Wednesday Hump Day

Middle of the week and it feels like I haven’t really accomplished anything. lol. I did some writing last night, not much, but every word counts, right? Well, actually, that isn’t the truth. Not every word counts and not every scene works. Sometimes I write a thousand words and end up having to throw away most of them because they just aren’t working with the scene or the characters. That can get frustrating. 🙂

Better do some work at the evil day job. I hope you all have a grea Wednesday. 🙂

3 Responses “Wednesday Hump Day”

  1. jessewave says:

    When I first saw this picture I thought of you.:)

  2. Jambrea says:

    Great picture!

    Try to have a good Wednesday!

  3. Yvonne says:

    After looking at the eye candy-I will definitely have a good
    Talk about buns of steel. Yummm

    Hope the EDJ doesn't drag you down TA.

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