I sent in a proposal to one of my publishers a couple weeks ago. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from them. As soon as I do, I’ll tell you what the book’s about…lol. Just living up to my ‘tease’ nickname. 🙂

Did some reading and writing last night. Oh, I finally figured out what Rover’s hero in the next Canis book is going to be. That makes me happy. I’m not ready to write his story yet, but I’ve been struggling with what he was ever since I introduced him in Allergies. Of course, he’s the one who is watching the pack. But that’s all you’re going to get out of me until I’m ready to start working on it.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

9 Responses “Waiting…”

  1. Susan says:

    tease is right lol, but that's ok, nice to know there's going to be more in that series.

  2. Jianne Carlo says:

    I love your website.


  3. Kathy K says:

    Really looking to a follow-up story for Allergies. And I've been going on a TA Chase book buying binge lately. Now I just have to find the time to read 'em all.

    Keep up the excellent work!
    And have a great weekend.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, buit the ass on that guy lkooks too much like the silicon enhanced boobs of a porn model. Don't get the attraction of plastic.

  5. Firecat says:

    Nice pic!

    Have a good weekend, TA!

  6. melanie says:

    Oh, that makes me so happy. I love Rover and didn't want him to be alone. Yet another story from you that I can't wait to have. You are not only a tease but an addicting one!!! lol

  7. Yvonne says:

    We haven't had a "tease" in a while. Glad they are still around.

    Have a great weekend. I will be watching the PGA since there is NO Formula 1 on. lol

  8. Jen says:

    I might have heard you called a 'tease' before. . .nothing wrong with that. 🙂

    Love the pic!

    You have a good weekend, also. Hopefully a prosperous one in many ways.

  9. Jambrea says:

    Have a great weekend!

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