Wacky Wednesday

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and voiced an opinion about what story I should use for my next blog story. It worked out so well, I think I’ll be letting y’all vote every time I need a new story for you to read. 🙂

Tomorrow will see the posting of the first scene of The Vanguard. I hope you enjoy it.

Cathy, you asked me about Tony’s story. Funny you mention it. I did some more work on it last night. Not sure how much I’ve actually gotten done. Have to type most of it in and that’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Tonight is reserved for finishing up Understanding Forgiveness. I did realize though that I have to re-write the entire beginning of Tony’s story. And I’m getting the tunnel vision I need to work on it pretty much exclusively because I really want to write a Christmas story featuring Les, Randy and everyone you’ve met or are going to meet in Tony’s story as well. The Christmas story doesn’t really need to be done until August or September, but I’d like to get it finished early.

I did some work on UF last night. I thought I was close to the end, but now I’ve figured out I need at least one more chapter to finish it the right way. After that, it heads out to my critique partners and they get to tell me all the terrible things I’ve done wrong. 🙂

Hope you all have a wacky and wonderful Wednesday.

2 Responses “Wacky Wednesday”

  1. T.A.Chase says:


    my cats don’t mind too much because they can sit with me while I write. Of course, it’s hard when they want to type as well. My male cat insists on climbing up on the keyboard. His sister just sits behind me in my chair. 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    Morning TA- you sound BUSY dude!! If you don’t watch it the CATS will take revenge on our laptop;)

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