The Longest Stride Cover

This is the awesome cover to The Longest Stride, my first release of the new year. 🙂 I think it’s perfect for the book, which comes out January 22nd. It will also go into print some time in Feb.

I’m working on a short YA story titled Pursuing Hope. It’s quite a departure for me because it’s a lesbian story. I got the idea on Christmas Eve, and it hasn’t let me go, so I’ve been working on it every day since. I’m hoping it’ll turn out all right. Like I said, it’s something different for me, but I had to write it. We’ll see if Featherweight will want it when I’m done. If not, I might publish it on my own. Who knows?

The other books are coming along as well. I’m trying to refrain from starting any new books until I get some of the ones already on my schedule done. 🙂 It’s working pretty well, except for the YA story…lol. When I get PH done, I’ll get back into the swing of Gypsies to get that done.

I hope you have an exciting Wednesday.

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