Unconventional..at Best is out.


My story, Ninja Cupcakes, is available now from Total e-Bound. Click here to check out all the blurbs. 🙂 Plus TeB is running a sale. They’re offering 30% off all the books each author in the anthology has at TeB. So if you haven’t picked up a book of mine from there yet, go do it now since they’re on sale. Yay!

I hope you like my cute little story…and it’ll be out in print as well… sometime in Sept. We wanted the print version to be available at GRL in October. All the authors in the antho will be there.

Well, I’m getting ready to head to the airport to fly out. It’s going to be a very long day. Check my blog because I’m going to try my hardest to post as often as I can while I’m gone. Hopefully, the internet won’t be difficult for me…lol

Have a great Monday everyone.

2 Responses “Unconventional..at Best is out.”

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  2. Tonya says:

    I enjoyed the story but it still left me wondering. Callum seemed to be happy that Ethan had no true idea who he was,just what he had told him. I thought who he truly was would be revealed later, but it never happended. Overall it was still a good story.

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