keeping warm.

  7. T.A.Chase says:


    You’re not the only adult who still worries. I do and on occassion have been known to check under the bed. I’ve finally broken myself of having the closet door shut at night. Almost as scary as the monsters under the bed are the ones who live in the closet. 😉

  8. crowwoman / rhian says:

    Confessing with GREAT embarrassment – i thought i was the only adult on the planet that still thought about and secretly feared monsters under the bed. It’s freaking murder in the summertime because i still have to be COMPLETELY covered with no dangling parts exposed.(Tougher for guys i’m sure seeing that they have more dangly parts – heh.) I won’t walk into an unlit closet either. EVER.

  9. T.A.Chase says:


    Falling seems to be the consenus on the whole hand thing. 🙂

  10. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey there Cathie,

    Glad you stopped by. The pic is nice, isn’t he?

    I’ve never had the feeling of falling out. My fear is totally about someone grabbing my hand or foot. Of course, my other fear is waking up and having someone standing next to the bed, staring down at me.

    I’m setting up a newsletter soon. If you want to email me your email addy at chase.ta at gmail dot com and I’ll add you to the list. I’m hoping to get something out before Valentine’s Day.

  11. T.A.Chase says:


    Nope there’s nothing else to the pic..just the odd things I think about in the

    Snow, huh? We haven’t gotten any new snow, but it’s still entirely too cold here.

  12. T.A.Chase says:

    See, I can’t even have one foot uncovered. Every part of my body must have a blanket/sheet/whatever on. I was an odd child…lol. I used to sleep with my entire head except for my nose covered. (That was so I could breathe.)

    Yummy monsters under the bed…never thought of that. There might be a story there.

  13. T.A.Chase says:


    I got to thinking about it this morning right before I got out of bed. I just can’t let my hand or foot hang off the bed. 🙂

    Strange, but true.

    Have a great night.

  14. Jenna Howard says:

    I can’t have anything dangle over the bed for the simple fact I think I’m about to fall out of bed.

  15. Caffey says:

    One quick question T.A. do you have a group for the newsletter? I couldn’t find a link or email to ask you. Sorry.

  16. Caffey says:

    Hi T.A. My first time visiting your blog 🙂 Met you at chat earlier this week.
    When my page was loading up, there was no picture til I got through most of the email and then I saw the pic and trying to now figure it out 🙂
    I can’t be at the edge of the bed, nor my hands or feet over. I get the feeling of falling out. So I sleep almost towards the middle of the bed. Poor hubby.
    As for the pic, really nice 🙂

  17. Yvonne says:

    Only in the summer and only one foot. What made you ponder this today? Is there something about the pic that we can’t see???

    We now have a whopping 1.5″ in Annapolis and true to form things have come to a screeching halt.
    But at least it is pretty.

  18. Paige Burns says:

    I don’t know about over the edge of the bed, but I tend to stick one foot out from under the covers.

    Monsters under the bed huh? Are they the yummy kind? 😉

  19. sylvie says:


    Why this question, but I’ll answer it anyway: Yes I can without any problem (at least in summer, cause in winter I get too cold to let anything dangle ).

    Have a great day.


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