Wednesday Oh Yum…

He has a bit of a baby, fresh faced look to him, doesn’t he? But heck, he’s still cute. 🙂

Not much going on. Still working hard on the WiP and getting more scenes/dialogue for the next Home book. So as soon as I get working on that one, it should fly by.

Enjoy the fireman and have a great Wednesday.

3 Responses “Wednesday Oh Yum…”

  1. Jambrea says:

    Good luck on your writing and that guy is HOT!

  2. Melissa Bradley says:

    What a hottie! I’d like to put out some fires with him…Did I say that out loud? lol

    Have a great Wednesday and I agree with Yvonne we need a loooong post tomorrow to celebrate. And if you could arrange a little fireworks…

  3. Yvonne says:

    Hi TA,
    He is a little young-but those pecs look like they need some attention lol.
    I liked yesterdays post and am looking forward to Thurs!!!!! Since it is a holiday weekend-can we have a looooong post????? (wink,wink,nod,nod,).

    Have a great Wed. I close tonight so mine won’t be over until 11pm.Oh,well-the things we do for dicounts on books 🙂


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