Wandmaker #20

Here’s the piece of Amber Kell’s story that she is doing for her birthday month.  Also, she will be having a give away for the commenters on my blog. 🙂

Check Amber’s blog for a post by me about my favorite birthday party. Here is the link to her blog. I’ll be giving away a book to one lucky commentor at her blog as well. 🙂 There will be links to all the other author’s blogs who participated as well, so you can read the story from the beginning.


The weather turned on them as soon as they were a few miles away from the palace. Dark clouds moved in covering the sky like a malignant blanket. Cebrus shivered in his coat.

“There’s an inn a little further,” Silvan offered.

“Good.” Cebrus didn’t mention if he were traveling alone he would’ve hunkered down on the ground and slept under a tree. There were some perks to letting a prince tag along on his quest.

Unfortunately weather control wasn’t one of them.

The heavens opened up and dumped gallons of water onto the travellers.

Loud cursing filled the air beside him.

Cebrus thought Silvan looked good wet but he wisely didn’t say anything. The group trotted through the downpour until an inn appeared around the corner. It appeared well kept and the lanterns were lit, a welcoming sight.

Relief swept through Cebrus. He’d stayed in worse storms but it was never pleasant, the idea of a hot meal and a soft bed sounded wonderful.

Stable boys rushed out to take their horses. Cebrus slid down off his mount and almost into the stable boy. “Sorry.”

“No problem sir,” the young man gave Cebrus an inviting smile.

A hard hand grabbed his shoulder. “Come love.”

The stable hand paled. He quickly gathered the horses reins and scurried away.

“You didn’t have to scare him,” Cebrus scolded as he let Silvan drag him toward the inn.

“He didn’t have to smile at you either.” Silvan was unrepentant as the entered the building.

“Your highness. Such a pleasure to see you again.” The innkeeper, a round man with rosy cheeks rushed over to greet them.

“Master Berril, nice to see you again. Do you have some rooms for us?”

Berril gave him a regretful look. “I’m afraid I only have your usual room and some space over the stable for your men.”

“Is it dry?” Cebrus asked.

Berril nodded. “Yes sir.”

“That’ll be fine Berril. If you could feed my men and bring enough for two up to my room?” Silvan asked.

“Yes your majesty.” Berril gave Cebrus a curious look but when Silvan didn’t say anything he bustled off to obey the prince’s orders.

“I should drag a prince around whenever I travel,” Cebrus said.

Silvan waggled his eyebrows at Cebrus. “I come with many fringe benefits. I’m also an excellent bed warmer.”

Cebrus laughed. “I’ll have to test that out and see. I can’t accept an inferior bed warmer. I mean if you can be replaced by a hot water bottle it’s best to know that ahead of time.”

“I’m sure I can convince you of my worth,” Silvan’s voice deepened. “First we need to get you out of those wet clothes.”

Cebrus shook his head sadly. “I’ve always heard princes were better educated and that’s the best you can do?”

Silvan kissed Cebrus on the forehead. “Come upstairs love and I’ll show you all about my skills.”

88 Responses “Wandmaker #20”

  1. nikid says:

    sounds like they are going to have some fun

  2. Lynn.C says:

    Great!! 🙂

  3. berryblu says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 🙂

    Hot water bottle replacement, huh?

    Thanks TA and Amber.

  4. Marie* says:

    Skills more skills 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving To All~*

  5. Louise says:

    Heh heh. Saucy!

  6. Jessica B says:

    that better educated comment was good. Can’t wait to read more.

  7. Tera says:

    LOL, this gets better every day 🙂

  8. Emily W. says:

    I don’t know about wet Silvan, but jealous Silvan is kind of smexy.

  9. clovernmax says:

    Replaced by a waterbottle. Oh yeah, Silvanus – how’s your ego now?

  10. H.B. says:

    Love the flirtation between the two. Looking forward to tomorrows installment =)

  11. DaniV says:

    It is just getting better and better 🙂

  12. Penumbra says:

    Silvan could be replaced by a bottle warmer, haha that’s cute ^_^

  13. Lisette says:

    Will they finally get together without interuptions…lol can’t wait to see…

  14. Lisette says:

    Are they finally getting together or will they be interupted again…lol …can’t wait until tomorrow…

  15. Trayci says:

    I love Silvans confidence! Show us what you got!!

  16. cynthia says:

    I bet he puts out all kinds of heat…in so many interesting ways. Lol

  17. sandra9 says:

    cant wait for the next part of the story

  18. mel says:

    Awesome as always 🙂

  19. Linda C says:

    That’s what I like, a skillful prince. Good installment.

  20. Tj says:

    Oooooh, now let’s see if Silvan will finally get to have his way with Cebrus, or is it the other way;)

  21. Judi P says:

    LOL… Oooh… This I am very excited to see. \^o^/ To the next installment! <3 ~~

  22. Paula says:

    Looks like things might be heating up, LOL.

  23. devon says:

    cant wait to see how good Silvan is… 😉

  24. Trix says:

    Mmm, stable boy! Where was I? Got a little distracted… 🙂

  25. Hanksgirl says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  26. Chris F says:

    Great story

  27. Lillian says:

    Can’t wait to see what kind of bed warmer he is.

  28. MidNight says:

    Hmmmmmm……Imagine the fun to be had in a room all alone during a noisy storm.

  29. Nae says:

    oooh! he has skills. Hee hee…

  30. lisa says:

    I love this story.

  31. Leenie says:

    this is so good. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  32. Juliana says:

    Thanks for the next chapter!

  33. Panalopy says:

    Oh, here come the skills 🙂

  34. CC says:

    Gets better and better.

  35. JenCW says:

    I wonder if they are going to get interrupted again? I hope not!

  36. Silence says:

    ahh a challenge

  37. jacqueline says:

    Great installment!!! 🙂

  38. Renee says:

    Great but too short.

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