Two Reviews for AE

Are y’all sick of this cover yet? 🙂

I had to let you know that I’ve gotten two reviews for AE so far. One of them is already posted and the other will be live soon.

Elisa at Isn’t It Romantic? wrote a wonderful review for me and I’ve been answering questions from her readers about AE.

Here’s a little of what she has to say: “Angel’s Evolution is a deeply tender novel which will take your breath away.”

(Click on her blog title to go and read the rest.)

Also, Natasha from Romance Junkies reviewed Angel. It’s not posted yet, but as soon as it is, I’ll make sure there’s a live link for y’all. 🙂

But Natasha gave Angel’s Evolution 4.5 ribbons and had this to say:

“My heart traversed the emotional highway while reading this book, and I loved every minute of it. The only problem I face is the difficult decision of where to file Angel’s Evolution on my keeper shelf—should it be filed under “A” for Angel or “O” for Outstanding?”

Wow! Thank you to Elisa and Natasha for taking the time to not only read AE, but also to write up a review for everyone to read. I’m sure your opinions will help others decide whether my book is worth reading out or not. (Hopefully they’ll chose to read it.)

Thanks everyone for stopping by and checking out my blog as well. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

4 Responses “Two Reviews for AE”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Well..Firebird will probably be the second one..I’m still working on finishing it.

    I got asked to be part of an anthology with two other authors. The tentative title is Three and is about threesomes or meneges. The author who thought of it..her story’s done. I just happen to have one I started a while ago and never finished. I typed it in last night and found out I had 6k written. All I need is 20-25k, so it should be done relatively soon. 🙂 of course mine will be m/m/m. Bonnie and Lisa (the other two authors’ stories will be the more traditional m/f/m story, I believe)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks TA. I’m now awaining your next book! Have you have an idea what will be? Firebird? ciao, elisa

  3. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey Yvonne,

    5th or 6th time? Wow. 🙂

  4. Yvonne says:

    Another round of well deserved Congratulations!
    I got home from work around 12am and picked up AE(can you say 5th or 6th time) to help sooth me into sleep:)

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